Closer To Lenny

lenny kravitz 1[Hollywood Street King] If it weren’t for Lenny Kravitz, ATL’s Darp Studios would have never gone on hiatus. Know why? A tipster tells us our blind item subject was so whipped by the singer, he once shut down the studio to move to Miami “so he could be closer to Lenny.”

That’s before sources say our mystery man bumped a Latin recording artist, moving dude out of Miami and into his Atlanta home. Though the bromance buddies now live together, that doesn’t mean they’re exclusively smashing each other. We’re told they’re all about sharing!

Our blind item’s ATL crib is reported to be a current hot spot for sw*nger parties … complete with molly and c*caine as party favors. Don’t believe me… Just ask Colin Wolfe.

He’s widely known to get around the industry, and rumor has it that dude’s just like R Kelly… following an “Age Is Just A Number” motto. Ask Monica.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

Mystery Man:

Latin Recording Artist:

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  1. brobdingnagian says

    Mystery man: Dallas Austin
    Latin recording artist: Frankie J

    Scandalous! Lenny Kravitz goes both ways?

  2. tennispeach says

    I know I am going to get slammed for this, but what is it about black guys being on the DL in Atlanta?

    • Lisha says

      Atlanta is for the black gay community what Sand Francisco is for the mainstream gay community. It’s the black gay Mecca, so DL dudes can find a variety in what they’re looking for.

    • thelasthigh says

      Lenny has was married to Lisa Bonet and has a daughter Zoe Kravitz, so no, he’s not gay. But there is a lot more than just straight or gay in the world 😉

      • Booboo1068 says

        Not disagreeing because I truly don’t know but for many years famous actors/ performers who are gay are/were married to the opposite sex with kids. There are ways.

  3. Juju5311 says

    Latin Artist: Lou Bega (remember Mambo no. 5 “A little bit of Monica by my side” so they put the hint “Ask Monica”)
    Mystery Man: Dallas Austin (he lived with Colin Wolfe for sometime I believe)

    • Lisha says

      The “Ask Monica” reference is about the singer Monica, who Dallas Austin discovered as a teen. He sexually groomed her just as R. Kelly groomed Aaliyah and other young girls.

  4. What Had Happened Was ... says

    Dallas Austin or Lil Jon


    The Monica reference alludes to singer Monica (Arnold), who was first signed as a fourteen-year-old to Dallas Austin’s label.

  5. ClosetOrganizer says

    Okay, I’m sure Dallas Austin is the Mystery Guy, but I’m a little less certain on who the Latin Recording Artist is. The only Miami-based Latin Artist coming to mind is Pitbull.