Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah

thanksgiving hannukahDear Blinders,

We want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and a very Happy Hanukkah!

We are grateful to you for many things:

  • We are grateful to all of our sources for providing us with such fascinating content every day. We thank you for trusting us to protect your identity and to present your stories in a truthful and compelling way. Thank you!
  • We are grateful to those of you who share our blind items on your websites or via social media. We appreciate the fact that you always remember to credit and link to us. Thank you!
  • Finally, we are very grateful to have the most amazing, funny, smart and loyal readers on the planet. That’s YOU! Thank you!

Now go eat.

Love, Ace

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  1. ravenglass says

    Happy Hanukkah!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the American Blinders!!!

    Have a great day, Ace! Hope your turkey is as juicy as the blinds you feed us!

    Stay safe everyone.

  2. Booboo1068 says

    Happy Gobble Gobble day!
    From a Canadian fan.
    Ditto to stay safe all…NO DRINKING OR DRUGS AND DRIVING!

  3. Ana-nj says

    Happy thanksgiving and happy Hanukkah to all. Love reading the items and seeing getting solved. Thank you for the entertaining Ace.

  4. YogaGirl says

    Thank you for the enjoyment your site brings – I look forward to it every day. Have A Wonderful Holiday & Best Wishes For a Healthy & Happy New Year.

  5. jdub says

    A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you! Grateful that you provide me with great celeb fodder all year long….keep up the good work!

  6. slimfast10 says

    hope your turkey day was a great one Ace, so thankful for you and this website and all the clever,witty contributors. Love and despise Hollyweird and am addicted to it all, crazy right??? Can’t wait for new blind cyber Monday, you rock Ace!!!!