The Bizarre Pregnant Photo Shoot

woman holding stomach[Blind Gossip] Employees of a certain magazine are still buzzing about a bizarre photo shoot they did with this minor celebrity. We’ll let one of them tell the story:

“Craziest f*cking [photo] shoot ever! We’ve shot hundreds of pregnant women, and this one was supposed to be a pregnant celebrity mom keeping fit… except we knew that [she] WASN’T PREGNANT!!! However the whole crew we were warned not to say anything and to pretend like everything was normal! WTF?!  There were lots of moms on the set and we are all usually real hands on with wardrobe and positioning etc but on this one we were told to back the f*ck off. The fake belly was so totally obvious! It was one of those prosthetic ones I’ve seen used on film sets but we had to pretend like it was REAL! [She] tried to hold it in place but that thing kept shifting around like crazy!!! One of us instinctively moved in to position it but was pulled back because [the photo subject] looked like she was going to have a panic attack. The strangest thing was that her and [her husband] stood around talking about it like it was actually real.  Are they both mentally ill???  Then we had to participate in this weird baby shower party and give them gifts for their imaginary baby.  Awkward!!!”

No, this one is NOT about Beyonce.

“Pregnant” Celebrity:



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