Caught Up In A Row

soccer ball 4[The People] Which football legend has been caught up in a row over dr*g-taking along with some of his younger soccer star mates?



Younger Mates:

Dr*gs they were taking:

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15 comments to Caught Up In A Row

  • Fan

    David Beckham?

  • sherlock

    There are few soccer legends in the UK someone like David Beckam,Ryan Giggs or maybe Gareth Bale but he hasn’t been on the scene for years like Beckam and Giggs.

  • gizmondo

    Not clued up on who wore which numbers, but think we can rule out Cantona & Beckham as they wore 7

  • zmnx

    Gazza, & no idea …..

  • Katmandu

    Becks? Drano/Krokodil/gasoline snorting?

  • HornsNTale

    Athlete:David Beckham?


    Younger Mates:

    Dr*gs they were taking:I’m going to play the odds here and say cocaine and mollies (definitely NOT the fish)

  • Brittttt


  • sugarbread

    david beckham
    man u

  • Lisa

    David Beckham. No clue on the others

  • socal13

    Athlete: Wayne Rooney
    Team: Manchester United
    Younger mates: ?
    Drugs they were taking: ?

    Rooney wears #10 for. Man Utd whose team jerseys are the same as the pic

  • Chosen

    Player: Ashley Cole
    Team: Chelsea
    Younger mates: ?

    I’m guessing this because he is a good player but has been on the bench for weeks and many football clubs put their players on the bench if they have turned in a positive drug test. It prevents them being drug tested by officials if they aren’t playing.

  • DreamyVelvet

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Real Madrid /Portugal Nat’l Football Team
    Younger mates: ?
    Drugs? Cocaine

    There have been 8 professional soccer players that have been in their 20’s to early 30’s who have just dropped dead on the field in 2013. Not saying drugs were involved but why would a professional athlete take that risk? Scary.

    • Syd Wishes

      Some people are hard to kill. Look at Maradona. Booze, drugs, obesity, heart attack and Hep can’t bring down the bane of English soccer fans. Must be his Croatian blood – that Eastern European stock inexplicably always beat the odds.

  • bluebells

    I don’t think this is Beckham. Though he only just retired, he hasn’t been in the currently football “scene” for a while.

    Wayne Rooney is my guess because he’s #10, he’s “old” enough to have younger mates on the field (28 as opposed to the many footballers who are 19-23), and he’s considered one of the highest scoring players ever in the Premier League, so he could be considered a “legend”.

    Younger mates could also be a reference to Ashley Young, though he’s actually the same age, haha. I also could be totally wrong about Rooney– I think there’s a clue in “Caught Up In A Row,” but I can’t figure out what !