The Worst Boyfriend – Part 2

buffalo wings[Blind Gossip] The second thing that we really despise about Slimy the Actor is how critical he is of Poppy the Singer.

While she tries to project confidence on the outside, Poppy actually lives in a chronic state of insecurity and anxiety about how she looks. And while Slimy did not create the problem, he keeps it alive and well through his unrelenting criticism of her.

Slimy constantly and relentlessly mocks Poppy’s hair, her clothes, her makeup, and her weight. Especially her weight. Poppy has had body issues in the past, and Slimy just loves to torture her about it.

Slimy doles out ten criticisms for every one compliment he gives her. Of course, that one compliment is always public so people will think that he is a nice guy. Poppy practically lives for that one compliment, and is so grateful when it comes, that she forgives him for all the nasty remarks.

A few weeks ago, Slimy and Poppy went out to a chicken wings restaurant in LA. Slimy spent a good portion of the meal telling her that he was embarrassed to even be seen with her because she didn’t know how to dress, hair looked ridiculous, and that she shouldn’t even be eating because she was too fat. She started crying… and he walked out.

Slimy took the car and left Poppy at the restaurant with nothing but her cell phone. He knew that she had no money or credit cards with her, and no way to pay for a cab. So she stood on the sidewalk, calling friends and friends of friends, crying about how mean Slimy had been to her, and begging people to come pick her up and drive her home.



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  1. jersey6332 says

    Dear Demi,
    I know you read blind gossip. Ace told us in a previous post so I need to tell you some stuff. I need you to know that he’s not worth it. If someone makes you feel like that, you can tell him to go clearly f himself. Don’t you see you’re in a toxic relationship? Open your eyes. Really step back and analyze the situation. Being with him has more cons than pros so why are you putting yourself through this? He’s making you think you’re not good enough when you are. Break it off. Why do you stick with him anyways? He makes you feel special? Well obviously not. He made you cry! I hate jerks like him! He’s not that amazing himself so why does he have the right to criticize you? You’re young, popular and talented. You have such a bright future ahead of you. Maybe it’s just not the right time for a relationship now. Focus on your career and find love later. I know Hollywood is fake and it’s hard to find guys but you don’t need to put up with this. Seriously. No one deserves this. I hope you can break up with him soon. Stay Strong, Dem. You always tell your fans to be strong but I think it’s their turn to tell you.

    a fan

    • kellyinchains says

      I one MILLION PERCENT AGREE. ABUSERS are the WORST, and I KNOW, I LIVE with one. Honey, don’t end up like ME. Broken and abandoned because you made the mistake of being with THE WRONG “man”. You don’t wanna end up OLD, ALONE like ME, and so DAMAGED that you can’t even function in a “normal” way anymore.

    • HermioneG says

      THIS x infinity!

      Demi, you’re too good for that sh*t. How someone like him even managed to get a girl like you is beyond me, you’re way out of his league and you need to realize that.

      Also, you need to find someone who’s worth it (come on now, find a nice girl for a change and give him the middle finger publicly haha ^^) instead of wasting your youth, time and love on someone who clearly will never respect anyone, ever.

      You’re gorgeous, btw.

    • Bromance1979 says

      The reason he treats you horribly is because you’re the talented, successful, beautiful one in the relationship and being, essentially, a failed actor (what has he really done since That 70’s Show?!?), he wants to berate you and make you feel as little as he does. He can’t stand that you’re better than him in every way possible.

      All of your issues are because of him and ending things will improve your life. Why do you turn to drugs? Because of him. Why is your self-esteem so low? HIM! He does nothing for you, but bring you down.

      You are beautiful, inside and out, talented, and there is someone out there for you who will worship you. Wilmer isn’t it. Please get rid of him. His a disgusting human being and doesn’t deserve you, or anyone for that matter.

  2. ShockingDayGlo says

    Poppy: Demi Lovato

    Slimy: that disgusting little puke Wilmer Valderrama

    Girl, I like you, but you gotta get away & stay away from that slime bucket.

  3. Katska says

    I think everyone is sure by now that Slimy is Wilmer and Poppy is Demi. Poor kid. I hope she finds the strength to ditch him. What a total controlling douche.

  4. Iva says

    poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
    As a huge fan of Demi, I am so sad to read this. Wilmer isn’t good, I always knew it. I hope she finds the courage and leaves him. he doesn’t deserve her. She doesn’t deserve to be discriminated, she is a lovely girl.
    Stay Strong Demi

  5. AliekaZola says

    Someone needs to punch Mr. Valderama in the face, like ASAP. Demi needs to go all Bernadine Harris on this piece of s***

  6. Zola says

    Poppy is most likely Demi Lovato and thinking Slimy is Wilmer Valderama although I think the only acting like a douche is the only acting he does.

  7. arielade says

    Poppy: Demi Lovato

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderamma

    That is horrible. I had a boyfriend that treated me like that. He also beat the snot out of me behind closed doors. It wouldn’t surprise me if Demi is being physically abused as well.. Poor girl, get out honey. You are gorgeous and talented and do not need that crap.

  8. daisy12 says

    I still haven’t figured out who these people are, but this guy is making me so angry!! Horrible.

  9. LC_Says says

    This is so sad! Poppy is Demi and Slimy is Wilmer Valderrama. Poor girl needs to kick him to the curb, no one deserves to be treated that way.

  10. LeahLynn28 says

    This guy is a nasty bully and evil…he doesn’t love her,or he would treat her better.And she’s dumb for not breaking up with him.The worst part of this story is that she doesn’t leave him…her self-steem must be very low.I don’t know if i feel for her or if i get angry with her,she knows who he really is and how he treats her,but she never left him.Go figure…
    Btw,i have no idea who they are,nor if i want to know who they are.

  11. Cranny says

    Of course,
    Poppy- Demi Lovato
    Slimy: predator Wilmer Valderrma

    There is something wrong with him, he can’t have relationships with experience women. He has to have inexperience girls who don’t know any better.

  12. kcphilly says

    Poppy: Demi Lovato…has a history of eating disorders.

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama…has a history of being scum.

  13. easter says

    I want to say John Mayer & Katey Perry but somehow I just can’t see them at a Hooters eating chicken wings (which sound delicious right now, btw!)

  14. PandoraWolf says

    I smell Wilmer Valderas**hole in this blind.

    I saw today that Demi “didn’t want to be known as the Disney kid who went to rehab.” Isn’t that preferable than “the sad, stupid girl who hung on to a sleazy do*chebag who PROBABLY had a lot to do with driving that same addiction”? I think so.

  15. twinklefairy12 says

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderamma

    They went to Buffalo Wild Wings at the beginning of October

  16. Redlanta says

    So Demi Lavoto needs to dump Wilmer(sp?) ass and then write a book on how to get rid of dead weight boyfriends and finally be free. She seems to enjoy writing.. and others could learn-once she does!!

  17. BilltownBetty says

    Poppy: Demi Lovato

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderamma

    Clues Poppy…used to make heroin, and Demi has a heroin sticker on her phone. Demi is known for having issues about her weight.

  18. Ana-nj says

    Now I feel bad for the girl. I’m not her fan but he’s a piece of sh!t. You don’t do that to nobody. Especially when she’s insecure with her own body. I was skinny once 100 lbs to be exactly an I got fat after my babies. My husband miss how skinny I was. And I know I need to lose some weight ok i mean at lot but I don’t hear my husband saying you need to lose weight, or you look like a cow. Instead he told me he loves me how I look but he would like me to lose some weight. I can’t believe she’s putting with his crap.

    Poppy: Demi Lovato

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

  19. yourPRisajoke says

    Is Demi Lovato back with Wilmer Valderrama? Some of the hints about Poppy made me think of Demi.

    Whether or not it is them, there is a special circle in hell for someone who mocks the weight of someone who has struggled with an eating disorder.

  20. blessedjess226 says

    Poor Demi; Wilmer is such a loser and you shouldn’t have to put up with any of it because you deserve soooo much better.

  21. wildchildbrightchild says

    demi lovato and wilmer valdereramawhatever
    it’s such a shame cause she’s really pretty and has a killer voice and can actually write. she’s actually helping raise awareness of problems so many people go through. hope she loses him and finds someone worth her time.

  22. DesertGhost says

    Demi and Wilmer. This guy is such a loser. He must also be mooching off her because with his “career” I can’t understand how he can even afford to pay rent, let alone pay for chicken wings.

  23. Loves the Latin Boys says

    Same as earlier, Poppy is Demi, Slimy is Wilmer. I’m probably in the minority here but I do think Wilmer is a hottie. I do hope that he’s monstrously hung otherwise I’m not sure why she would put up with this…must be the low self-esteem.

  24. Visha says

    Demi Lovato and Wilma Valderama (or whatever his surname is) Her hair is blue and he is a vile creature.

  25. sherlock says

    Methinks poppy needs a psychiatrist,what the hell is it with this girl?what hold does he have on her?

  26. ChloeOdelette says

    Dear Universe,
    Is is so sad that someone like Paul Walker had to leave this earth far too soon when he was a great friend to so many, a charitable man, a father of a 15 year old girl, and such a mentor to the people of this world on how to life your life with fame and class. But, you allow trash like Wilmer Valderrama to continue to walk this earth spewing his vile words towards Demi Lavato (and other fellow humans) , and he contributes nothing to this world. I’m sure you have your reasons, Universe – but it doesn’t make sense.
    Wilmer, karma will take care of you. Demi, you are more beautiful than you think, you are deserving of love that doesn’t hurt, and you have the courage and confidence deep inside you to walk away from Wilmer. Walk away. Walk away. Walk away.
    Big internet hugs to you.

  27. Revisionist says

    lol… yeah like “Poopy” doesn’t have some flunky that could come pick her up or simply pay for the cab when she got home. Sounds to me like “Poppy” just likes to play the victim and the attention that comes with it

  28. LooLoo says

    I really do not understand what is wrong with young girls these days. My cousin is in her mid-20s, and she puts up with the same kind of crap. I guess there have always been sad girls who think they deserve this kind of drama and abuse, but it seems like there are more and more of them nowadays. To any girls this age, here are a few warning signs that should tell you to run like hell:

    1. He likes much younger girls. Yes, this is a warning sign. If he isn’t impressive to girls his own age, he will go younger and younger until he is. It is a sign of immaturity and predatory behavior.

    2. He insults you. A very occasional bit of constructive criticism is one thing, but constant insults mean just one thing- he doesn’t like you. Any other thought that you have about this is wrong.

    3. He attempts to control you. A man who loves you won’t want to control you. Stop telling yourself that it’s just because he loves you. It isn’t. It’s because he’s abusive.

    • NYCAccountant says

      “…He likes much younger girls. Yes, this is a warning sign. If he isn’t impressive to girls his own age, he will go younger and younger until he is. It is a sign of immaturity and predatory behavior.”

      ^THIS. 1000%.

  29. malkatz says

    This is obviously Demi, but why were there multiple Britney song titles in the original blind?

  30. Totally_Sam says

    Poppy: The one and only fabulous, beautiful, perfect, angelic Demi Lovato

    Slimy: a douche bag(Wilmer Valderamma)

    why does she stay with the “man”