Why The Outfit

cat pajamas[Blind Gossip] There were fashion guidelines that were communicated to performers and nominees for the night. In the crudest of terms, one nominee described it to us as “no d*cks, no nips, no p*ssy”.

One performer decided to flout the third rule by literally embracing it in her costume and staging. Her use of that symbolism was a deliberate middle finger to the “rules”.

Even though the viewers at home probably had no idea what was going on, the other invitees knew exactly what she was doing. Nothing serious. Just a rather clever inside joke. Love her or hate her, the girl definitely has balls!


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  1. asdf says

    I used to dislike her but at least she is honest about some things not like the other celebrities of her age who just pretend everything is perfect… I have a lot of respect for her now

    • Okayeah says

      Oh, sure, you’ve gotta have mad respect for the complete skanky mess that she’s become. LOLOL

      • WhoDatGirl says

        Come on, guys. At least she has some standards. I mean, how noble of her to stand up for being able to show a p*ssy! Now THAT’S a hardline issue! lol

    • riZZas24 says

      I’m with you. Agree or disagree with how she chooses to play out her career, at least she’s not pretending to be something she’s not.

  2. lila92 says

    Hahahaha gotta love Miley!
    Clues: The Cat (also called P*ssy) – she had a cat on her bakground and her outfit was a cat-bikini whatever thingy 😉 + she has “balls” (ie. Wrecking Ball)

  3. emmaidk says

    performer: Miley Cyrus.

    She had that huge animated singing cat in the background and had cats all over her outfit.

  4. BoA says

    Miley ! I knew even before reading the blind, just by the image. And well “the girl definitely has balls” is in relation to Wrecking Ball

  5. ravenglass says

    The best part of her performance was when she tried to work up her fake tears & they wouldn’t come.

  6. vixsta33 says

    This is Miley and her pussy cat, vest and pants. (Tank top and panties, to our American cousins).

  7. VeronicaMarsBars says

    Gotta go with Miley for the win and the use of kitties on her costume and in the background digital imagery.

  8. iknewit says

    Miley, flashing her p***y whilst performing in front of a giant p***y cat. Maybe an inside joke but I really don’t know the girl well enough to have seen so much of her. eeew!

  9. Totally_Sam says

    Performer: Miley Cyrus

    “No pussy” LOL the inside joke was that she had cats all over her costume and a kitten in the background.

  10. lovefifteen says

    LOL she’s just bein’ Miley. Slay, queen! Loved your kitty cat outfit and the cat video. Haha.

  11. IAmSage says

    Performer: Miley Cyrus (had a pussy cat lip-synching, had cat heads on her outfit (can what looks like underwear actually be called an outfit?), there’s a cat image above and “..she’s got balls” probably alludes to her song “Wrecking Ball”.

  12. Sophie Claire says

    Miley Cyrus? I know she used a massive talking cat’s head as a prop on the screen which could’ve been a big middle finger to the “no pussy” rule. I haven’t watched her entire performance but now I really want to! She’s amazing I love her.

  13. adr1s says

    Miley Cyrus and the giant kitty. Also “girl definitely has balls” – she performed wrecking ball

  14. ashanean says

    Performer: Miley Cyrus. Wearing that horrible cat outift with the singing cat in the background