News Anchor Berates CNN Reporter in Blind Item

korina sanchez[] Philippine broadcaster ABS-CBN is known for its network war with another local broadcasting company, GMA, that the two stations often pit against each other from their news to entertainment.

However, on Wednesday morning, an ABS-CBN newsreader found a new competitor in CNN which is represented in the Philippines currently by Anderson Cooper. reported that ABS-CBN newsreader Korina Sanchez read a blind item in her morning radio show that a blonde reporter from CNN does not know what he is talking about.

While she did not name the reporter, listeners felt she referred to Mr Cooper whose report below from Tacloban, the city badly battered by super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), just aired.In the 4 minute, 19 second video which has more than 55,000 hits in the few hours that it was posted on YouTube, Mr Cooper described what he saw as a desperate situation due to the lack of government presence in the badly battered city.

“There is nobody helping,” Mr Cooper stated, although he acknowledged that the situation may be different in other areas. He also tweeted his observations.

Ms Sanchez, who also reads the news for ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol, was quoted as saying that the CNN reporter does not know what he is talking about.

Immediately, netizens reacted to Ms Sanchez’s blind item, pointing out that while the CNN guy is in the field, she is safely ensconced in her radio station, probably drinking brewed coffee while criticising the unnamed CNN reporter.

Others believe the criticism has more to do with politics than rivalry for TV rating, because Ms Sanchez is the wife of Interior Secretary Mar Roxas who heads the rescue and relief operations in Tacloban City.

Many Filipinos likewise believe that Mr Roxas is eyeing the presidency for 2016 and his high profile status in calamities is one way he could gain more votes in the next national election and could pave the way for Ms Sanchez to become the first lady. But some people fear she might be another Imelda Marcos in the making due to her perceived strong personality.

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  1. Cappuccino Express says

    CNN Reporter: Anderson Cooper
    My aunt and uncle who lives in Tacloban said that everything Mr. Cooper reported was true! They said that Korina must be in denial since she is the wife of Mar Roxas. She’s such an embarrassment to journalism! If Mr. Cooper didn’t know what he was talking about, so that would mean all the people in Tacloban must be lying and their being helpless are mere acts? Come on!