The Bizarre Pregnant Photo Shoot

woman holding stomach[Blind Gossip] Employees of a certain magazine are still buzzing about a bizarre photo shoot they did with this minor celebrity. We’ll let one of them tell the story:

“Craziest f*cking [photo] shoot ever! We’ve shot hundreds of pregnant women, and this one was supposed to be a pregnant celebrity mom keeping fit… except we knew that [she] WASN’T PREGNANT!!! However the whole crew we were warned not to say anything and to pretend like everything was normal! WTF?!  There were lots of moms on the set and we are all usually real hands on with wardrobe and positioning etc but on this one we were told to back the f*ck off. The fake belly was so totally obvious! It was one of those prosthetic ones I’ve seen used on film sets but we had to pretend like it was REAL! [She] tried to hold it in place but that thing kept shifting around like crazy!!! One of us instinctively moved in to position it but was pulled back because [the photo subject] looked like she was going to have a panic attack. The strangest thing was that her and [her husband] stood around talking about it like it was actually real.  Are they both mentally ill???  Then we had to participate in this weird baby shower party and give them gifts for their imaginary baby.  Awkward!!!”

No, this one is NOT about Beyonce.

“Pregnant” Celebrity:



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  1. ravenglass says

    “Pregnant” Very Minor Celebrity: Dani Jonas

    Husband( Who does a very poor job of pretending to be straight): Kevin Jonas

    Magazine: Fit Pregnancy

    Baby: Pillow Jonas

    Of course they’d talk about the “baby” as if it’s real; they talk about their “marriage” as if it’s real.

    • ravenglass says

      I just had a good look at some of the photos.

      There’s one photo where it looks like the bump has gone a little flat & there seems to be a seam or something showing through her shirt around the top of the bump.

      I think Jay Z may have fathered this one as well.

    • ravenglass says

      I’ve decided that Pillow’s middle name should be Sham. Both meanings of this word are highly appropriate.

    • ccattwood says

      this! 100%. I remember looking at the pics too and seeing the outline of the strap on bump clearly, and wondering how the heck the fitness club staff could not tell her bump was fake!

    • FairyMay9 says

      Absolutely, positively this. I saw this issue at the doctor’s office just the other day and just gaped. Scanned the photos and thought, what a terrible thing this poor magazine probably was forced to deal with, cuz it’s a great mag, and I respect them. If I didn’t know better I’d really look down on their willingness to contribute to this lie, but there is clearly a machine going here, a Jonas Machine that the general public has no idea should be on their BS monitor, and it’s disgraceful. What the hell ARE they gonna do when there is no baby? Have a devastating fake miscarriage? They’ve received presents. Also, there are people in this world who suffer real loss via miscarriage, and at her “term,” it’s going to devastate people who have gone thru it and be reminded of it when this public miscarriage happens. I’d say I hope they’re adopting or getting a surrogate kid, but honestly, I DON’T. For the sake of the kid. This whole thing is vile.

  2. lalalie123 says

    Danielle Jonas
    Kevin Jonas
    Fit magazine

    It’s really obvious in the photos that the stomach is fake. They’re in so deep, I don’t know how they’re going to keep this despicable lie up.

  3. seattlegirl says

    Danielle (and Kevin) Jonas. I think they really are crazy. No person of sound mental health would do those things. Blech.

  4. Rapunzel says

    *sigh* Danielle and Kevin Jonas. Isn’t their fake loss of their fake child coming up soon?

    • Rapunzel says

      Although, based on the part that says they were talking about the baby as if it were real, maybe an adoption came through after all…

  5. Bromance1979 says

    I saw that Danielle Jonas was in Fit Pregnancy (or some similar mag) recently… I’m going with her

    Husband: Kevin Jonas

  6. YoGo8c says

    Why do I think this could be a Jonas and a Jonas’ wife?

    I can’t imagine the magazine being too highbrow like Marie Claire or Elle. Mother and baby magazines? Or perhaps People? Idk, but I’m going with the Jonas’ for this.

      • Buttery says

        How many late term pregnant women do you see crossing their legs like that? Sigh. Ladies, if you’re going to fake a pregnancy, take lessons first!

      • Bromance1979 says

        Buttery, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking. There is no way I’d have been able to sit like that at 8 months. I don’t think anyone could, even if they were carrying high and had a small belly like Danielle.

        I really want to see how this whole thing plays out. PLEASE don’t let them fake a stillbirth, because as disgusting as these two are, I can’t fathom anyone doing something so vile just for attention. It’s one thing to pretend to be a normal married couple, but to pretend you have a devastating loss like that is the one of the lowest things anyone could do.

        I read another gossip site confirming that she really is pregnant and the rumours are false, because an “insider” says so. BS. There were even comments about Ace having a vendetta against the Jonas clan, creating lies in an attempt to ruin them. More BS. No need to create lies with that bunch.

      • Buttery says

        If the fake pregnancy was a false rumor, they would have sued BlindGossip by now for slander. So why haven’t they? It’s easy enough to prove a pregnancy, and surely they could use the cash windfall.

  7. noinin says

    Danielle Jonas, Kevin Jonas and the magazine is Fit Pregnancy.
    To be honest, I thought she was really pregnant despite the blind items, until I saw the baby shower pics. Each time she is sitting, something hides her belly. But if you can find the pictures online, look at the picture where she and Nik are holding a hippo humidifier. Her belly looks just like Beyonce’s during the infamous interview. I have been pregnant, and I can tell you a pregnant belly doesn’t look like that.
    I don’t understand how they think they are going to get out of this lie… The only way would be to pretend the baby was stillborn and that would be absolutely disgusting and direspectful for parents who have lost a baby… Or perhaps they are adopting, using a surrogate?

    • auntmidgee says

      I was thinking about how they’re going to pull off a stillborn this late in the game. So disgusting. I think the evolution of her pictures shows the panic starting to set in.

      • mugofmead111 says

        well, according to the daily mail article linked upthread, danielle did admit to taking anti-anxiety meds!

    • Bromance1979 says

      I just Googled it, and apparently they had initially said the baby was due in early January, but now they’ve change their minds and it’s actually 6 February.

  8. IAmSage says

    “Pregnant” Celebrity: Danielle Jonas

    Husband: Kevin Jonas

    Magazine: either “Baby” or “Fitness” or “Pregnancy” or “Fit Pregnancy” Magazine

    • IAmSage says

      OK, just saw them (Dani and Kevin Jonas) on the Dec./Jan cover of “Fit Pregnancy” Magazine

  9. chandler02 says

    “Pregnant” Celebrity: Danielle Jonas (Shouldn’t “celebrity” be in quotes too! Lol!)

    Husband: Kevin Jonas

    Magazine: Fit Pregnancy

  10. LeahLynn28 says

    Danielle Jonas,aka Beard.And she’s a minor celebrity…she’ll never become famous or important,she has no talent,nor looks.
    Kevin “closeted” Jonas.
    Fit Pregnancy,i guess.
    I googled them and found this article about the magazine.She looked miserable and annoyed in the cover,she gave a fake miserable half-smile and her eyes were dead.And Kevin seemed to be completelly disconnected from her…if they act like that fake belly is real,they are really nuts.There is no baby.

  11. alulubug says

    I don’t know who this was but I’m hoping one of the gifts at the shower was a therapy session.

  12. jesais says

    Danielle Jonas
    Kevin Jonas
    Fit Pregnancy

    At least she could have try to eating a little more, it’s magic she have a thin profil with just the fake baby bump

  13. EUnit says

    “Pregnant” Celebrity: Danielle Jonas

    Husband: Kevin Jonas

    They were just on the cover of December/January issue of “Fit Pregnancy”.

  14. pattyc24 says

    Obviously Danielle and Kevin Jonas for Fit Pregnancy.

    So she’s supposed to give birth this month. But a previous blind, most likely for them, said that they were unable to find a baby to adopt so they would resort to miscarriage. It’s getting a little late for that so how are they planning to deal with this???

    • NinaMelpomene says

      Yes! Exactly!!!
      I remembeer reading about that “crisis” and about possible miscarriage “plans”. Disgusting. Completely horrible.

    • PomegranatePam says

      I guess E has the money (and morals) to secure a baby, but I hope they stick to the tragedy storyline. Of course this assumes honesty isn’t an option. Dang it, I wish they had less time to scramble!

  15. ccincanada says

    Preg celeb: Danielle Jonas
    Hubby: Joe Jonas
    Mag: FIT Pregnancy

    article even talks about the baby shower. awkward. guess there’s going to be a fake baby for the reality show?
    or are they going to fake a baby death? :0 so not classy.

  16. NICKI LOVE says

    Danielle Jonas
    kevin Jonas
    fit pregnancy

    idk if it’s right but I saw them on the cover while checking out at the grocery store and I saw photos from their baby shower that fit pregnancy gave them and her stomach looked a little collapsible like Beyoncé’s

  17. EstuaryKPommelhorse says

    Danielle DeLeasa Jonas, wife of Kevin Jonas. I can’t wait til this blows up in their faces.

  18. catcab says

    Danielle jonas. I was reading a pregnancy article in the pediatricians office the other day with them in it but I can’t remember the magazine

  19. shayjay says

    the gay Jonas brother married to that Danielle woman.
    don’t know the magazine..

  20. ladyk707 says

    “Pregnant Celebrity”: Danielle Jonas
    Husband: Kevin Jonas
    Magazine: FitPregnancy

    I’m interested to see how this one will turn out!

      • Mtlmeee says

        It’s obvious by the pics that the baby bump is fake. She has not gained anywhere else. Her face and arms are the same as before. Even if all the baby weight goes to the tummy, your face will slightly change and your arms will look a little bit fatter.

        I find her very cute and she seems like a nice girl. I guess them being in the entertainment industry, they have their reasons for doing this stunt.

        I’m more concerned for Joe and his ugly manface attention seeking Blanda

  21. lindy555 says

    Kevin & Danielle Jonas / Fit Pregnancy. Can’t wait to see how this plays out because she is “due” soon…

  22. cgrant0423 says

    This has to be Danielle Jonas, her fake bump, and the Fit Pregnancy cover with her husband

  23. princesspeach202 says

    Danielle & Kevin Jonas w/ ‘Fit Pregnancy’…lots of blinds on this before and her panic attacks were mentioned on their show before

  24. SmartBlonde says

    This has to be the married Jonas and his crazy wife Danielle. They were in the cover of FitPregnancy. In the cover shot he is cupping her belly much like the picture in the blind. They are loathsome.

  25. prospero says

    Pretty simple this one!

    Pregnant Celebrity: Danielle Jonas
    Husband: Kevin Jonas

    Magazine: Fit Magazine

  26. MaybeImRight says

    I saw Danielle Jonas on the cover of Fit Pregnancy at my pediatrician’s office. On the cover they mentioned a “baby shower” for the couple. She was “working out” on some machine. I thought of BG and all the talk about her “pregnancy.” I lost a lot of respect for that magazine when I saw it. I read it while I was pregnant and enjoyed it, but if they are willing to continue that ridiculous charade then they are not worth ever buying again, for sure!

  27. zjzj101 says

    “Pregnant” Celebrity: Danielle Jonas
    Husband:Whichever Jonas Bro she’s married to
    Magazine:Fit Pregnancy

    Extra Info: Fit pregnancy threw them a baby shower at the beginning of December.

  28. BilltownBetty says

    Easy Peasy: Danielle DeLeasa and Kevin Jonas. Fit Magazine cover. Clues: celebrity mom keeping “fit” and panic attacks. Danielle has a history of panic/anxiety disorder.

  29. yourPRisajoke says

    “Pregnant” Celebrity: Danielle Jonas
    Husband: Kevin Jonas
    Magazine: Fir Pregnancy

    The magazine “threw” them a baby shower, according to its website.

  30. linds says

    This screams Kevin and Danielle Jonas who were on the cover of Fit Pregnancy and had a baby shower after the shoot. I wonder why the magazine would even feature them knowing it’s a fake pregnancy? And what are Kevin and Danielle going to do -buy a doll and pretend it’s a real baby?!

  31. CatBallou says

    Danielle Jonas – says “minor” celeb (although that may be being kind …)

    Kevin Jonas

  32. mads says

    Don’t know the magazine but it’s Danielle and Kevin Jonas. Hint was the panic attack since Danielle has anxiety issues.

    • Buttery says

      I’d have anxiety issues too if I was faking a marriage and faking a pregnancy in front of the entire world, and doing a “fit pregnancy” magazine shoot no less.

  33. Mrs.Pedersen says

    “Pregnant” Celebrity: Danielle Jonas

    Husband: Kevin Jonas

    Magazine: Fit Pregnancy Magazine

    This just makes me sick. I hope this isn’t for real.

  34. TeacherKat says

    The married Jonas Brother and his wife Danielle. She and JoBro had a FitPregnancy cover for Dec/Jan according to the all knowing Google.

  35. wfreshie says

    that is weird…wasn’t there a recent blind about someone with fake baby bump(not beyonce)….don’t remember who it was though??

  36. 3snaps says

    The only person that has been decribed as having a situation like this is Danielle Jonas. If there are more people doing this kind of insane shiz then I am frightened for the world. So I am guess Danielle Jonas although the wording referencing the woman as the “celebrity” and not the husband has me thrown a little. Please say there is not another couple pulling a stunt like this.