The Worst Boyfriend – Part 2

buffalo wings[Blind Gossip] The second thing that we really despise about Slimy the Actor is how critical he is of Poppy the Singer.

While she tries to project confidence on the outside, Poppy actually lives in a chronic state of insecurity and anxiety about how she looks. And while Slimy did not create the problem, he keeps it alive and well through his unrelenting criticism of her.

Slimy constantly and relentlessly mocks Poppy’s hair, her clothes, her makeup, and her weight. Especially her weight. Poppy has had body issues in the past, and Slimy just loves to torture her about it.

Slimy doles out ten criticisms for every one compliment he gives her. Of course, that one compliment is always public so people will think that he is a nice guy. Poppy practically lives for that one compliment, and is so grateful when it comes, that she forgives him for all the nasty remarks.

A few weeks ago, Slimy and Poppy went out to a chicken wings restaurant in LA. Slimy spent a good portion of the meal telling her that he was embarrassed to even be seen with her because she didn’t know how to dress, hair looked ridiculous, and that she shouldn’t even be eating because she was too fat. She started crying… and he walked out.

Slimy took the car and left Poppy at the restaurant with nothing but her cell phone. He knew that she had no money or credit cards with her, and no way to pay for a cab. So she stood on the sidewalk, calling friends and friends of friends, crying about how mean Slimy had been to her, and begging people to come pick her up and drive her home.



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