Model Warning

drug warning[The People] Which model has been warned by her partner that if she doesn’t stop taking so many dr*gs, it’s over between them?



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47 comments to Model Warning

  • lily is my puppy

    Kate Moss

  • Katmandu

    English ‘People’ magazine. Only one I can think of is that tired old snorting, sniffing, huffing, Hoover of Drugdom, Kate Moss. Doesn’t seem to have done the bitch a speck of harm at all over the decades as she’s never even slowed down getting work – maybe she shares her big fat stash with her work friends. Does her “partner” actually object to her getting sh*tfaced on a regular basis? And why now?

    • travoltasbeard

      I love This “The People is and English site…” It is the best. So my guess is…

      The People is an english site so I am going to go with
      Model: Arizona Muse.
      Partner: Freja Beja Erichsen

    • CanaryCry

      I’ve never found her “stunning” lookswise – seen one coltish gal, you’ve seen ’em all.

      Apparently, her lifestyle is still what’s stunning. She’ll probably still live as long as William Burroughs did.

    • PinkSlip

      Ace is usually pretty clear on “husband,” “wife,” “partner,” “S.O.,” etc., so since Kate and her *husband* are married, I’m going to wager it’s not her in this blind. Of course, that’s not going to convince you, since you seem to have a particular streak of malice directed at Kate…

      • kspeedian

        Yeah… I pretty much agree with pinkslip (I’m not 100% sure that Ace is ALWAYS totally clear on significant others… I think he recently had one on Beyonce where he called JayZ her partner.. Could be imagining it though LOL.. & anyway, can’t either a spouse or steady boyfriend/girlfriend be called a “significant other”?) … which leads me to say that I totally get why everyone’s saying Kate Moss… but, aside from it being from an English publication, does anyone see any other clues? Or does it seem as vague to all of you as it does to me? haha

      • Katmandu

        Oooh, good point, a ‘partner’ would indicate another druggie model shacked up with someone. Therefore not married Kate. (Makes sense that she and her legally wedded husband are drugging it up in domestic bliss together, for happily ever after.)

  • NurseRozetta

    Joe Jonas and his gf Eggy

  • Mtlmeee

    Rita Ora

    Cara Delevingne

  • sherlock

    Would partner mean husband?Could be Kate Moss,she always looks wasted these days and her skin looks wrinkled.

  • eli caroline

    Suki Waterhouse
    Bradley Cooper

  • mdep

    Rihanna and Cara D

  • shampagne

    Model: Kate Moss

    Partner: Jamie Hince

  • katekatebobate

    This only apples to one model? I’m having trouble narrowing it down. Let’s go with an old fav, Kate moss.

  • NoseyNana2008

    Behati Prinsloo
    Adam Levine

  • pinkdonut

    Model: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
    Partner: Jason Statham

  • Nini

    Model: Behati Prinsloo

    Partner: Adam Levine

  • lipspuckerup

    Irinka Shak…i need my man to be free!!!

  • Lefemmenikita

    The first thought was Cara Delevingne though she doesn’t have a partner as far as I’m aware. Abbey Lee Kershaw perhaps since she acts ‘out of it’ a lot of the time (though since her BF is a muso, I can’t imagine him being against drugs. Kate Moss?Though once again, Jamie Hince being a muso also makes him unlikely to be anti drugs

  • tdogstyle

    Behati Prinsloo & Adam Levine??

  • Vampa15

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

  • KittiePunk

    It’s so hard to guess will models because they all take drugs, no point in guessing Kate Moss because I’m sure her husband is on it with her but I will try
    Model: Suki Waterhouse
    Partner: Bradley Cooper

  • carriebradshaw

    Cara Delevigne & Rita Ora

  • TipToe74

    Kate Moss
    Jamie Hince

  • Ask Me, I'm Alice

    I’d say cara delevigne and rita Ora but I’m sure Rita’s just as much in the drug scene as cara.

  • Brooke

    Jamie Hince? Kate’s dr-g taking is legendary.

  • GrannyGoose

    I know that Miranda and Orlando already broken up, but I nominate…

    Model: Miranda Kerr
    Partner: Orlando Bloom or James Packer

  • Booboo1068

    My guess is partner means not married but living together so not Kate Moss. I’m not sure who though.

    • PinkSlip

      same. Ace is usually spot on with the labels: partner, husband, wife, significant other. etc. This ain’t Kate. And as far as I recall, Kate’s drug taking is behind her, and that’s all down to her hubby…while she might do it occasionally, it’s never seen and not talked about like it was years ago….

  • mrsmommy

    Cara Delevingne

  • whatnow

    Suki waterhouse and Bradley Cooper only because he has recently been speaking about how drinking and drugs had such a negative impact on his life. Spoke of it as being a very bad time for him and seems to take his sobriety seriously. It seems to me he would not want to be around someone who is heavy into this lifestyle.

    Kate moss is old news and the others are with musos and he is the only one talking about staying away from drugs and alcohol.

  • Lisha

    Who’s Naomi with these days? Anyway I’m guessing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham.

  • kat411

    Model: AzMarie
    Partner: Raven Symone

  • kermit1969

    Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

  • sheiselectric

    I think it’s Cara Delevingne because the picture makes me think of her I don’t know why I judst have that feeling.
    As for the couple… It could be Rita but I don’t even know if she’d be considered as her couple as I’m sure Cara goes sleeping around with all her bffs so…
    I think the blind should have more clues as all the models do drugs and there’s no description or clues or anything.

  • jacksonian

    Adam Levine & his side piece.

  • creeping_thistle

    I really hope it’s not Kate Moss, but here’s a thought: Jamie Hince is the least, ahem, drug-oriented man she’s probably ever had, you never heard anything scandalous about him (and if even the ferocious British tabloid press can’t find fault with him, sorry, it means there really isn’t much he’s guilty about). So, even though she keeps working an awful lot and looking amazing with not even that much Photoshop, perhaps even the comparatively low habit she has now is too much for her clean little husband? But really, I hope it’s some other stupider model like Cara.

  • superjinnx

    Cara Delevingne and whatever chick she’s currently scissoring.

  • user303

    Model: Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo
    Partner: Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine

    She’s looking rough these days.

  • smilingx

    Cara Delevingne
    Michelle Rodriguez