Supergroup Is Beefing

beef 1[Downfront 2] This supergroup hit number one on the charts, but can they keep from hitting each other?

Rumors of disharmony floated around before. Now, thanks to some loose talk and a no-show, there’s fuel to the rumors again. Keep the beefs off of twitter y’all!


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42 comments to Supergroup Is Beefing

  • Californialove

    TGT- Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank

  • ShockingDayGlo

    Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank = TGT

  • MonyHoney

    Group is One Direction
    Harry didn’t show at an SNL rehearsal
    Liam and Louis giving interviews hat they didn’t like each other initially

    Midnight mammaries is #1 everywhere

    • Apparently supergroup means “an exceptionally successful rock group, in particular one formed by musicians already famous from playing in other groups” the members of 1d became really popular after they formed the band so no.

  • PrincessTiff

    Jonas Brothers?

  • gossipguesser

    Fifth Harmony. Why do they even have a record deal?

  • whitesox23

    One direction???

    Harry missed some rehearsals for SNL this past week….

  • Sequoia

    Fleetwood Mac?

  • ChickenHero

    I hope it isn’t 1D.

  • Brittttt

    Fifth Harmony?

  • Christian

    Group: TGT
    No-show: Ginuwine at the Soul Train Awards

    • LooLoo

      Am I the only one who has never heard of these people? It seems like a supergroup would be one that everyone knows.

  • merryn-xx

    Mcbusted? Have they been at number one?

  • alindsey

    One Direction – Harry missed a SNL rehearsal was “sick” then was out to dinner w friends that same night

  • commonsense

    TGT? Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank?

  • KatarinaJ

    There is a ONE DIRECTION twitter feud going on. Yawn!

  • nakhre

    there’s no one direction feud going on…. they dont even actually use their twitters anymore either, modest manages their twitters…. plus beef/disharmony dont relate to 1d at all.

    i think disharmony, loose and beef are the big clues.

  • Starmaker

    Disharmony being the key… Fifth Harmony

  • pratty4ever

    Fifth Harmony? because of disharmony

  • liarosalia1

    not 1d. “A supergroup is a music group whose members are already successful as solo artists or as part of other groups or as other professions.”

  • kandeestyles19

    This can’t be about One Direction, there are no clues at all that portray to them. Fifth Harmony maybe? idk

  • kandeestyles19

    Also, they just did a blind about Harry so I don’t think they would post another one.

  • Thinking26

    This is not 1D this is TGT for sure! On Wikipedia it says TGT supergroup.

  • JenJenJen

    Kings of Leon? Their latest album is Mechanical Bull which for some reason made me think of the beef in the picture…

  • bigmama72

    Has to be The Spice Girls!!!!

  • lipspuckerup

    The 3 beef represent the three guys in TGT who are buff and are beef cakes. They are a supergroup because they all had successful careers before joining the group.

  • Kyiaj

    It’s One Direction. They have basically lived in each others pockets for three years straight. Harry and Lou are fighting very, very badly and Harry had to stay in another hotel due to some knock down drunken fights. The rest of the guys are very mad at Harry and Lou and how their relationship has effected the band. Grimmy has Harry’s “ear” (or more) and would love to see the group break up so he could have Harry’s time all to himself. What Harry doesn’t realize is he is NOT of Justin Timberlake talent-wise visa-vie nsync. Lou and Harry’s break up is greatly effecting the band in more ways then one. The band sided with Lou.

    • bluebells

      Do you know them? This is very…. detailed…. also they just did a bunch of interviews this week and seemed fine. Everyone is making up this drama about them when really they seem like normal people?

  • bluebells

    Oh my god this is not One Direction. I love them, but not everything is about them. A “supergroup” is a band made up of people from other previously popular bands, like McBusted, Monsters of Folk, or NKOTBSB. This is about TGT, an R&B supergroup.

    • mugofmead111


      I think there is a “T”-bone steak in that picture, alluding to the initials of the supergroup.

      There are also three pieces of beef; there are three members in TGT.

    • ClosetOrganizer

      Thank you! One Direction is NOT a supergroup because they’re not made out of members of previously established bands (or solo acts in the case of R&B supergroups like LSG or TGT).

      [LSG, by the way, is LeVert-Sweat-Gill, or Gerald LeVert, Keith Sweat, and Johnny Gill. Shame on you if you don’t know who at least one of those three singers is.]

  • OhSoLittleMouse


  • Kazuki

    Well, for the ‘disharmony’ I would say, Fifth Harmony.
    But the only ones of the group who have rumours about not get along anymore of them, is Lauren and Camila, also I have sure they got in a awkward situation recently in a interview and they tweeted something who sounded like indirects before too.

    But, can they be considered a ‘supergroup’ yet? Also, I have heard their problem is because everyone think they are dating…

  • swaggiest

    technically fifth harmony were solo artists before they became a group so

  • ClosetOrganizer

    TGT (Tyrese-Ginuwine-Tank) is the supergroup. Their album was number one on the R&B charts.