Host Is Selling Promotional Items For Personal Profit

ebay 1[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which talk show host got caught asking celebrity guests to sign books, perfumes and other products they were promoting, before selling them ALL on EBAY!

“She is very cheap and does not pretend not to be, however, saying you are cheap and getting caught selling items guests gave you are two very different things,” a witness tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB.

So far, everyone is pretending that it didn’t happen. No one is saying anything, but once word gets out, and it will, it will prove even harder for this person to get guests!

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  1. tenderbeef says

    wendy williams?

    she seems to piss off quite a few people, so I would imagine it’s already hard for her to get guests.

  2. PrincessTiff says

    I would guess Bethanny, but has she had any guests whose signatures would be worth more than five cents?

  3. bananas says

    Ellen auctioned a lock a justin beiber’s hair on eBay that he had gifted to her. Thank you google

    • alina says

      Yeah, but she does that shamelessly and for charity. If Ellen wants money on that order she tells paps where she’ll be and splits the profits. Not that she needs that sort of chump change anyway. That’s when Portia needs to book a gig or something. This is someone else who actually needs the money.

  4. Angeltweets4u says

    Bethenny Frankel? I don’t know if she is cheap but she is having trouble getting guests.

  5. ChiTownHockey says

    Is it Ellen? Other blinds have been linked to Ellen being not so nice to staff. That whole thing with the dog she gave back was strange too. It seems like she does a lot of oddball stuff.

    • Katmandu says

      Ellen has more money than God’s rich Uncle Lucifer. If she IS auctioning crap off on eBay, I am 1000% sure it’s for a good cause, for charity. Go, Ellen! …. But I don’t believe it IS Ellen, it’s some third-tier, 2-bit talk show host I’ve heard of and have never seen….I will go with this hideous Bethenny person.

      • MartiniTime says

        I’m no Bethenny fan, but she doesn’t need the money, either. Her show may suck and never get renewed, but Bethenny’s loaded. Annoying, but loaded.

  6. ravenglass says

    This seems to be yet another BI about Bethenny Frankel.

    Along with being hilariously rejected from a club in December & now two embarrassing blinds in two days; I’d say the old skinnygirl is having a helluva bad start in 2014.

    I bet Jason is one happy Hoppy right now!

    • ravenglass says

      Now that Bethenny’s new boyfriends past has been revealed; I wonder if Jason will go for full custody. He always seemed like the better parent anyway.

  7. stolidog says

    I assume Kris Jenner’s nightmare of a show has been canceled, so, I’ll say that other terrible person, Bethany Frankel

  8. slantrhyme says

    Tyra Banks

    …although I’ve also heard from my favorite barista that she is really nice, but you can be nice and still be frugal. Tyra is notoriously cheap and proud of it.

  9. LeahLynn28 says

    Bethenny Frankenstein,who else would this cheap loser be?I can totally imagine her doing that.Bethenny matches with cheap and tacky.And her show is tanking,thanks to her lack of talent,arrogance and lack of guests too,she only gets C/D/Z-Lists fake celebrities,that IF she gets one.The only thing she does on the show is to trash Jason and play the “poor victim” game because of her endless divorce battle and the fight for the kid’s custody.And to get worse,she’s dating a rapist now…she has no luck,and apparently no brain either.But i don’t feel for her…she’s pathetic.Everybody hates her.

  10. Baloobie says

    Why is everyone guessing Bethenny Frankel? She’s worth over $25M! Same with Wendy Williams. I just can’t see it being worth their time, or reputation, to make a few more bucks selling stuff on eBay. Must be someone more obscure, where the income might actually matter to them.

  11. Loves the Latin Boys says

    Def. Bethany. There were whispers about her being unable to secure “name” guests some time ago.

  12. mugofmead111 says

    I’m not inclined to guess Wendy Williams. Sure, Wendy has pissed off a bunch of people in the entertainment industry (dating back to her radio days) but she is still able to book some names and call out people as “friends of the show”.

  13. vbchica14 says

    Definitely Bethenny, she has said on her show she was going to give away to audience members gifts she was given by guests (straight to the guest after they gave it to her) so what’s to stop her from auctioning gifts on eBay? Bethenny is very vocal about being cheap and never paying retail for anything. It’s also been widely reported she’s having a hard time getting guests.

  14. whowassheilahgraham says

    An internet search revealed Bethenny loves eBay. She buys a lot of clothes and handbags there.

  15. Winky Vitalic says

    Bethenny is a notorious cheapskate and everyone knows it, so it can’t be her. My money is on Wendy Williams.

  16. Fan says

    Wendy Williams is always talking about how frugal she is, but my first thought was the charming Kris Jenner…her family is notorious for grabbing every freebie they can get their hands on, because they’re SO special.