Faking Charity

turkey 4[Reality Tea] Today’s blind gossip item is a sad example of stars faking charity work for press!

Our insider reveals, “I helped with about 400 other people to prep and cook Thanksgiving dinner at a mission yesterday. Two of our popular reality stars showed up, did the least amount of work and the most amount of posing and preening.”

“Mr. Faux was very charming and nice to the director and all the big wigs. They posed for pictures for what seemed like two hours, laughing and joking.” Our insider continues, “It was disgusting. They donned aprons like the rest of us but proceeded to do VERY little actual work. Mrs. Faux was wearing all designer stuff which was highly inappropriate when you’re cooking for the homeless.”

The two didn’t bother to talk to the peasants, not so surprisingly. “Mr. Faux was actually friendly (if phony) while Mrs. Faux smiled that fake smile of hers but talked to not one person unless they were the press. These two did nothing except promote themselves for their supposed new show. She had more makeup on than a drag queen and he smelled like he marinated in Drakkar. To be fair they may have done more work later, but I was there for 5 hours and did not see it.”

Any guesses who the faux charity workers are?

Mr. Faux:

Mrs. Faux:

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  1. lobsterbabe says

    No idea but I will guess Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes since they have a new show based on their lives coming out and they are famewhores and she will do anything for publicity. Can’t stand them!

  2. EastlakeGirl says

    I’m going to guess Kim Kardashian and Kanye West even though they are not Mr. and Mrs…..yet (it would be a miracle if they ever are).

  3. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Could be so many…but the first couple that comes to mind is Spencer Pratt and Heidi whatever her former last name was.

  4. hcf1990 says

    Neil Patrick Harris and Bella Thorne. Lots of pictures of those two happily posing for the camera at a misson recently.

    • raslebol says

      my first idea but the pair in the blind looks more a real couple and NPH comes every year at this charity’s event

    • Fan says

      I saw those pix, Neil looked like he was actually working, but Bella did nothing but pose for the cameras…it was pathetic.

  5. Okayeah says

    No clue, but they’re reality people, so who cares. However, I do find it HILARIOUS that reality “stars” feel like they’re entitled to behave like this! Then again, actual stars at least have reputations to preserve…

  6. robert3242 says

    This has to be the Kartrashians, or one of them and her husband, boyfriend, squeeze, or whatever he’s supposed to be.

    • Booboo1068 says

      I agree. They’ll both do ANYTHING for money and stay relevant. He was recently involved with a Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation cooking event and I’m sure it’s just a coincidence he’s also in the new Chopped Canada show starting January. Sure. Sooooo disappointed to hear Chef Lynn Crawford say he’s now a ‘good friend’ during HER appearance on a talk shoe recently where he hi-jacked half the interview with a so-called cooking demo (eye roll). And she’s also on the new Chopped show. God, I hope she was forced to say they were friends to sell the new show. Sorry maybe you have to be Canadian to appreciate this comment.

  7. bwarf says

    Kim & Kanye? Nah, they probably wouldn’t even go so far as to fake it lol. I have no idea.

    I was at the mission on Wednesday before Thanksgiving though, and I can tell you that Bella Thorne was one of those fakers. Pics of her everywhere that day because she seemed to have thought her job wasn’t to help the homeless but to help her image! All she did was pose with her mashed potatoes. I guess that’s all Disney requires of her and as long as there are pics everything is all good.

    Kevin Nealon and James Pickens Jr. did wonderfully though, they stayed a long time and actually served food!

  8. LeahLynn28 says

    They could be any “reality” couple,basically all of them do fake charity for press.They are disgusting.

  9. sonnyvega says

    Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley. She has pictures up on her Instagram of the two of them wearing LAMission aprons and always goes heavy on the makeup. The pictures were also taken of them posing outside, which corroborates the story of them not actually serving any food inside.

  10. Jaqaranda says

    Tough one.. there several possible Mrs. Faux who resemble drag queens. But I’m going to have to go with:

    Mr. Faux: Gretchen Rossi
    Mrs. Faux: Slade Smiley

    There are pictures of them on ContactMusic posing while serving Thanksgiving dinner for Los Angeles Mission. The event in the blind item is described as a “mission”.

  11. missmissy says

    My first thought was the Duck Dynasty guys and wives. The wives are dressed to the nines. I am not sure if they are setting up a new show tho.

    For those who are saying these folks are fakes… Do you really expect them to be anything more? If they really want to serve then go the week after thanksgiving and buy the full meal. Just showing up to serve a meal doesnt mean anything in my book. In fact I tend to consider the religious folks in our town that make a big deal out of serving on Thanksgiving fakers… Good people do that every week or on a regular basis.

  12. tarap says

    Any of these reality phonies would do this and it wouldn’t surprise me. There are just some more likely than others.

  13. ValleyChip says

    Rossi and slade. just google them with thanksgiving and view images, gross, pose pose, fake smiles, act like I did this whole thing myself, fake smile.