She Is Only Feeding You The Good Side

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[Blind Gossip] This reality star had no problem feeding you all the positive aspects of her courtship and marriage for ratings. When the marriage crumbled, however, she didn’t feel quite as compelled to tell you the truth. That sort of duplicity seems to be rearing its head once again in her new relationship. She wants you to believe that she is currently dating someone who is very successful and very desirable. So it’s doubtful that she will disclose her current beau’s seedy past. Like the fact that he and one of his fraternity brothers were expelled from college after being found guilty of r*ping a female student.

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It’s Bethenny Frankel’s new boyfriend, Michael Cerussi! Source:

Well, that was fast! Blind Gossip had the story first, but it didn’t take long for other sites to jump on it! Here is a very condensed version of an article from The Daily Mail:

Bethenny Frankel’s new boyfriend

was expelled from college

over frat house rape claim

Financier Michael Cerussi III – who at 34 is nine years younger than his new girlfriend – was kicked out of Union College in Schenectady, NY, in 2000 after a freshman accused him and a fraternity brother of having sex with her against her will.

According to court documents filed at the Southern District of New York court in Westchester County, Cerussi was a 22-year-old senior at the time when he and fraternity brother Frederik Bailey met the victim on November 11 2000, a Friday night, at a bar near campus.

The documents allege: ‘(The alleged victim) accompanied them back to their fraternity house and had sexual intercourse with both men.’

The alleged victim then went to a nearby hospital and told a nurse she had been raped.

Today, a source close to Cerussi told MailOnline: ‘Michael was expelled after a girl accused him of sexually assaulting her and the school expelled him.

Cerussi’s aunt Nancy Mcenaney dismissed her nephew’s past behaviour and said Bethenny was lucky to have him because he was a ‘great guy’ who loved older women.

Speaking about the alleged rape, Mrs Mcenaney said that ‘nothing came of it’ and that ‘it was all dropped’.

She said: ‘All college kids get into some sort of trouble’.

Cerussi did file a law suit to try to keep from getting expelled. You can read the case here: Cerussi v. Union College

Does Bethenny have some sort of issues with men? She had a nice, normal guy from a nice, normal family in ex-husband Jason Hoppy, but she she ditched him so that she could date losers like this. She and Aunt Nancy are apparently sticking together in declaring Cerussi a “great guy”.

People (not just celebs), do yourself a favor: research the backgrounds of the people you bring into your life… especially those who might spend time with your children! Money and/or looks do not automatically equate to good character!

Congrats to Naee1308 who was first with the correct answer! And kudos to all of you who picked up on the food-related clues (Bethenny is a trained chef). Well done!

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