Denied At The Country Club

caddyshack[Reality Tea] Oh, to be a delusional reality TV star! What a blissfully ignorant state some of them live in!

Our latest blind item is about a very broke reality TV couple who, despite their perilous situation, are dying to gain membership at the local country club.

The couple has been calling the club nonstop for almost a year now. Rumor has it the other members do NOT want them or their drama anywhere near their families and friends. The club costs $8-10K to join, plus monthly dues!

A worker at the country club shares, “They are calling daily to find out where they are on the list, but no one wants them there!!!”

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    • PandoraWolf says

      An article in the Daily Mail says that they can only afford to eat “home cooked meals and off the lunch trucks.” THIS IS LOS ANGELES!!!! A few weeks ago I had a gourmet grilled cheese at Venice Beach with creamed brie, bacon, caramelized onion marmalade, and candied pecans. If you can eat off a truck HERE, you’re not doing too badly!

      Speidi at least seems to be ‘accepting’ being ‘broke’. The Giudice’s, however, are REVELLING in their denial of their perilous situation. I’d go with them first.

      • LeahLynn28 says

        What happened to the millios they won after winning that England’s reality show?Are they broke already?

      • Bromance1979 says

        I think you’re right about that. Speidi admit they’re broke (although they still want attention and will tell everyone about it in a tabloid) while the Guidices are still buying furs for Teresa and $500 tutus for their daughters, refusing to admit they’re broke. I could see them trying to get into a very pricey country club just to prove they’ve got money. Isn’t that all that matters? To give the illusion of wealth, even if the creditors are trying to break down your door and auction off everything you own?

      • ThinkerBelle says

        Food trucks are expensive! High end and expensive. I read that and said, Damn, they’re doing well to eat off food trucks. Delusional idiots.

      • ethel skinner says

        @LeahLynn28 – it was Big Brother, which I don’t think has any prize money, and they didn’t win it! England was baffled by them I think

  1. KWDragon says

    Could this be Speidi? It seems like they are looking to make a comeback now that they ditched her gigantic implants, although I see them more as members of a gun club than a golf club, due to their penchant for firearms.

  2. PapillonLover says

    Caddyshack was filmed in Florida…..Soooooo I say it’s one of the Fake Housewifes of Miami.
    That’s all I got…:))

  3. yourPRisajoke says

    My guess is Joe and Teresa Guidice from RHoNJ. They certainly fit the “perilous situation” description, and there’s no doubt that Teresa is delusional, and blissfully ignorant.

  4. dontpanik says

    At first I want to say it’s Tori and Dean, but she is far better known as an actress has been with Spelling blood than a reality TV star. Outside of that, I am going to guess one of the Real Housewives of Who Gives a Shit.

  5. gumshoe says

    I’m thinking this to be Speidi. They were the first delusional reality couple that came to mind. But, there are many to choose from.

  6. lovelylovely says

    I’m probably going to be wrong, but my guess is Tori and Dean. They were the first that came to mind.

  7. Syd Wishes says

    That’s a pittance for a good CC. Gotta be a nouveau riche CC. Maybe it’s in the OC, though I doubt it. Maybe Atlanta or Miami/FtLauderdale, but nowhere near Palm Beach.

  8. auntmidgee says

    $8-$10K isn’t that big of a joining fee in the country club world. Not that I’m going to pay that anytime soon. A truly exclusive club will start around $100K – $250K to join in. In my area (mid-atlantic), there are clubs where the buy-in is in this range and then, this is the kicker, the monthly dues are actually calculated at the end of year. After all of the expenses are tallied, they divide them by the number of club members and send them a bill at the end of the year!

    • rhchapin says

      The amount to join country clubs here is Florida also start at $100K so it can’t be someone from RHOM.

  9. Lisha says

    Definitely Tre and Juicy. At first I thought of the White House gate crashers, the Salahis, but they’re divorced already.

  10. Fortuna88 says

    RHOC. Sounds like Alexis Bellini & her rude husband. They put on airs & fit the “delusional/ignorant” description perfectly. He seems like a scheemer & the fake jewels + constantly having new cars (leased?) support the idea they really, really, really want to be seen as rich and classy when they’re just trying too hard. Both of them would be working other members to get into their unspecified “entrepreneurial endeavors,” and no club wants such blatant climbers harassing the regulars.

  11. SuzNYC says

    I am thinking Joe & Melissa Gorga. There is a Northern New Jersey CC that all the cast mates were banned from I thought but I think it was before they joined the cast.