Another TV Host Is Coming Out

closet 1[Naughty But Nice Rob] Following in the footsteps of Robin Roberts, Sam Champion, Anderson Cooper and Jenna Wolfe – yet ANOTHER high-profile TV newsperson is getting pressure to coming out of the closet and reveal that they, too, are gay.

Everyone in the business knows the truth about the person, but they have been shy about confirming the rumors in fear that it will hurt the career they have worked so hard to build.

“He knows Robin well, and is waiting to see what the response will be to her news before he does anything. However, if the public does not turn away from Robin, then he too is telling friends it is time to tell the truth,” a pal tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB!

Bonus Clue on Twitter later today!

Male TV Host:

BONUS CLUE: This is a newsman – and he is CUTE!

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    • Kyiaj says

      Ryan Seacrest is NOT gay he has Mommy issues…He is a mama’s boy and flys his Mom (and dad) out to see him every few weeks, and is on the telephone with her everyday. All of his girl friends never make it past a certain period she, the mom puts that Kabash on them all. He is NOT gay. Sorry to all of you that think he is.

      PS. it’s: Queen Latifah…Shep has to stay in the closet due to Fox News.

      • Booboo1068 says

        I doubt Queen Latifa will be coming out anytime soon. Her new show is co-produced by Will Smith’s production company (and QL’s) and both he and Jada are executives on the show. I knew when I saw guessed when she had the COS exec crew including John Travolta, Will and Jada appear in first week there was some connection. I highly doubt you’ll see Katie Holmes or other big name ex COS members on her show.

      • Mystical says

        Mommy issues or not, he still seems very gay to me! And how convenient it is to let his mother do the dirty work for him. Plenty of straight men have mommy issues, but that is a totally separate issue. They don’t all cause my gadar to go off and stay at red alert the way that Seacrest does.

  1. OogaBooga says

    Can’t believe I registered for this, but… Shepard Smith.

    It’s pretty much an open secret. Since he is on FOX there is probably more pressure on him to stay quiet.

    • Ozymandius says

      You cared enough to post. In many places, gay is still a big deal and letting the world know how blasé YOU are about it doesn’t make you look any more hip…

  2. brobdingnagian says

    Wow, could this be David Muir. He’s with ABC news, maybe that’s how he “knows Robin well”

    • LALOVER says

      And my heart will forever be broken. He’s the only reason I watch ABC News! But I’ll still love him…

      • ivyleaguer says

        your heart will be broken for what reason? You thought he would propose to you, or are saddened he feels he can be open with his fan without them feeling “forever broken.” This is the fear famous gay men have that female fans will be somehow devastated rather than jovial about the news that the celebrity decided to share with them

    • scumby says

      I suppose the “CUTE” clue refers to Don Imus’ comment that “Shep Smith is really cute”

  3. rorythedragon says

    The red, white and blue colors in the pic make me think of FOX, which makes me think of Shepard Smith…or, the fact there are primary colors could indicate (Primary Colors=Bill Clinton) George Stephanopoulos, but my first guess is Shepard. Eager to see what everyone says.

    • OohDoTell says

      Married to a socialite >10 years, has two kids, & doesn’t ping the gaydar. IMO. Shep, on the other hand… pingpingpingping

  4. Booboo1068 says

    I don’t watch a lot of news and I’m Canadian so it’s usually not U.S. when I do other then CNN.

    Stab in the dark: Wolf Blitzer (I’ve read rumours before)

    I wish whoever it is luck in doing what’s right for him…hopefully that means not hiding the truth and giving gay youth one more on-air role model.

    PS…Ace what happened to the solved blind about Robin Roberts? We’re you asked by her/her team to take it down? Just curious.

    Happy New Year All!

  5. alexxxess says

    Male TV Host: Josh Elliot

    Before GMA he did a lot of work for ESPN which could be why he feared coming out before

    He knows Robin well because obviously they work together. He will be able to track the response to Robin coming out due to his presence at GMA

    • katt388 says

      this makes sense to me. He is the newsman on the show. He is very close to Robin and Sam. Has a daughter but never talks about how he can to be a father or who the mother is.

  6. Revisionist says

    “Everyone in the business knows the truth about the person” well that’s generally case with most celebrities and their so called “coming outs” it disgusts me as a gay man that someone is thinking about it but might not if there is a chance it will reduce their already enormous paycheck

  7. ravenglass says

    Dan Harris

    He says people often mistake him for being gay, so…

    I also would have guessed Greg Gutfeld of Fox News, but he’s married OR “married”.

    • ravenglass says

      Just read the CUTE clue on Twitter so it is DEFINITELY not the guy from Fox!

      Dan Harris is kind of handsome so I’ll stick with that answer.

  8. MrBettyWhite says

    Dear Santa: please let this be josh elliott and i promise i will be good all this year!!!!

  9. Angeltweets4u says

    I don’t have a guess.
    What is in the DNA of people who are newscasters and gay and in the closet? Doesn’t it seem like there’s a high number? The only way it would really be shocking is if it was Matt Lauer or Wolf Blitzer. Otherwise, just come out already, nothing is going to happen.

    • ivyleaguer says

      My thought as well. When Robin came out i went to his wikipage which is very vague about his personal life. he’s the only one that I would say is cute and he on the set of GMA, at least this week so he’s monitoring and would be privy to Robin’s situation up close and personal from what management is thinking, to her fan male ( if she shares with him) to how it affects ratings and a her likeability stats and all those other stats TV networks gather on hosts but do not reveal to the publish.

  10. KyrasMaMa says

    Wait – WHUUUT??? ANOTHER host is gay? ((yawn)) so what. I yearn for the day that people stop defining themselves by their sexuality and stop feeling the need to announce it to the world. The only person this is important to, is themselves. It doesn’t matter to anyone else….moving on…

  11. LiamForeman says

    Well, I would guess it is another member of GMA, so Josh Elliot?

    Shepard Smith is about as out as possible, so that would not be news.

  12. minx says

    I’m going with Shep Smith, and I would imagine that would make a few heads explode on Fox.

  13. slimfast10 says

    OK not sure who this could be, but definitely not sheperd smith, wolf blitzer who I don’t think anyone would describe as cute. Seacrest and Elliott could be described as such. anyway, don’t care much about this kind of stuff! hope whoever is gay just says it already and they will find most people could care’s the 21st century..Do feel sorry for,all the closeted athletes who fear retaliation from their teammates. very sad…

  14. redstilettos says

    AJ Hammer from CNN or Seacrest, but he’s not really news, but American Idol and E. I’ll go with Blitzer since that would be a surprise but he’s so established as a journo would it do anything for his career? Don’t really keep up with all the newscasters.

  15. newsjunkie says

    If it is shephard smith, no big news–Advocate outed him when they released some top 50 list of gays/lesbians

  16. mnyc says

    Shepard Smith who is an anchor on the Fox News channel. I live in NYC and he lives his life here openly and out (as did Robin Roberts). However, he has never publicly stated his sexuality while on the air. The Fox News viewing audience is mostly conservative so it will be interesting to see how they react to this.

  17. Mooseknuckle says

    I’m hoping it’s ABC’s Gio Benitez but I’m thinking it’s probably David Muir. The blind says a “newsman” and I don’t think anyone would consider Ryan Seacrest a newsman….a eunuch maybe.

  18. Fan says

    Don Lemon is cute, but he’s already out. Matt Guttman isn’t that high profile (yet). Ryan Seacrest really isn’t considered “news,” but more in the entertainment industry. Who in the hell is Mike Woods?? He’s not profile.