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washing machine[Blind Gossip] Some people like to use powdered laundry detergent. Some people like to use liquid. What happens if you use too much powder and too much liquid and overload the machine? You wind up with laundry room full of suds that needs to be cleaned up.

This girl has been using too much powder and too much liquid. Fortunately, she has recognized the problem before her machine overflows. She is already getting help privately, and she is not going to make a big deal about it.

We’ve heard some really crazy rumors over the past couple of weeks about her and we are going to address ALL of them at once. Here we go: Her ex doesn’t matter. She never showed up at his house and made a scene. Ticket sales were very good. She does not have some devastating disease.

She isn’t sleeping around. She does not have an STD. She is not pregnant. She did not OD. There was no celebrity intervention. And any outlet that reports ANY of these things is just trying to add drama to the situation.

This girl is talented, she works really hard, and she is one of the nicest people in the business. She is taking care of her health and her well-being. We are rooting for her!


selena gomez 4SOLVED!

It’s Selena Gomez! Source: BlindGossip.com

Yes, Selena Gomez has a drug and alcohol problem. Lots of rumors flying around today. We’ll tell you the truth.

At the end of last year, Selena was spiraling downward. The powder and the liquid we described in the blind in December are cocaine and alcohol. Yes, we know that other sites are saying that it’s a pill problem. She does take pills, but cocaine and alcohol are her drugs of choice.

Selena was drinking and using cocaine every day, multiple times a day. The constant highs and lows were messing with her ability to sleep, so she started taking Ambien. Then the whole Justin Bieber story blew up and she took anti-anxiety drugs.

She knew that she was in trouble, and knew she needed to get help, so she considered her options.

We privately encouraged her to go away to rehab, full-time, for a minimum of four weeks so that she could detox and get therapy at the same time. She genuinely did consider it, but she and her team worried that a one-month absence would be suspicious. She needed to go to Sundance. They were concerned about her “good girl” image. They wanted to keep her treatment quiet. There were endorsement deals on the line. And on and on.

Her team considered hiring that guy who parades around with celebs as their sober minder, but they realized that all of his clients that they knew were still using! So they concluded that his methods were ineffective, and that they didn’t want to be involved in his publicity stunts.

They decided that Selena would try to detox on her own and get private counseling to deal with her emotional issues (anxiety and depression). They really thought that if she resolved her emotional issues that her drug and alcohol use would subside.

They definitely didn’t want anyone to know about her cocaine use! People tend to be sympathetic to someone with emotional issues like anxiety or depression, or someone who suffers from eating disorders, cutting, or diseases like lupus (yes, that story was fake and was planted by her publicist).  However, they draw the line and become judgmental and mean when it comes to hard drugs like cocaine. Selena’s team definitely didn’t want that backlash.

(Side note: That backlash is exactly the reason why other young stars sometimes admit to emotional problems like eating disorders and cutting, even though their bigger problems are alcohol and cocaine. The truth eventually comes out, but it sometimes takes years.)

So, full-time, serious rehab was out. Therapy was in. It was a bad call. While she started out the New Year right – toasting with apple cider, surrounded by people who cared about her, and determined to get better – it didn’t last long.

Not surprisingly, it is difficult to detox from multiple addictive substances on your own. Selena was going to therapy, and would start out each day determined to be sober, but it wouldn’t last long.

Her inability to detox on her own, coupled with multiple Justin Bieber crises – and the fact that his team kept publicly throwing her under the bus – took its toll. She was trying to go to business meetings, make appearances, go to therapy, and act “normal”, but she was incredibly distraught, kept using, and could not get sober.

About Bieber: In the beginning of January, Selena kept trying to “help” Justin. During and airplane safety briefing, flight attendants tell you “If the oxygen masks drop, put on your own mask first before helping your child”? Well, Selena never had her own mask on before trying to help Justin. They were both a mess, and he was going down despite her “help.”

Her team and her friends were furious about her interaction with Bieber! They couldn’t understand why she would risk her own reputation to help someone who was completely going off the rails! Some of her friends (including some celebrity friends) even stopped speaking to her. More conflict. More anxiety. Selena insisted on “helping” him anyway. She stopped after Justin’s team saw her as the best person to blame for Justin’s troubles. Eventually, she called him out on his drug use and told him to go to rehab. Pot. Kettle.

Selena Gomez is not the reason that Justin Bieber is a mess (although his team loves to blame her!). Justin Bieber is not the reason that Selena is a mess (and she has never blamed him for her issues). They are both rich, famous young adults with lots of issues of their own.

We like Selena. She is a talented girl and a good person with a kind heart. Her recent choices – to try to help Justin, detox on her own, and to pretend that everything is fine while she continues to use – are not working. She knows what she needs to do. We wish her well in her recovery.

Lots of you got this one right. VexTheVixen was first!

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