This Lion is Not a King

lion king[Fashion Pulis] Everyone knows just how ambitious Talented Actor TA is, a very passionate person when it comes to matters closest to his heart.

A real gentleman as far as his fans are concerned, TA takes the extra effort to make his fans feel appreciated. Apart from that, whether it was a personal choice or TA’s management decision, his team up with Big Star BS more than raised the public’s awareness of him.

To be fair, for all that were negatively said about them, both TA and BS seem to gel with each other. Through the years, BS made TA feel special in more ways than he can imagine. On the other hand, TA knows how to return a good gesture – he was there in the most trying times of BS life. Needless to say, their special relationship bloomed on its own.

The public saw BS and TA defending each other from critics and bashers alike. Their team has gathered many fans worldwide whose support is unmistakably overwhelming–certainly nothing short of amazing. Inspite of rumors of TA’s questionable preference, BS’ standing by him is an affirmation that they are not likely to be broken apart.

Yet, the persistent and stubborn critics are not about to disappear in oblivion. Certainly, they will always have a way of knowing fact from fiction.

In one network event, BS and TA were seated beside each other, together with another Popular Loveteam PL. As the event was in progress, for some reason, BS fell off her chair. TA who was with her, was quick to rescue BS’ bag – but NOT her! BS was both embarrassed and shocked, to think that PL who was just a few glances away reportedly saw all that happened.

The doubters are saying that TA nailed himself on this one. Allegedly, it affirms that any action done by force of habit cannot be forced – the reason why TA instinctively did what he did. Hear! Hear!

Actor TA:

Big Star BS:

Popular PL:

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