Married Conservative Caught Sucking Face With An Intern

kiss lips[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which TV host, who is married with children, was spotted locking lips with a very young and pretty intern on New Year’s Eve?

Known for his conservative beliefs and strong views supporting the traditional family, this talking head has been preaching the message of “do as a say, not as I do” for years!

The ambitious intern is said to know very well that he will never leave his wife, but having a powerful man on TV as a very close friend is something that she thinks will help her career!

Bonus Clue on Twitter later!

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BONUS CLUE: We are talking about a very BIG man – who loves animals! WINK!

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  1. MikeInSanJose says

    Gotta be Bill O’Reilly…

    And she must’ve been HAMMERED!!!!!

    I wonder if she got a falafel out of the bargain.

    • Gossip_is_not_Truth says

      O’Reilly’s been divorced a couple of years now so it’s gotta be someone else.

    • MikeInSanJose says

      Bonus clue cinches it.


      Didn’t realize Huck was an animal lover, but I’m well aware of his son’s fondness for killing dogs.

      Could his ‘love’ of animals be similar to David Vitter’s love of diapers and prostitutes?

  2. PatioPrincess says

    How sad. The guy sounds like an a$$hat. I’m guessing perhaps it’s that loud mouth guy that always cuts everyone off (Bill O’Rielly) or Rush Limbaugh (used to like him, but not so much anymore….) any ways how sad for his wife. I’m sure there are plenty of liberal TV hosts up to the very same antics.

  3. ravenglass says

    Donald Trump

    He must really love traditional families; he’s had 3 so far.

    I just wish the intern had been a pretty, young male.

    • ravenglass says

      I just read the Twitter clue & I’m taking back my answer. I doubt Donald Trump loves animals; after all he raised two sons

      who think it’s fun to kill beautiful animals.

      However, I do not take back my snarky comment about him. Who in the hell is he to comment on what makes a proper marriage?

    • jonesing says

      Good eye catching the preaching word. I don’t think this could be Bill O’Reilly as I’m pretty sure he’s divorced and as for Rush I don’t think he would be kissing the ladies.

    • jacksonian says

      Never liked that d-bag. My friend is airline captain & said he tried to introduce himself before a flight and said Huckabee was extremely condescending, so I dislike him even more now.

  4. slantrhyme says

    They’re all the same to me, but “big” and “loves animals” (sarcastic?) makes me think of Mike Huckabee, who is/was obese and who got his son dismissed from a charge of killing a stray dog in a particularly brutal way (not there is any non-brutal way to kill a dog just for kicks.) I can’t stand him, so I hope it’s him, but who’d lock lips with him? Gross.

  5. Stubbs says

    Would not surprise me about any of them- and so many are not exactly svelte. However I’ll go for the biggest of the low hanging fruit and say Rush Limbaugh

  6. Gossip_is_not_Truth says

    When I hear “loves animals” I first thought of Bob Barker. Plus he’s been known to have chased the Price is Right showcase girls around, right?

  7. MissNormaDesmond says

    That it was an intern on NYE makes me think someone who was hosting or appearing on a special that night. Fox had their “All American New Years” but Bill Hemmer isn’t married. I know some other personalities made cameos, though I’m not sure enough of who was there to guess.

    However: It’s *not* Bill O’Reilly – he had a nasty divorce not long ago.

  8. 2BEAUCOUP says

    Rush isn’t on tv and his wife is truly a babe(smart as a whip).
    i think it’s Joe Scarborough and he’s not conservative at all.
    He’s a rino.

  9. DizzyBlueBaby says

    Easy one – this is conservative radio host Mark Levin. Big animal lover, wrote a book, “Rescuing Sprite, A Dog Lovers Story of Joy and Anguish”.

  10. mugofmead111 says

    For those of you who guessed Newt Gingrich,this is why I doubt it’s him: “The ambitious intern is said to know very well that he will never leave his wife”

    This is the same man who supposedly sought a divorce from his (late) first wife while she was undergoing treatment for cancer. He’s now on wife #3!

    I’m just saying anything is possible.

  11. whatnow says

    The BIG man makes me think of Rush but he is only on the radio as far as I know. Same for Huckabee who has actually left his radio show.

    Talking heads makes me think of O’Reilly and TV host is emphasized more than once in this article to make sure we know it is a tv host.

    But knowing the way things go I am wrong. Trying to think if I know of a ‘tall’ host to account for the BIG part.

  12. minx says

    Bill O’Reilly and Joe Scarborough each used to be married, but now they are divorced or are in the process, so it’s not either of them. Rush Limbaugh wouldn’t be considered a TV host IMO, they only broadcast his radio show. It’s someone “huge” so, either Mike Huckabee, or intermittent TV host Newt Gingrich. I’m not sure about the animal reference. Gingrich, because of being a Newt? I dunno.

  13. TheBinch says

    Rush has no kids and is not currently a tv host. O’Reilly is big — I think 6′ 7′, but I don’t think he has kids. Hannity, maybe, but I’d think he’d be a bit more discreet. But you never know.

  14. petunya says

    This is Sean Hannity. The Animal reference has to do with his family owning and breeding horses for equestrian and such. That was revealed on air when cameras were still running and he and Mitt Romney were discussing his horses, all right after he was being hard on Obama about being snobby and playing golf with other rich people. Horse breeding is full of the snootiest richest people in the world and he had no business even saying that. I cant believe they call Fox news fair and balanced.

    • whatnow says

      I didn’t know that about Hannity and he does talk about his kids a lot.So if it is not rush, o’reilly, newt,etc. not to many choices left.

      Just wondering with all ‘enemies’ Hannity and his other fox news boys have, how did this not come out already as solved?

      O’Reilly got outed as did newt and rush with his pills so how is Hannity getting a pass?.