The Worst Boyfriend – Part 4

boy yelling at girl[Blind Gossip] The thing that we dislike most about Slimy the Actor is the emotional blackmail that he uses to control his girlfriend, Poppy the Singer.

Yesterday, for example, Poppy was furious about the lies of an ex-boyfriend named Lucky… who just happens to be Slimy’s best friend.

Furious… yet she sent a nice tweet about Lucky. Huh? That doesn’t make any sense! Well, we happen to know who was really behind that tweet: Slimy!

Poppy was really angry about the lies that Lucky told in a recent interview. Why was Lucky telling people that he didn’t lose his virginity until he was 20? She knew for a fact that Lucky had had intercourse with at least five girls long before the age of 20! And so on.

Poppy started yelling by phone, by text, and by email, ranting (“That fucking liar! THAT FUCKING LIAR!”) to her friends and family and Slimy about how Lucky always lies about everything! He lies about her relationship with him, about his virginity, about his drug addiction, about his sexuality, about his girlfriend, about the sex tape, about the purity rings, about the Hollywood Records contract, etc. And, in this case, his lies made him look like the good guy and her look like a pity case and a negative influence on him. Why did he have to drag her name into this?

Poppy was yelling and crying and ready to ream out Lucky. Her friends and family agreed. Lucky had crossed the line and needed to be smacked down. One of Poppy’s family members jumped online and fired a shot at Lucky. Her tweet accurately reflected the feelings of Poppy and everyone around her.

And then Slimy stepped in.

Slimy told Poppy that Lucky was catching heat from people about his fake tell-all, and that Poppy needed to “back the fuck off.”

Poppy was appalled. How could Slimy be more concerned with supporting Lucky’s lies than in defending his own girlfriend? She refused.

Slimy then contacted Lucky, who subsequently called his manager and his publicist.

Did you know that Lucky’s father/manager and Lucky’s publicist are also Poppy’s manager and Poppy’s publicist? You do now!

Together, Slimy, Lucky, the manager, and the publicist quadruple-teamed Poppy into backing down. Yep, four grown men versus one young girl. They told her that she would look like a bitch and that she wouldn’t sell albums or books or concert tickets if she didn’t behave like the bigger person. They not only didn’t want her to say anything negative about Lucky… they wanted her to get online and support the very person who had just lied about her! Poppy, still hurt and angry, said no.

Then Slimy, the ultimate nasty manipulator, fired the final shot. He told Poppy that if she didn’t get on Twitter and say something nice about Lucky… he was going to break up with her!

Poppy broke down and cried. Then she agreed to publish the tweet.

How does Slimy get away with being such an asshole? He is older, colder, more confident, and very manipulative. Poppy is younger, more emotional, insecure and hungry for acceptance and approval.

We think that Poppy has the potential to be a very happy and very healthy person… but only if she is able to recognize that the company she keeps is a significant contributing factor that prevents her from healing and moving forward. We really hope that, as she matures, she will be able to break free from people like Slimy who pretend to be on her side… but who are actually emotionally abusive and damaging to both her person and her career.

Now we’ll leave it up to our readers to advise Poppy about what she should do. Yes, she’s reading your comments.




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233 comments to The Worst Boyfriend – Part 4

  • bambino

    Please get out of this. I know it’s so much harder than it sounds because I’ve been in the same situation. It is so very hard to leave. But you can do it. You need to do it.

    Also, get a new manager ASAP.

    • thiagauns

      I can’t believe :( Dear Demi Lovato, if you are reading this… I’ll meet you next year, on Meet&Greet in Brazil, and I’ll talk to you about this. And I don’t care about the others fans and about your manager, FUCK OFF, YOU NEED TO BE OKAY! I’m gonna scream to everyone. Prepare yourself.

    • Roxyhdz

      >>>>>>BLIND GOSSIP
      He told Poppy that if she didn’t get on Twitter and say something nice about Lucky… he was going to break up with her!<<<<<

      talk of Demi like be a little girl, she is comes of age, why this site and the fans determined to see her as a victim?

      she has it all fame, talent and self-esteem allegedly recovered inside his rehabilitation.
      Why insist on is manipulated by an older man? no has 5 years.

      • carriebradshaw

        fame, talent-yes.

        self-esteem -no.

        that’s the whole problem.

        another one is this weird “girl next door”-image. same happened to Britney- she looked like a stripper but had to act like a 10-jear -old girl.

    • noseslup

      demi has literally saved millions of lives and she deserves to have her own saved. I cant even imagine any one hating her or emotionally abusing her, shes so sweet, beautiful, giving, and selfless. I have no idea why nobody is interfering with his threatening, cheating, or emotional abuse. demi, if youre reading this, please do what is best for you. you have to know that this relationship is extremely unhealthy. depression/ the need of drugs/ issues with ones self doesn’t just go away, its always there, and all it takes is one person and a few words for it to come back. we all just want to see you doing what you love while loving yourself and the people around you. much love xoxo

  • NeedNoStinkinBadges

    Demi Lovato seems to come up a lot on the Ace-sourced blinds*. I’m not sure if Demi realizes this or not–or if she reads these responses. But Ace actually sounds very sympathetic toward her and supportive. I suppose she gets angry about these, but maybe one day she’ll take them seriously and cut loose the enablers. It can’t be easy when you’re young and were probably controlled by others since childhood.

    *I’ve always kind of wondered why her and not others, but no matter.

    • WindyLAX

      That’s the biggest blind of all, IMO. Ace is totally in the corner of addicts, victims of abuse, etc…unlike basically every other gossip site on the planet. There’s something about Ace (Aces? Are there more than one?) that isn’t remotely the Hollywood status quo. I’m intrigued, for sure.

  • bjd44



    • candymandie

      My exact thoughts! Simon more than any of them.

    • mostlylurker

      cmon now. 1) we dont know who has tried to help 2) this presumes that all you need is the help. Have you ever dealt with someone in abusive relationship? Its not easy to break the cycle even with all the support in the world 3). life is full of slime balls and Hwood has to be up in the top three. there are few who rise in the profession and have “clout” who aren’t. she’s in the worst field possible. 4) simon cowell? Really???

      • redstilettos

        Cowell is pretty slimy himself.

      • candymandie

        Simon is a creep sometimes but a genius when it comes to that stuff. Just because he’s a jerk does not mean he does not know how to remedy things like that. He’s actually done it before. However, he usually only helps if its in his best interest and i think demi being on the show falls in that category. SO yes, simon, really.

    • Shawny2222

      You’re assuming anyone around her, the ones that have huge affects on her and power over her, cares. From what I’m gathering, it sure as hell doesn’t sound like they do! As for everyone else in her life? It’s possible they don’t even realize there is a problem. She either doesn’t want them to know because it’s embarrassing, or she’s being threatened if she opens her mouth. Or it’s a combination of the two. And when someone’s self-esteem is shot to hell, it is VERY difficult to escape from any kind of abuse. Those bullies and slim balls in her life know that and they use that to their advantage. Once you have someone in your grip like that, it’s very easy to control them.

      • katekatebobate

        I think the point is that someone should help her who has more experience than she does. She’s got a lot of stuff going on and it looks like no one cares about her or what she is going through.

  • cupcakes

    DEMI DUMP HIM ASAP!!! YOU CAN DO AND DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER!!! (And get another publicist because I know who it is and I know he’s a total *sshole)

  • jersey6332

    Oh demi demi demi! I wish I can meet you in person and shake you. You need to have more friends that are not in this industry. Do you see what they are doing to you? I’m so desperate for you to know that you need to dump them that I’m like screaming to my computer screen.

    Wilmer just creeps me out. You don’t even need him. Are you going to say you love him? Well, he obviously doesn’t feel the same way. You’re trying to get better. You’re trying to be sober and he’s ruining it. THis is not okay. Maybe after the x factor, can you take a quick break to clear you mind? Get away from Hollywood, your publicist, manager and spend some time alone thinking. I think you need it a lot.

    Please don’t keep crying for him, Dem. It’s not worth it. Reading about what he did to you breaks my heart. Please PLEASE cut him off.

  • pennylovatic


    There is nothing in the world that could stop me from being interested in you and your music. Sue your management team for malfeasance and get yourself out of Wilmer’s grimy hands because YOU DESERVE BETTER!

    I am a huge fan of yours… and I’m always sad to read when you aren’t doing well. It’s almost always Wilmer related…so can you please just get rid of him? Millions of much sexier men await you in the single life!

  • musicindustrygal

    Demetria, Everybody is talking about Wilmer, but I’m going to focus on something different…

    YOUR MANAGER AND YOUR PUBLICIST TOTALLY SUCK!!! Everybody in this industry know that Papa Jonas and Jesse Derris are huge fucking tools and lie about everything, so why on earth are you still with them? They are so obviously NOT looking out for your best interests!!! They threw you under the bus to protect a lying, unemployable has-been because he’s related to one of them. INEXCUSABLE and horrifically unprofessional and unethical! They showed no loyalty to you, so you should show no loyalty to them!

    FIRE THEIR ASSES IMMEDIATELY! If you do not fire them, you are huge dummmy.

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    For all her faults, Miley seems like she’s be a great friend and good person know especially in a situation like this. I hope she sticks up for Demi, strikes back at Joe Jonas for the both of them and if Demi is really, really lucky, helps her leave the twisted sicko that is Wilmer.
    And if not Miley, someone! Anyone!

  • rudy

    What an ahole.

    Demi, if you are reading this,

    I have total sympathy for you. It would be difficult for many young women to stand up against this group of jerks. And I understand abusive relationships. They are not so easy to get out of, particularly if you have feelings for the abuser.

    My advice is to think of Wilmer as a dangerous drug. He is the one that is dragging you down. Like any addictive drug, the only way out is through, and the only way out of this guy is to dump him altogether. It may seem very scary but anyone who has gotten to this level of work as you have certainly has the means to break free. Find people who you love and who love you unconditionally and who understand what a difficult position you are in. Trust your instincts. Joe Jonass is a lier. He is a manipulator and obviously does not give a shit about you. Same with Wilmer. Why would someone you love care more about what his buddy thinks than about what is best for you. Wilmar is heroin. He is crack. He is meth.

    YOu know the truth about your life. YOu know what happened in the past. And now you are surrounded with people who are insisting you lie to protect some ahole. No amount of money is worth dragging your self-esteem and confidence into the dirt. Your fans will be proud, they will stick by you. Tell the truth. Break free. YOu can do it girl.

    • prleonard2


      You need to get away from your boyfriend, your manager/publicist, and Slimy. None of those people have your best interests at heart.

      The boyfriend has major psychological issues, and needs to get a clinical psychologist to assess him. His put downs are to boost his self-esteem and make sure you don’t go anywhere. He sounds like a narcissist or worse (I’m thinking a conduct disorder). Either way, that shit isn’t healthy for anyone. You need to get out now. I do know what I’m talking about on this one. I have the educational background.

      You don’t need to worry about never finding anyone else. You are beautiful, talented, and seem to be a sweet girl. You will have them lined up around the block when you elect to find someone new. Take some time away from love, get sober & on good footing, work on you (we all need to do this before we get into relationships), and then find a nice guy that is also sober.

      Your manager and publicist aren’t good representation. They have Slimy’s best interests at heart. They have a conflict of interest. You need to start looking for new representation. Don’t listen to your boyfriend or Slimy about where you should go. Who do you want to be like professionally? Go make an appointment with their manager. Do they feel right? Who are their other clients? One big one client and bunch of crap clients isn’t someone that you probably want to work with.

      Slimy is a dick and a drug addict. He was always a dick. Get the fuck away from that kid. He’ll take down everyone as he goes. Watch, he’ll start talking about his family when he can’t afford his drug of choice anymore. I have experience on this one too. Ask your new trusted manager what you should do on this one. Btw, I never bought that shit he said anyway.

      You are beautiful. Breathtaking even. You dress really well. You sing magnificently. You have *it*. The public can’t help but pay attention to you. Wilmer does not have any of that. You can and will do better than him. This is my advice. We’re rooting for you every step of the way.

  • redstilettos

    I’m about to put Wilmer in pedophile category. He’s very very well into this 30s, but latches on to barely legal actresses/singers/etc. He’s a predator.

    • To be honest, you’re entirely correct.

    • redstilettos

      PS: I’m adding sociopath and a narcissistic personality disorder here too.

      • phlyfiremama

        Agreed. You DON’T need to be a psychiatrist to see those personality traits in Wilmer. What a mess. I don’t usually feel badly for anyone who by simply making their own stand and STICKING TO IT, and who have the means to get the therapy and guidance required to push through drug addiction and self image problems, but I AM in fact feeling pity for Demi. Girl, RUN don’t walk to the nearest exit and get the heck out of and away from that situation. And STAY AWAY. Change your number, get a restraining order, hire security or a sobriety coach, get into some serious therapy, find some new friends you can trust and who have your back,and get a grip on your issues. I know that while you are there it is easy to fall into despair and think that things will never get better, but I promise you they will once you get on the other side and get some fresh perspective. YOU have to be the one that makes your own stand, while others can help and support you YOU have to be the one that puts a stop to it. Hang tight~

    • Okayeah

      While a predator and a loser (and a million other adjectives), you DON’T get to call WV a pedophile. Please feel free to look up the definition of that word, and STOP using it where it doesn’t apply. All that does is water down the problem of actual pedophilia.

  • Warrior1461

    I hope this all ends with Demi dumping Wilmer for good. He an Joe can go snort coke off of each others asses.

  • jersey6332

    i’m confused. Just the other post, Ace said that people are ganging up on joe but is Demi a part of that now? She should! After everything Joe and WIlmer has done to her.

    Where the heck is Miley in this? I thought they were best friends? yes, Miley takes drugs and has made bad artistic choices but she’s a good person. I can tell by her keeping her promise to Liam even though they broke up.

  • candymandie

    WOW, DEMI GROW UP! Be strong and get the HELL away from these people.

  • abracadabra

    Poppy – Taylor Swift
    Slimy – whoever she’s dating this week
    Lucky – Joe Jonas

    Where is this poor girl’s mother when this all goes down? Honestly. Talk about leaving your daughter to the wolves….

  • Lindasu

    Get the freak out, while you can. He was all Lindsay’s world when she was 18 too. She had a career then, still had her looks, and wasn’t drugged out. He did a commendable job in assisting in ruining her and her career. She had other issues, just as yourself, and being the predator that he is, he manipulated, molded and banked on those to use her to his benefit.

    Now, he’s just a tired wannabe, using you up because it makes him feel better about his pitiful existence.

  • Fan

    AGAIN…It’s Demi, Wilmer and Joe Jonas

  • KWDragon

    Please, Demi, you are a beautiful, talented, smart, young woman. Drop that talentless loser and move on. I know that the heart wants what the heart wants, but you don’t need him. Peace to you.

  • I ship Larry

    Poor Demi!! I still dont know what she sees in that Wilmer, he’s so little for her, the world wont end and you are beyond talented Demi!! Wake up girl!!!

  • HyperRosie

    Demi lovato, wilmer valderrama and joe jonas

  • IAmSage

    Poppy: demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderamma
    Lucky: Joe Jonas

  • up-in-the-air

    Poppy: Demi Lovato

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

    Lucky: Joe Jonas

    Demi, I love you, please, please, walk out of this relationship. You’re a strong girl, you’ve inspired so many people throughout the world, and we need you to be strong. You don’t need that sort of negativity in your life, or approval. we all love you for who you are. you’re you and that’s the best thing in the world as far as i am concerned.

  • mollynyc

    Demi, Wilmer and some Jonas.

  • Cinzia

    Dearest Poppy,


    Cinzia and the rest of the world

  • popart1010

    Oh my word poor Demi :’( She needs to get out of this situation – how do we know that he won’t end up physically abusing her!? My heart breaks… i wish there was some way she could see what was happening to her world :(

  • Mia444

    Dear Demi,
    You can do SO much better than Wilmer. The guy is a jerk. Good luck to you in your recovery.

  • confident-ial


  • umbrelly

    Wow, four blinds throwing a pity party for Demi Lovato? She is an addict. Saying that her bf/manager/publicist MAKES her drink or do drugs or publish tweets is nothing more than enabling. If she wanted to get clean she would. Addicts dont stop unless they really want to and why would she? She has everything she wants. She has a minion of little girls RT about how she is ‘one year clean’. Everything that is wrong is brought on by her own hand and can only be changed in the same fashion. I have no pity.

    • beautyaddict

      I think that’s a really stupid argument. Demi has depression and for you to say she can do it just like that is not the case. It’s not black and white. Even if she have everything, she has to overcome her insecurities and her thoughts. How can she? When there are people similar to yourself shaming her for not being able to have move on so easily and saying it’s her fault that she is this way. To move on from anything is a great obstacle. It’s hard enough sometimes to even get out of bed when having depression, and it’s a struggle to push negative thoughts out of the way. It isn’t that those people are making her drink or do drugs, it’s that their PRESSURING her into believing that she needs to prove her worthiness to them. No one is pitying her, because everyone is rallying behind her because they know she is a strong woman who just needs a push. Everyone needs help sometimes, and no one can do it alone.

      • umbrelly

        This is a huge pity party for Demi and its not going to help. My father was an addict for 25 years of his life. He got clean without the help of rehab because he couldnt afford to take the time off of work. I suffered from depression for years before I realized nothing was going to change unless I changed what was making me so unhappy. Women in abusive relationships tend to go back to their abuser because they are not only emotionally dependent but financially dependent as well.

        So when I see a woman with a giant support system, millions of dollars, and all the help in the world continue on a self destructive path I am not going to enable her by blaming everyone else. Does anyone really think that is helpful?

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Sigh. I guess one can always find a Wilmer or two in any public forum.

      • umbrelly

        Right because suggesting Demi take charge of her life and fix her own problems means I’m Wilimer. Well I want my Handy Manny checks then.

    • GossipProblem

      Obviously you know NOTHING of addiction. While I agree it’s ultimately up to her to choose NOT to do it, every specialist EVER has said that you MUST surround yourself with people who SUPPORT your commitment to sobriety. And support means not threatening to break up with them if they don’t come to parties where drugs are being used. It’s one thing for him to do the drugs, but it’s quite another to force her to join him at the parties. Also, he punishes her when she commits to her sobriety and opts to stay home because she knows she’s not strong enough yet to be around it and say no. There are people that have been sober for 20+ years who cannot be around people that drink or do drugs because they know they aren’t strong enough to say no. This is the most ignorant and close-minded statement I’ve ever heard. I certainly hope no one in your life has ever or will ever be an addict because you will clearly not support them or have sympathy for them.

      • umbrelly

        As I mentioned before my father was an addict for over 25 years. He became clean and sober last year. He cut off ties with people that he has known for decades. Suggesting that Demi only does the things she does because other people are making her will be of no help. Should she get away from those who are enabling? Yes, obviously she should in order to get better. But my point was the tone of the blinds. Demi has to want the help. She has to accept the help that has been offered to her on numerous occasions. Support does not mean holding their hand and making excuses. Its about showing them the truth of their actions and the consequences of those actions. Demi makes the decision to stay with her boyfriend, her manager, her friends who encourage bad habits. She has to make the choice to remove those people from her life and since this isnt a new situation she must not be ready to take that step yet, therefore I can find no pity for someone who has all of the help in the world and refuses it.

    • wildchildbrightchild

      we’re talking about an abusive relationship rather than her addictions in these blinds. abusive relationships don’t affect anybody less if they’re in money or not. and i say this as someone who personally grew up in poverty with a very abusive father. while i agree with you in terms of taking charge of your life, you’re the only one who’s going to save yourself etc. we also need to remember that kids who grow up in abusive homes (as demi did) often go on to experience abuse themselves. i don’t think the tone of these blinds is ‘pity’ more of ‘sympathy’ which anybody should feel for a very young, vulnerable girl who Ace says is is really trying to live a clean life. You said yourself how long it took your father before he got clean, and he was obviously much older and wasn’t exposed to the trappings of fame as a child as she was, which can only make it harder. While she is definitely privileged enough to not be struggling for money and treatment, I think sympathy is absolutely warranted here.

  • emgene

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
    Lucky: Joe Jonas

  • ritzy01

    Demi, I know you’re reading this so I would appreciate if you pay close attention. :)

    You are beautiful inside and out, intelligent and incredibly talented. I don’t think you’re weak or stupid or ugly. I understand that everyone has a past and unique circumstances that make them think and act differently.

    Listen to me sweetie, you do not deserve to be treated the way Wilmer, Joe etc are treating you. As far as I’m concerned, they are despicable and they most likely keep you around to leech off your fame and success (which you worked hard for and deserve). You have the potential to live a clean life and do so well on your own. You don’t need other people to dictate your life and you don’t need validation from them. It may seem daunting but if you pull away from them, your life will improve and they won’t be able to hurt you and take advantage of you.
    I hope you confide in trusted family and friends or a therapist about these issues. Accept that they exist and strive to be a better person- which is something you preach. Let go from all that negativity- it’s in YOUR hands. Those scumbags will get what they deserve.

    You already have all of the approval in the world from your fans. We love you so much. I am rooting for you. You can’t gain approval from people who are keeping you down. Break away from that vicious cycle. One day you will find someone far better. I really think you need to start thinking about and doing what is best for you and quit trying to please those losers.

    Be strong Demi. Remember you are beautiful and worthy of all the love and light in the world. I hope you do what is best for yourself and your future. Take care, ritz.

  • LawLady

    Oh Demi, I work with abused women everyday. Almost every single one has told me that emotional abuse is worse that physical abuse because it hits you deep inside where you hurt the most – yout heart. I have my suspicious “Slimy” could be physically abusive too. Maybe he’s not but emotional abuse can go down that road.

    Please, please, please leave him. You are worth evrything he says you’re not. You are a beautiful, talented young woman with a wonderful life ahead of you.

    Yes, it will hurt to leave him because you love him (at least what you feel is love) but that will temporary. Staying with him will cause you continuous pain and you deserve better. So much better.

    You can do this. He is just as addictive as a bad drug. He is what is holding you back.

    Much love to you. We believe in you.

    Please believe in yourself.

  • sashas

    Demi- please leave him, if not for your fans but for your self. You are a beautiful person inside and out and you can meet someone new who will see your true beauty and love you instead of using you. You are a millions times more talented and amazing than that d bag Wilmer. Believe me I know him personally (went to HS with him.) You deserve to be happy and healthy and there are a million people out there that can be what you need. Break away from the negativity Girl! You deserve better love!

  • Luisaa

    Oh baby, I do wish you the best. You are worthy of love, support and respect even if you don’t have those right now. But having other people’s love doesn’t rescue you from the project of loving yourself. It’s okay to remove toxic people for your life. It’s okay to miss them without wanting them back. It’s okay to love them still. It’s okay to learn to spend time with yourself. It´s okay. It’s okay to be fightened. Your thoughts and feelings are valid and you must kill everyone who disagrees. It’s okay to not love yourself right now. It’s okay not to be strong. Maybe there’s strenght in being fragile. I know what it’s like to want to dissolve into nothingness. Use all the power of your survival instinct to build yourself a safe space. I do care about you and I am offering all that I can. I am gently letting go of your hand and you’re becoming aware of your body taking up space in the world. You’re alive and that matters above all else. You are alive and that means there are possibilities.

  • geewhiz

    Seriously, he is going to see you dead. Get the f*ck away from him and anyone remotely associated with him. Get DAILY therapy until you are strong enough to ensure those ties are broken forever.

  • ohohOHIKNOW

    Demi, you beautiful talented, much-loved girl. Please take all this to heart. Stop wasting all the gift that you are to all of us on these horrible, soulless people.

  • tlc

    Poppy: Demi Lovato

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

    Lucky: Joe Jonas

    Poor Demi. I hope she finds the strength to leave his ass, she’s such an inspiration to so many people, it’s a shame she lets him walk all over her.

  • kelno19

    Oh for Gods sake, Demi, dump that loser!

  • ILikeLemonade

    Poppy: Demi

    Slimy: Wilmer

    Lucky: Jonas

    Girl… leave him. Flip the switch, and walk. Once you flip the switch, you’ll never go back, and he’ll be at your feet, begging. You can do so much better than this gross has-been. <3

  • thelasthigh

    Poppy: Demi

    Slimy: awful Wilmer V

    Lucky: Joe Jonas

    Demi needs to dump the duds and go public with the truth! Joe Jonas will only get the help he needs after he admits he needs help! I couldn’t believe that article and the way he dragged Miley and Demi through the mud for no reason. It was totally unnecessary for him to do that. The Jonas family obviously has a lot of issues with hiding sexuality of the older two brothers and the drug abuse of Joe. Telling the truth wouldn’t make her a bitch. No one would judge her for it. I doubt anyone believes the article Joe wrote. Saying he rarely drinks and doesn’t do any drugs… give me a break!

  • mostlylurker

    Hey Demi:
    You are decent. You deserve someone who is decent to you. Here’s the thing: People who abuse others (physically, emotionally, whatever). do so not because their targets deserve it- they do it because of who they are. Wilmer (and Joe) do what they do because of who they are. The trouble of course is that they surround themselves with people who reinforce them (, Joe’s family, each other) and so all you hear is that it must be you who’s donig stuff to deserve their maltreatment. Here’s the thing: Nope! Joe, W, and those who back them do what they do because of who they are. There is no way you -or anyone else- could be that would make them act any differently- in other words, you aren’t being treated this way because you deserve it. You are being treated this way because of the people who surround you are sick- (or in laymans terms, assholes. ) I promise you this. Go find some decent folks. You know what? They’ll treat you decently. And it wont be because YOU changed- you were alright to begin with! Get help if you need to. People are there who want to help you. Walk way from these guys. Get a new publicist/manager. Surround yourself with constructive people. Not parasites, not enablers. And you’ll thrive.

  • goggles

    So, we all know who this cast of characters are.

    Poppy, you darling and strong girl. You are better than all of them combined. Know that, and run as far and as fast as you can from these horrible leeches. You do not need them. They and their sinking ships need you. Run away girl and bar them from your life. Only the happiest of thoughts and love coming your way, sweetie.

  • hjoy

    This is so disturbing! I hate men that use a woman’s weakness to their benefit! Demi if you read these comments try to really think about them. You have an amazing career and Slimy has not had the same opportunities. He treats you badly to make you feel inferior, but in reality he is inferior to you in all ways possible. You seem like such a good person and unfortunately crappy ass people can eat away at good people! Being healthy will not be an option with people around you like that and your health is most important. You would be so much better off without him and with a different manager. Cut the mess out and make room for your beautiful future! You have such a bright smile, but it saddens me to hear of anyone going through such troubles. Put yourself first and have strength to get past Wilmer. Girl you are a Texan! We don’t back down and let men treat us badly…we run their asses over!!! ;) ok really don’t do that, but please try to empower yourself and break free! You have too much going for you to not take advantage of that!!!

  • tenaciousdeets

    Poppy: Demi Lovato

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

    Lucky: Joe Jonas

  • linda86111

    dear demi,
    i watch you on the x factor and would like to tell you that this is not worth it. i know you feel like you are soo in love with wilmer (who’s a total ass and a disgusting person) and you probably are, but i can say that if you finally let go of him (who really wants a man who cheats on them constantly and disrespects them on the daily?) it will hurt for a while, but time heals all wounds. you will find a man who truly loves you, adores you and respects you. instead of crying tears of sadness, you’ll be crying happy tears.
    you are a pretty girl and from what i see on the x factor there is nothing wrong with you; you seem funny and cool.
    think of all the young women you try to advice. wouldn’t you feel much better if you were actually doing what you’re preaching?
    much love

  • ShockingDayGlo

    Demi has so much going for her – talented, beautiful & courageous. It’s obvious she wants to be a strong, sober woman but she obviously has serious inner demons.

    I hope if she is reading these comments she realizes everything that she has going for her and finds the courage to dump this awful Wilmer character for good and cuts off ALL future contact with him. Girl, you deserve better and you WILL find better. Trust in this: the right person(s) is out there who will love you for who you are and support you unconditionally. And never give up until you find that person. It’s hard to get sober and even harder to stay sober. You’ve done it, you’ve lived it. But you can’t move forward to be everything you are meant to be without getting rid of all negative people from your past and present. Most importantly, love yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself. Forgive yourself for whatever you think you’ve done wrong. You know you’re a good person and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. A lot of people are on your side and we want you to happy and healthy.

  • AngelLight

    There are many of us who have walked many miles in your shoes before, Demi…myself included. I was dating a much older man for nearly 4 years and that relationship took the worst out of me. Manipulative mind and emotional games was so abusive but I didn’t see it then.Instead I did everything I could to appease him, yearning for approval and that one smile from him. Drugs, alcohol, you name it, I did it so it would numb me. The emotional roller coaster eventually reached a breaking point and I finally mustered enough courage to walk away. But I hurt so many friends and family throughout that 4 years…I do wish I could take it all back. And now, 5 years down the road, I still cringe whenever I look back at my stupidity and foolishness back then but trust this, things will get better when you walk away. It will make you see life as how it should be and not life as how these negative people wants for you. Happiness is not approval from someone but it comes from your heart.

    Slimy, Wilder, you’re a twerp, we all know that and Lucky, Joe Jonas? Get a grip and pull yourself straight. If you both want to go down then by all means go ahead, but give Demi a break. She deserves way better in life.

  • Michelle18

    Maybe you’ll read this and maybe you won’t but, if you do see this, please please please just break up with you know who. If what this article says is true, then you can’t keep living like this. You know better. You’re sooooo pretty and talented and smart. You can go sooo much farther too. You have so much potential and career left ahead of you. I’m sure you get this all the time, but you HAVE to believe me. This is coming from a fan, yes, but don’t think of me as a crazy fangirl. Take this as advice from a friend. More than anything, I’d love to meet you and be your friend. One that will be positive for you, guide you towards the right path, take care of you, and just be there for you no matter what. Maybe it’ll happen someday or maybe it will never happen, but for now just listen to me and the others that care about you. Stay away from the negative people. Focus on your music, acting, writing, anything you love to do. You will definitely find another person who will respect you, support you, take care of you, adore you, and love you no matter what. NO ONE should ever treat you the way he does, you don’t deserve that. Please think about this whole situation and make the right decision. We want you to be happy, because when you’re happy then we’re happy. Yeah everyone makes mistakes and I’m not too proud of stuff I’ve done in the past either but we learn this way. So please, get rid of the negative people, focus on your career, you will find the right person later. You are so extremely lucky to be where you are now. You have money, fame, an amazing job, and millions of people you love you. Anyone would kill to be where you are, so don’t let all that get ruined by making bad choices. This may sound lame, but this is where YOLO comes in. It’s true you only live once, so don’t ruin this one life you get. It’s great to have fun and stuff, but be careful with how you have your fun. You have to stay healthy and set and good example for the girls that look up to you. Your music is amazing and your voice is beautiful and I just love listening to you sing. Keep up the amazing work you do. Be careful, take care, and please start making better decisions. Your family, friends, and fans are the ones that truly love you. My name is Michelle. I’m a short little red head that really cares about you. I hope we’ll meet someday. I’m sure you give the best hugs. :)

    -Michelle I.

  • kindofab

    Drop it like a bad habit.

  • Christyd

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
    Lucky: Joe Jonas

  • KittiePunk

    What is Demi doing? Maybe she is back on drugs if she is willing to put up with that pervert from the 70s show. Why is Slimy (is he called slimy cos of all the dripping cum stained clothes?) with Demi cos he has no career and needs her to stay even in Ace’s Blinds? and Joe Jonas’ Dad shame on you for being a bully I hope someone shoves your son’s purity ring up your A$$. Demi you can do sooooo much better, leave all these freaks behind you their careers are over yours is stronger than ever and people like you no-one likes them. I’m going to follow you on twitter and I want an announcement soon Demi dumps greasy nobody from that 70s show because she is way to good for him!

    Sorry for the rant this makes me so mad

  • Aubergine Skye

    LEAVE HIM DEMI!!! You deserve so much better. Don’t waste any more time on that loser – it’s time to put yourself first. Choose your own health and happiness!

  • gumshoe

    Demi, guuuuurrrrrrl…….. you need to break free of low life losers such as Wilmer and Joe. Why on God’s green Earth would you surround yourself with people who do nothing but bring you down?! You need to stick up for yourself and not allow these drug using scum bags to bring you into their dark world. People will treat you how you allow them to treat you. Find it in yourself to stand up to these guys. Your career and sobriety are nothing to play around with. Take a step back and notice that these two have neither sobriety or careers going for them. It might hurt really bad at first losing something constant in your life, but after awhile you will see the damage and set backs he has caused you in your life. If he is letting other people treat you poorly and doesn’t stand up to his own friends who bad mouth you, that should tell you something. Give him the finger, tell him to sit and spin, then turn around and run far, far away and don’t ever look back. Your bright future is waiting on you. Go and get it!!


  • just-jking

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
    Lucky: Joe Jonas

    Wilmer is a massive dick Demi, get out while you can! You’re beautiful and don’t let anyone put you down!

  • alisons

    OMG Poppy, SHOW THE CREEP THE DOOR! You can do this!

  • irishlass28

    Demi….run, don’t walk, if you want to have. a long, healthy life and career! You’re beautiful and talented, but you have to have the confidence to walk away from this a-hole or you will end up in a bad place. Trust me…

  • jackballjonez

    Dear Demi:

    You are in an emotionally abusive relationship. Which is harder to leave than a physically abusive relationship but the damage many times is far greater and lasts alot longer than a bruise.

    You do not deserve the treatment you are getting. This person hurting you is a weak bully who preys on trusting souls and only feels better when he can step on those close to him.

    If you dont get away from him very soon, the damage he will do will be unrecoverable from. You will bear the burden of PTSD for the rest of your life.

    But if the choice to leave is yours, you show him you are stronger than he ever thought possible. Get away from him Demi and make sure that it is YOU who says NO MORE.

    • luv the beach

      you are right. she will end up with PTSD. once it starts happening you don’t realize it and by then it is too late. she doesn’t need PTSD, on top of her other problems.that would be a disaster

  • Katska

    Demi, (if she is reading this) just WALK AWAY NOW!!! Please?

  • ally13

    poppy demi lovato
    slimy wilmer
    lucky joe jonas

    joe did that interview and he said he smoked weed with demi and miley. She needs to FIRE her management and anyone else who is involved and just be happy for once. im starting to feel sorry for demi since most of her fans like her and wilmer

  • isobelle

    Demi, you’re being rather hypocritical with all your Stay Strong bullshit. Get the fuck out and run the fuck away from these fucking leeches for fuck’s sake! You inspired many of us to get rid of toxic relationships and stay strong yet you can’t do it yourself :( my heart aches for you, it really does. We love you and we don’t want you to get hurt alright? Lord knows what he has against you that you’re too scared to run away from him. That is clearly isn’t love, you are too naive!

  • whowassheilahgraham

    Poppy: Demi

    Slimy’s behaviors indicate he’s a psychopath. Not all of them are murderers, many of them can be persuasive and even charming when they want. They instinctively know how to con and manipulate people. They are incapable of loving anyone but themselves. They enjoy hurting people. I truly hope this reaches Demi. He’s persuaded her that she can’t make it without him, because he wants to keep her, not because he cares but because she’s a possession. She deserves so much more.

  • ugh

    You’re so talented. You have accomplished so much – movies, musicals, your own tv show, 4 albums, at just 21 years old. You have overcome so much. You are a survivor. You are so beautiful and deserve to feel like so, and be treated like the queen you are. You need to put your sobriety before anything in the world, ever. Those who don’t understand that priority do not matter and those who do matter wouldn’t question it. Be who YOU are, as much as a celebrity can. I don’t know you, perhaps I shouldn’t advise you, but I feel like that needed to be said.
    You have so much support, even from people you don’t know. Reach out if you ever need help, you wouldn’t be denied.

  • BilltownBetty

    Dear Demi, I don’t know you. Please end things with Wilmer. Someone who really loved you would NEVER leave you stranded. What if you got hurt, mugged etc. No one was there. He is abusing you emotionally. People who love you don’t threaten you to get what they want. If he truly loved you, he would put YOU first, not himself , his friends etc. Ask yourself this, if Wilmer is looking out for Joe, who is looking out for you? In my opinion, go to your family’s. Just go. Don’t text him, don’t tell him, don’t leave a note…JUST GO!!!!So what if he breaks up with you? You can’t actually believe that you would be alone forever, that’s crazy. You’d be surrounded by true friends, family. People who would not abandon you at a restaurant. Whatever you have with him, isn’t even an actual relationship….he’s in charge and you just follow, a relationship is 50-50. Wouldn’t it be nice to be 100 percent in charge again? Anyway my thought are with you. Remember that you are pretty, talented, smart, beautiful,nice, honest person.

  • nolamom

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
    Lucky: Joe Jonas

  • august

    Obviously THEY went for your weakness because they aren’t as strong as they led you to believe. So go on twitter like Paris Jackson did and first dump your boyfriend and then
    demand a direct apology from him for his disgusting ways against you.
    And don’t stop there, fire your connection to Joe Jonas and rid of the problem.
    Don’t allow the Jonas to LET YOU take the blame for their son.

  • ccattwood

    TEAM DEMI (POPPY)…please please PLEASE leave Slimbag Wilmer and forget about Joe Jonas (Lucky)..I think he already dug his own grave. Move on, be healthy and happy.

  • mickk9

    Oh come on Demi! Get away from all these bad influences. You’re gorgeous and talented. Being the better person in this situation means walking away from all these people, especially Slimy.

  • redstilettos

    Too easy: Lucky is Joe Jonas.

  • wezwulch

    You know, it’s funny because I was listening to the radio yesterday and they were discussing Joe Jonas’ article as if it were some humble, intelligent move on his part. My first thought was immediately “Well why the hell did he have to bring Demi into this??” After catching up on this story tonight I can’t believe she’s still with these people. I’ve never been a huge fan but she always seemed like a sweet girl. People get caught up in stupid shit sometimes but it seemed like she was trying to move past that. Fuck the loved ones around her for not respecting her personal choice to better herself.

    Demi needs to cut all ties with this seemingly nasty, vile group as soon as possible. It makes me sick to think she’s still putting up with this bullshit.

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Cuntwipearama
    Lucky: J.Jonas

    (I know everyone kind of figured it out by now but it was my first post on here so I felt like I had to! Here’s to future posts!)

  • Revisionist

    “Poppy” really sounds like a high maintence drama queen to me. IMO she luvs the abuse

    • absolutezero

      Just in case she really is reading this, please ignore the above comment. Notice how many people are on your side and want you to leave this toxic relationship and how there is just ONE negative comment.

  • artseediva

    Poor Demi.. this is heartbreaking. Wilmer is such a skeezebag.

  • Gen82

    Poppy:Demi Lovato

    Slimy:Wilmer Valderrama

    Lucky:Joe Jonas

  • HopeFaith

    If she is really reading the comments Poppy for the love of everything good in this world you are constantly telling people, how strong you are how amazing is beign who you are and live the life you choose, is time you take your advices and run away from that, (really run you are going to be healthy, and will enjoy the panorama] that guy doesn’t work on anything and you have a bunch of thing for the 2014 so yay! you :D you are awesome, your fans loves you and you WILL find a nice guy… or lady ;) ;)

  • ninasimone

    If Poppy is really reading this, please do some research on emotional abuse. Emotional abusers are so good at making you feel like you’re the crazy one! It doesn’t have anything to do with your beauty or intelligence. They’re just very good at what they do! It took me a while to realize what my ex-husband was doing to me. But, when I read lightbulbs started going off. I finally left my ex and am now in a relationship with an amazing man and will soon be finishing my J.D. at a top tier law school. Please, Poppy, if you’re reading this, end the relationship and crippling co-dependency with your emotional abuser. Once you refuse to let crappy people into your life (aka draw boundaries), you would be truly amazed at much better your life can be.

  • picklechic

    Lucky is Joe Jonas, but not sure on the other 2…

  • ninasimone

    ^how. Sorry! It’s late and my mind is going numb from studying for finals. :-)

  • mlswift

    God, this makes my heart break for her. Am I the only one who wants to, like, hug her and be her best friend and steer her away? It is really not easy being in a relationship or being in love with an emotional abuser. When I was around Demi’s age, it took me years to get out of that kind of situation. I can only imagine what the added pressure of fame/managers/drugs can do.

  • littlemissdramaqueen

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama (disgusting piece of trash)
    Lucky: Joe Jonas
    Demi, I, too, dealt with a manipulative bastard. He tried being my friend again this year, but all he really wanted was one thing. And I didn’t give it him. Once I took my stance, he left and got with another girl. To think he said he wanted to be with me, but he just couldn’t go through with it and left me hanging. He told me to dump my bf for him and that was a mistake. He wanted things from me and I wasn’t thinking what I was doing when I did some things for him I’m not proud of. But then, I surrounded myself with new and old friends and a counselor. I highly suggest you seek a counselor/therapist. It really helps!

  • ladyintheradiatorx

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
    Lucky: Joe Jonas

    Wilmer Valderrama is just a terrible person… get away from him Demi!

  • kittypryde777

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valdarrama
    Lucky: Joe Jonas

    Poppy is worth SO much more than this!! Sadly though, it is something she needs to discover on her own. Might have to hit rockbottom before building up enough courage & confidence to leave. I was in a similar toxic situation, despite lots of people telling me to leave, I didn’t do it ultimately til it hit me hard one day that he was no good for me. She will realize it, too, but I hope he doesn’t drag her down too much by then.

    If Poppy is reading this, I hope it will help build her resolve to leave. The party gets old after awhile & the pain is not worth it.

  • TheEnglishTexan

    Demi, please please please believe in yourself enough to realize that you need neither Wilmer nor Joe in your life. From the sounds of it, all they’re doing is making you completely miserable and dragging your name through the mud. You’re beautiful and an amazing singer and everyone I know who has ever met you has had nothing but good things to say about you. There are people who are completely on your side. Live by the words that you preach to your fans. Stay strong. We believe in you and you can and will get past this torment. You just need the courage and determination to rid the negative influences from your life, no matter how difficult it might be.

  • tiger09

    Demi- Poppy, you are way too good to be associated with Slimy Wimer V. He is known for being freaking Fez for heaven’s sake! You are talented and seem pretty cool. Get away from these toxic influences and rise like a Phoenix. They are trash.

  • ikewad

    If I cared about any on these people I would try to identify them. To me it just exposes just how heartless the Disney culture is.

  • southerngal15

    Demi- leave him. He’s not attractive and a total loser. He’s so 1995 anyway. No one cares about whAt he says or does.

  • lovelylovely

    Poppy: Demi
    Slimy: Wilmer
    Lucky: joe Jonas

    Demi… get out of the relationship. Get as far away from him as possible. You need to take some time to get better, and surround yourself with people who love you the most and want what’s best for you. Positive people, positive advice = positive you. Please don’t continue to put yourself through the madness and the heartbreak youve been dealing with.

  • TulipInBloom

    Oh, honey, you are so so so so much better than these people around you. Your fan base will love you even if this a**hole came out and said a million sh**ty things about you! You need to get back to rehab so you can persevere. You are so much better than them. Stay strong, D!

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama (what a POS!)
    Lucky: Joe Jones (Seriously, dude? Get over yourself!)

  • bec215

    Poppy, I was 36 before I met my husband. I spent so many nights sad that I couldn’t find a great guy….then, I got sick of waiting. I started volunteering with an organization that helps poor women get back on their feet, and seeing their stories both inspired me and gave me strength that there is so much more to life then a man. Use your voice to get involved with a charity that helps girls get out of sexual slavery, or helps girls in developing countries go to school…. Find your inner voice, and make it as strong as your outer voice. When my husband was my boyfriend, I was very ill. He stayed by my side in the hospital, and would not leave me alone. When my friend’s clhronic depression returned, her boyfriend – now husband – told her that she had a brain illness, and he would not leave her, just the same if it were cancer or a body illness. They have been married 8 years, and she still struggles with depression, and he still is by her side 100%. See a pattern? Good guys, they SUPPORT you when times are tough. They LOVE you unconditionally. They CARE FOR YOU and make you feel safe. If your guy is not doing these thing 100% of the time, every day of every month of every year, no exceptions, you need to walk away. Learn to be alone with yourself, and to fill your heart and mind with positive things like helping others, and you will not need to put up with a man who hurts you just to not feel alone. Until you like yourself you can’t expect a partner to love you for who you are. When you feel weak, remind yourself that real men don’t make you sad. Real men don’t make you feel stupid. Real men do not bully you into doing what they want. Real men support your dreams. Real men support your recovery. Real men want you to shine, and are proud of you for it. Leave this man-child bully boy, and devote yourself to something rather than someone, and love will come in it’s own time. Dress For Success, the Gramin fund, Heiffer International, and many other wonderful organizations need women like you…. All you have to do is reach out.

  • kelly g

    Demi: Wow, you must really hate yourself to stay in such an abusive relationship. I’m guessing that some guy hurt you very early on in life (your dad?) and that’s why you are allowing yourself to be abused by Wilmer. You can’t think of anything worse then being unloved and abandoned, so instead of being with somebody who won’t do that, you pick someone who is abusive because its the devil you know! GO TO THERAPY! Work out your issues. GO TO MEETINGS! Get back on the sobriety track. Good luck.

  • lookatmema


    I know you were once in rehab for certain addictions, and I applaud you for TRYING to curb these addictions, but don’t you see you’re addicted to WILMER? Addictions do not only come in powder or liquid form, addiction comes in any shape and size. I was once addicted to my ex boyfriend, he treated me horribly, but I kept coming back. He would leave me hanging for months on end, and come back. It was a nightmare. He left me addicted to sleeping pills so I could sleep, he would take my money, he forced me to do things I can’t even talk about and was cheating on me. So one day, my friend sat me down and told me I was addicted, didn’t want to believe it, but I listened to her. Breaking it off with him and ignoring all his calls/texts/emails/etc was hard. It was the hardest for the 2 months, and was occasionally hard for the 5-6 months following. I still hate hearing his name, but I’m totally fine now. I am doing so much better. You can too. If you’re scared of losing your rep, you won’t. Out Joe. He and his father deserve it. So does Wilmer and Blanda. You do not need to take this abuse from these people. Compared to Wilmer, Blanda and Joe, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE with a MEGA HUGE fanbase, a successful music career, a position as an X FACTOR JUDGE. CMON!! Who the f is Blanda? No one knows her. Joe? He’s a boyband hasbeen with an ugly face. Wilmer? HAH! I can’t even remember the last time I saw him on TV, and truth be told, he looks so disgusting and ugly. You’re DEMI LOVATO. Everyone knows you. Your fans look up to you. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR WEIGHT, OR YOUR CLOTHES, OR YOUR FACE. You’re beautiful! and successful! Is there a way for you to get a new publicist and manager? If I lived in Hollywood, I’d kill to be your manager or publicist. DUMP THESE PEOPLE. Please. Even if you don’t read this, I do hope you get the help you need and get rid of these toxic losers. Remember: Demi Lovato > Joe Jonas+ Blanda whatever + Wilmer

    • lookatmema

      oh, and let me repeat myself. YOU are DEMI LOVATO. Everyone knows you. EVERYONE. Besides Xfactor, you are a wonderful singer. I’m not the hugest fan of anyone, but even I have purchased your songs on itunes. I have heard your music on the radio like a million times, so many times. You have ovr 20 million twitter followers, Joe only has 6 million, Wilmer has 400+ thousand? Blanda? Gosh. I didn’t even bother looking at hers. YOU are so much more powerful than them, DO NOT BUCKLE. DO NOT. Demi, even HARRY STYLES FOLLOWS YOU. Harry freaking styles. A million 14 year old girls want to be you. YOU DO NOT NEED WILMER. Can someone make sure demi knows how much more talented she is compared to the idiots bringing her down? I know these are 2 long posts, I barely comment, but I am so pissed off at how Wilmer can bring down someone as amazing and talented and beautiful as Demi. I just don’t get it

  • 3snaps

    Who is giving out ALL these details? Is this chick’s phone tapped or what? Anyway, I will say yet again I do not get the draw to Wilmer (didn’t get it even way back when young, sweet Mandy Moore dated him). Demi, you are beautiful, talented, and smart. You have a career, money, fans, fame…you have more than so many people. You could date just about anybody you wanted probably. So, why? Why? Why? Take the advice you yourself would give any girl you know, get the H out of this and find someone who deserves you.

    • Cranny

      It’s could be someone in their inner circle seeing all this and hating the way is playing out and decide to expose the slimy character shenanigans. It’s someone that is invisible, that they don’t see.

  • wonderstrucker009

    Break up with him!!!!!!!
    You talk about being strong…
    it’s all talk for your fans…
    Take the words you say for them

    Break up with him!!!!!!!

  • kcphilly


    Please please girl look out for yourself. Being in a bad relationship is like being single with a dead horse on your back. And that’s not even counting emotional and mental abuse. Break this cycle! It will feel hard now but in a year from now if you free yourself from these negative people you will look back and realize how much better off you are.

  • Madi-Emma

    I love Demi. I can see how hard she tries, even if her ‘image’ has to stay cleaner than what she is actually going through. So many of them are in complete denial, she at least is trying. From a woman who used to always choose the bad boys: leave him. They’re never worth it and they’ll steal your worth. There are more around waiting around the corner who will help you grow. Wait for them. xxx

  • coda


    this is possibly one of the saddest stories i’ve ever read. i’ve been extremely fortunate to meet you a few times, and you’ve been absolutely wonderful each time. you were eloquent, beautiful, and most importantly, genuine and kind. it breaks my heart to hear about anyone being treated the way that this cowardly and despicable boy is treating you. i’ve grown up with your music (as our age difference is only a couple of months) and have found inspiration through your talent, ambition, and drive to overcome any obstacle that has presented itself to you–just think of this spineless, poor excuse for a man as another hurdle to conquer. you deserve so much better, and us fans will always support you no matter what you do, especially in any effort to better yourself. i hope that some day soon you can learn to love yourself as much as we love you.

    p.s. – congrats on being #1 on the ny times’ best sellers list this week. another well-deserved achievement for you. :)


  • Cranny

    Poor girl, and what fine standards she is setting for her younger sister. :(

  • twinklefairy12

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderamma
    Lucky: Joe Jonas

    So obvious– poor Demi.

  • misstilley

    Demi Lovato

    Fez (Wilmer)

    Joe Jonas

    she needs to move on and heal…

  • marr

    Poppy, if ANY of this is true, you MUST break up with him! And please, please don’t look back!!! You can do SO much better.

  • Shawny2222

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama
    Lucky: Joe Jonas
    Manager/publicist: Joe Jona’s father

  • Elisa

    Poppy, who I assume is Demi, really needs to open her eyes and realize she is much better off without that assh*le of a boyfriend she has. She deserves respect and deserves way better than that worthless piece of trash. This isn’t “love” and never will be.

  • PrettyInPink84

    Demi, sweetheart, I am a couple years older than you and have dated some pretty shady guys back in the day, so I have been here. After I had had enough, I stopped dating for a few years. Four now to be exact. I got to know myself all over again, and now I’m a lot stronger. It’s me and my kids, ready to take on the world! This blind is right when they say you have the potential to be a very happy and very healthy person. You don’t need nobody scumbags like this in your life. All that they’re doing is breaking you down more and more. A good, loving, DESERVING man will come when the time is right, but for now, do like I did and just concentrate on YOU. YOU DESERVE A HELL OF A LOT BETTER THAN THIS. Men like this say they will change, but honey they don’t. Don’t waste your time nor your tears on a POS that isn’t worth it. If you want to follow me on twitter and direct message me, get Ace to send me an email to my listed email address. I will be there for you to talk to. You could use some positive girlfriends, because women should always empower each other and stand together against this type of treatment.

  • rk13

    Wow… I don’t even know what to say. Wilmer is a LOSER.

    Demi: get rid of him! He is a total douche bag.

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