NBA Player is Knocking Up Everybody

cheetah girls[Hollywood Street King] He’s known as a regular at his teammates’ sw*nger parties. Just ask Dwayne Wade.

This NBA All-Star played a role in the reason why his anchor woman was chased out of her Ohio hometown. Know why? Because he’s the father of news woman Sharon Reed’s love child!

Reed’s not the only random who he’s knocked up. We’re told he also got a Cheetah Girl preggers, after Jigga introduced the pair. Sources say she later aborted the pregnancy. Just ask Adrienne Bailon.

Dude gets around! Sources say he even smashed Beyonce’s cousin, Angie.

He may have said “I do” to his longtime girlfriend, in September — but we’re told just days before his San Diego wedding [which his Latina side chick tried to crash] dude was gettin’ his mack on in Toronto, during the city’s Caribana festival. Don’t believe me… Ask AJ.

Rapper Lambo is said to be giving it to his moms… all to get close to our blind item subject.

NBA Player:

His Team:

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    • akajenb says

      Not a shocking at all, they all cheat. Everyone knows LEbron family image is fake, and he has some kids hidden

  1. Nini says

    NBA Player: LeBron James

    His Team: Miami Heat

    Married in Sept. “Groupie” Carmen Ortega tried to crash the wedding, ….

  2. Bromance1979 says

    LeBron James

    Miami Heat

    Rumoured to have fathered Sharon Reed’s baby, got married in September, rumoured to be hooking up with Adrienne Bailon.

    • akajenb says

      SAvannah, probably knows his dirty deeds, instead of leaving him and make something of herself she decide to settle into that lifestyle. ‘Not sorry for her at all.

  3. wakeupcall says


    Miami Heat

    Old team Cleveland. Knocked up Ohio news anchor. Teammate is Dwayne Wade.

  4. studdabubba says

    He’s been messing around on Savannah since Day One. He wanted her to stay in Akron and raise their boys here, so he would be free to play in Miami – and I don’t mean on the court. She’s well aware of his cheating, but believe it or not, she really loves him, and wants to keep their family together. She pretends like it’s not happening, and as long as he’s discreet, she doesn’t confront him.

  5. Lisha says

    King James you are NASTY! These Miami Heat players are no damn good: D. Wade, Bosh, they’re all sleeping around ewww! I wonder if Adrienne was smashing Lebron while she was with Rob Kardashian? Savannah wth are you thinking?! You’re a mama and you are ok with this man playing around with your life like that, going raw up in groupies and jumpoffs? Smh

  6. smallbite says

    I agree that this is Lebron James. He needs a class in the responsibilities of safe sex. Superman Dwight Howard impregnates women here and yonder too. smh

  7. suzabelle1 says

    None other than the subject of the book, “The Whore of Akron: One Man’s Search for the Soul of LeBron James”.

  8. ClosetOrganizer says

    LeBron James and the Miami Heat. [Although Sharon Reed has actually denied that LeBron was the father–though she could just be trying to distance herself from the guy.]