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[Blind Gossip] Each change in this celebrity’s appearance has been widely documented over the past few years. Their multiple plastic surgeries have been so obvious that we have nothing new to add there.

But we do have some additional information for you that isn’t public yet! While it’s been all about the external up until now, we have learned that our celeb has also been visiting other doctors (not plastic surgeons) to develop a plan for some internal changes.

Next year, our celeb will begin a serious course of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). No, it has nothing to do with menopause.

Up until now, our celeb has been making changes gradually, viewing their transformation as a marathon, not a sprint. Well, over the next two years, they are going to start sprinting, with the final result sure to create lots of controversy.

He is going to transition to a she.


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It’s Bruce Jenner!

Bruce Jenner is planning a public announcement about gender identity and his transition.

As Blind Gossip told you almost exactly a year ago, Bruce Jenner planned to to spend 2014 accelerating his transition from male to female. Indeed, you have probably observed the dramatic changes to Bruce’s appearance in this year. He had his  Adam’s apple shaved, grew out his hair, polished his nails, waxed the hair off of his torso, arms and legs, and began receiving hormone therapy to soften his body.

While Bruce Jenner has stayed quiet about his transition, Kris Jenner was quick to dismiss any rumors about Bruce’s physical changes. During an appearance on Today, Kris was asked about whether her ex was in the process of transitioning to a woman.

It’s silly! [The tabloids have] been saying that since the ’70s, so you think he’d be cooked by now. … They just keep regurgitating the same old stuff.

Kris Jenner was purposely evasive in her answer. She has always known about Bruce’s inner struggle with gender identity. He has been privately cross-dressing for many years. And while some might blame Bruce for their breakup, there were so many other issues in their marriage (money, values, child-rearing, infidelity, etc.) that it would be unfair to point the finger at Bruce’s gender identity issues as being the sole – or even primary – cause of their divorce.

However, now that they have broken up, Bruce is about to take a very big stride forward in living an authentic life.

Howard BragmanBruce recently met with Howard Bragman, a public relations expert who has handled the “coming out” of celebrities like football player Michael Sam, actor Dick Sargent, country singer Chely Wright, and actress Meredith Baxter.

Their current plan is for Bruce to make a formal announcement about his transition within the next two months. It will be public, and Bruce will be a full participant. They are still debating about the exact timing and scope of the announcement. While the public will naturally be very curious about everything from cosmetic procedures to intimate surgeries to name changes, Bruce will make the final decisions about how much detail he will reveal.

Kris Jenner will not be a participant in the announcement, although she has tentatively agreed to offer up a separate, brief statement of support. All of the Jenner and Kardashian children have also been briefed about the situation. While there are mixed emotions among the group, it is expected that they will all publicly support Bruce.

We know several people who have transitioned, and it was a scary proposition for them to go public with the truth. We wish Bruce well, and hope that you will support him in his decision to lead an authentic life.

The big clues in the original blind item were “marathon” and “sprinting”, both running terms. As you know, Bruce Jenner is one of the most celebrated Olympic athletes of all time, having won the gold medal for the decathlon in the 1976  Olympics in Montreal.

Congratulations to Shaliza for being first with the correct answer!


Bruce Jenner will be taking two very public steps in his transition from male to female.

As we told you in our exclusive last month, he will be doing a major sit-down interview very soon. This is the event that is being orchestrated by publicist Howard Bragman.

Bruce is also doing a television series about his transition. It will star Bruce and feature his family members discussing their reaction to his transition. The series is currently filming and will air on the E! channel.

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