1. ShockingDayGlo says

    TV Star Hayden Panettiere

    TV Show: Nashville

    although the picture up top looks like the chick from the Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apartment 23

      • xoxostelabaltic says

        Yes she has. She’s done lots of projects as a young adult, and is now 24 years old and on “Nashville”.

  2. LeahLynn28 says

    Hooker?Looks like her past will be back to haunt her if this blind gets solved one day…
    And it looks like she seems to have a “clean” reputation,or the truth wouldn’t shock her friends.
    TV star:I don’t know.
    Her TV show:I don’t know too.

    • terry123 says

      Yes, I think so too.
      Especially since The People is a British mag and Mischa is a Brit too.

      • ValleyOfTheGalls says

        Mischa Barton was born in London. Although she moved to NY at an early age, she didn’t become a US citizen util 2006. She now holds dual citizenship. I doubt this is about her. She’s had a successful acting career (successful enough to keep her from prostitution), since childhood.

  3. sherlock says

    I think this is Nicole Sherzinger from the X-factor.I have heard rumours that The Pussy Cat Dolls was just a front for a high class hooker ring that travelled the world servicing rich clients.Nicole was the leader.They broke up in the end because too many people knew and was getting too risky.

  4. KittiePunk says

    Simon Cowell he had a sex change after being signed to Pop Idol.

    Highgella Lawson she paid for her drug habit by cooking for Hugh Grant.

  5. whowassheilahgraham says

    This is a British magazine, so I’m going guess it’s someone from Fresh Meat.

    • DesertGhost says

      Well she was one of Heidi Fleiss’ girls and that is how Charlie met her but I think this might be Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead.

    • luvprue1 says

      Well I thought it was public knowledge that Denise Richard was one of Heidi Fleiss’s girl.

      • Buttery says

        Wrong. From a Piers Morgan interview:

        When asked about the most hurtful rumor she’s ever fallen victim to, Richards responded, “This isn’t that hurtful but it’s weird — I used to be a hooker. I used to be a Heidi Fleiss girl.”

        “If anyone would know it would be Charlie,” she added in a light-hearted jab at her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen. “Honest to God. And he will say, ‘She was not, I would know.’”

        “I’ve never been a hooker,” she clarified.

    • marykatez says

      Denise Richards started out as a model. She was the Bonne Bell girl. I adored her from the pages of Seventeen Magazine.

    • ginnynotjenny says

      Hayden P has been in movies since she was YOUNG. She would never need the cash to be a hooker.

  6. Katmandu says

    I’ve always heard that’s how Joan Rivers got her start…OK…this rumour has been around since the days of Thomas Edison, and it’s pretty vague…Denise Richards?

  7. picklechic says

    Since it’s British, it would be interesting if it was someone from Downton Abbey. Just not Maggie Smith. LOL

    • JenJenJen says

      There was a drama called Cold Feet (with Helen Baxendale who doubled up as Emily in Friends as well – interesting??) and Coupling

    • combatbaby says

      “coupling” is the funnier, more risque UK version of friends. Only 3 women — Gina Bellman hasn’t done anything since “Leverage.” The other two haven’t done much recently..

  8. Whatzmyname says

    At least she got paid. Majority of Hollywood do it for free just to get a small role somewhere.

    • whowassheilahgraham says

      Lol. I guess that means hookers have a better business model. They know they’re getting paid.

  9. JenJenJen says

    I mentioned it above but just twigged something else about Helen Baxendale. Alongside Friends, she was in a drama called “An Unsuitable Job For A Woman” which was based on a PD James novel.

  10. cyberchick says

    I don’t know but remember reading in the 90s that five of the top A-list actresses then were originally escorts, and I’m pretty sure Demi Moore was supposed to be one of them, but she’s not the one in this blind.

    • foraccts says

      Did you ever see the Demi bush Picts? I think it was in late 70’s someone brought the mag to work. That thing was a forest

  11. missmissy says

    I think the Friends is the real clue here. I wouldnt call Jennifer Aniston a TV star – maybe Courtney Cox.

    But the first thing that came to my mind was Fox and Friends (with the “friends” being the audience). I am not sure they are tv “stars” but Elizabeth Hasslebeck or Gretchen Carlson would work if this is the case.

  12. cyberchick says

    Is the pic a clue as to the um, level of prostitution ie soliciting to men in cars vs high class escorts, or is it an appearance clue? If it’s the latter I’d guess Sofia Vergara from the cartoon body shape and hair.

    • Lisha says

      Hasn’t Sofia gone back to blonde (her natural hair color)? My guess is Keira Knightly, since we’re going with a Brit.

  13. rinkydink says

    I’m just throwing this out there – Heather Locklear and the show T.J. Hooker. It would be a heck of a double entendre, as well.

  14. Lisha says

    Wait, I totally didn’t pay attention to the “TV star” line! Brain fart! Ok I’m going with Courteney Cox for lack of any better guess.