Playful Celebrity and Talented Singer

couple breaking up 13[Fashion Pulis] In the beginning, many thought that the relationship between Playful Celebrity PC and Talented Singer TS was one for keeps.

Their friends in and out of showbiz witnessed how almost perfect the couple’s commitment was. PC and TS looked good together, with PC getting some good points for being the ultimate gentleman.

Through the years, the relationship withstood the test of time, though it required supreme sacrifices for PC. In today’s generation, such an arrangement is almost nil. It can only take a lot of commitment for the man to make it work – especially for the likes of PC. But as some observers would claim – miracles do happen. Sure it did, but not for long.

And before cynics could even begin to say their piece, PC and TS soon headed to splitsville.

Their fans/followers did not see it coming, of course. But after the break-up sank in in the everyone’s consciousness, PC and allies were quick to the draw denying the existence of a 3rd party. But not long after, photos of PC with alleged Third Party TP in their many out-of-town sightings together soon became hot copies.

After all was said, seen and done, the rumor allegedly became the irreversible truth – that PC and TP are indeed a couple. Talks have it that PC’s weakness found solace in TP’s gullibility and adventurism. Their friendship soon developed into something else. Before long, everything just came into play.

Reportedly, TP’s wild side became the unwitting solution to PC’s yearning. Every chance they got, her antics during those private moments with PC blew his mind away – in great, lustful proportions. Times like this happening so often took its toll on TS and PC’s relationship. Certainly, one cannot love two people at the same time, with same intensity, for the same reason.

In this case, earthly desires overpowered whatever sound reason there was.

“Is there anything better than to be longing for something, when you know it is within reach? ” ~ Greta Garbo

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