He Told His Mistress To Stop Calling His Wife

beach phone[Hollywood Street King] He keeps close ties with true thugs for street cred and relevancy in Hip Hop … Just ask Emory.

Even his ex-partner in biz — who he doubled-crossed — would tell you our blind item subject has no love for anybody more than himself… and, of course, the almighty dollar. Can someone say Dame?

But his money can’t buy our mystery man everything in his extremely secretive life. That’s because he’d have you believe he and his Mrs. are a happy couple, which is far from the truth. Don’t believe me… Just ask his wife’s alcoholic cousin, Angela.

Plus, domestic drama is something he’s no stranger… Just ask his disgruntled pop star mistress, who sources say “got warned to stop making late-night drunken phone calls to his Mrs… or she’d end up like the last one.” That could be why he gifted the “Somethin’ More” singer a Jeep Wrangler, reportedly on the night his surrogate delivered his baby.

Some say this rapper-turned-two times a sell-out MASCOT could have been instilled with his fetish for being a voyeur — watching his wifey with other women — from a young age, being that he was raised by an open Lesbian mother. Just ask Dania Diaz. But that appears to not be his only fetish… Just ask Beanie Sigel, who’s said to have been reported to the IRS… right after he threatened our blind item subject with spilling dude’s choice in Tranny tea to his wifey.

He shot down his UNinvite to one Shop-and-Frisk racist retail store’s holiday party, pulling through “all smiles” with his pop star wife anyway. Know why? Because this Silly House Negro’s fashion collection — boasting Brooklyn baseball hats going for $875.00, and leather boxing shorts going for $2,600.00 — launched that very day.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?



Pop Star Mistress:

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  1. KatarinaJ says

    has to be Beyonce and Jay-Z since beyonce’s cousin Angie spilled the beans about her pregnancy not being her own. The whole surrogate etc. No idea who the pop star Mistress is though…. since saw him linked to Gwyneth Paltrow (WEIRD) in blinds.

  2. nellyboo says

    Husband: JAy Z (screwed over Damon Dash)

    Wife: Beyonce (rumored to have had baby by surrogate)

    Pop Star Mistress: Rihanna “Somethin’ More” singer

    • classybgyrl says

      THIS…he and Ri Ri have been meeting in a Chi-town five star for more than a minute..on the real!

  3. stolidog says

    So, again this is Jay Z and Beyonce, but what I’m really curious about is if there is any form of human that Jay Z won’t sleep with. I guess he’s down with anything. A true pansexual.

  4. modelle18 says

    Husband: Jay Z – clues his falling out with Dame Dash, his partnership with barneys, falling out with Beanie Sigel

    Wife: Beyonce

    Pop Star Mistress: Rihanna if she got warned otherwise she would end up like the last one… who is the last one??? Blu Cantrell??

    sometimes HSK blinds seem too crazy to be real… if this stuff is real then WOW

    • shampagne says

      Cathy White is his mistress that died of an apparent ‘brain aneurysm’. Many believe she was murdered.

      • terry123 says

        I remember all the rumors from a few years ago, that Jay Z had her killed and that it also had to do with the Illuminati. I think she was only 28 years old too.

  5. mugofmead111 says

    Husband: Jay-Z

    Wife: Beyonce

    Pop Star Mistress: Rihanna

    Re: “Some say this rapper-turned-two times a sell-out MASCOT ”

    Jay-Z was a face of the Brooklyn Nets, despite owning a very small stake in the club. He recently was going to put his stake up for sale.

    He’s not backing away from his deal with Barney’s to market his merchandise, despite the uproar over recent incidents of alleged racial profiling of black shoppers at Barneys.

    • mugofmead111 says

      “Dame” = Damon Dash, his ex-partner at Rock-A-Fella Records. I read Jay-Z bought Dame out. By the way, Damon Dash recently has fallen on hard times.

  6. 3snaps says

    Jay Z

    “or she’d end up like the last one”? Huh? Do we need to get a cold case detective on the case? I’m scared.

  7. Booboo1068 says

    Picture of a British phone booth? It’s probably wrong but I’ll guess

    Other Blinds have hinted at JayZ and Rhianna still sleeping together and about phone calls to Beyoncé.

      • guessingbg says

        THIS IS RIGHT. I didn’t think about Aaliyah but he’s essentially threatening an early demise. She needs to report him to the police. Now we’ll all know who to blame if something happens to her. Fame ain’t worth it!

  8. zennifer says

    Sounds Like JAY z and Bee Younce not sure about misses. I cant remember who he double crossed in some deal My BRAIIIIINSS. Well know his mum is a lesbian too.. ;0/

  9. Alissa48 says

    Husband – Jay Z
    Wife – Beyoncé
    Popstar Mistress – Rihanna (or Rita Ora depending on if you are counting mistress of the past or present).

  10. KatarinaJ says

    Maybe Goopy is the pop star after all. She’d have Bey’s direct number, right? Give they USED to be friends! Ha. I’d love it if Gwynneth Paltrow drunk dialed Beyonce late at night Ha!

  11. BoA says

    Husband: Jay Z

    Wife: Beyoncé

    Pop Star Mistress: No idea, is she famous ?

    Clues: the surrogate mom, his deal with Barney among their controversy with their racial profiling and his bland expansive clothes, he double crossed the guy with who he created his label.

  12. TruthBeTold says

    Is this Jay Z?
    Wife: Beyonce,mistress don’t know. Beyonce is a lesbian? What the f***?
    I thought she was actually pregnant!!!!

  13. Karolina Amor says

    Husband: Jay Z

    Wife: Beyonce

    Pop Star Mistress: Rihanna ( I know “Roc Nation” gifted her with a blacked out Wrangler back in 2012)

  14. Pinky310 says

    Husband: Jay Z
    Wife: Beyonce
    Mistress: Rita Ora, Rihanna, or June Ambrose

    Jay has not only been linked to all 3 but they all gained something out of nowhere.

    Rita: what does she do exactly but she’s signed to the Roc??
    Rihanna: thats been rumored for years.
    June: got her show “styled by June” executive produced by Jay. Hmmmm?? Good one Ace!!!!

  15. bleargh says

    Husband: Jay-Z
    Wife: Beyonce
    Pop Star Mistress: Rihanna

    I always thought Jay-Z and Rihanna had something going on. Honestly before he married Beyonce I was half convinced he’d dump her for Rihanna. But I see he didn’t have to.

    • Lisha says

      True …the rumors about him and her smashing are old. It’s been said that Beyonce’s “Ring the Alarm” was about Rih.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Makes sense since Rita is rumoured to be gay. I had no idea about Beyoncé if it’s her but nothing surprises me about the rich and famous any more.

  16. sidhu105 says

    Husband: Jay-Z
    – Rapper who is still trying to maintain his street cred even though he’s in the 1%.
    – Brooklyn Nets

    Wife: Beyonce

    Pop Star Mistress: Rihanna
    – Song: “Somethin’ More”

    • sugarbread says

      rita is current hence british phone booth
      rihana is the last one since she
      is a hot mess w/ a loaded gun at her head

      • Booboo1068 says

        Thx for the phone booth reference…it threw me at first. That and the link a commenter fave below to the booth referring to a song of Bey’s. Really smart readers on this site!

  17. sierra.rae27 says

    Husband: Jay Z
    Wife: Beyonce
    Pop Star MIstress: Rihanna

    He gave Rihanna a Black Jeep Wrangler. I think “Mrs” was a clue because he refers to Beyonce as Mrs. Carter, and here on Blind we all know that Jay and B used a surrogate!

    Plus Jay Z wears a lot of baseball hats, just saying.

  18. tdubs says

    This is def Jay-Z, Beyonce and Rihanna. Rihanna tweeted a pic of a tricked out Jeep with a bow on it on Jan 7th, the day BIC was born. Jay-Z apparently had a mistress (Cathy White) who ‘passed away of natural causes’ in 2011, and some people are saying that Jay-Z had her offed! All the clues point to them, from the Telephone (Beyonce song) to Damon Dash to Barney’s to Beyonce’s alcoholic cousin. Crazy if its true.

  19. IAmSage says

    *Also add the telephone booth image booth above next to the article – Beyonce recorded the song “Telephone” with Lady Gaga

  20. narz says

    Definitely JayZ, Beyoncé and Rihanna.
    His controversial dealings with Barneys and their frisk the paying costumer policy.

  21. Booboo1068 says

    Can someone explain why he gave the Jeep on the same day as BIC was born? Was this a coincidence or incentive to play to play the doting “aunty” role – hence the tweet from Rhianna the day Blue was supposedly born? Just curious.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Then he *really* must have screwed Damon Dash over in more ways than one; Dame and Aaliyah were reported engaged when Aaliyah died.

      • gaelgorham says

        Aliyah was reportedly a huge part of the Dash vs Carter war and the idea of both men being her lovers would destroy a partnership. Especially if she chose Dash over Jay. For a “playa” like Jay, that would be too embarrassing to his career if he got dumped by one of his own artists. The plane crash would make sure Jay’s rep stayed intact, while way also hurting Dash both emotionally and financially. Not that I’m saying Jay had anything to do with the planecrash, but Aliyah contiues to make money for Jay even after her death. And i need to go change my name and hide now. :/

  22. Tee_A says

    WHoa this blind seems so farfetched. But all clues point to:

    Husband: Jay Z

    Wife: Beyonce

    Pop Star Mistress: Rita Ora – UK pop star (Hence the British phone booth)

  23. Lefemmenikita says


    Article online on New York Daily news:

    “Jay Z collection on the third floor of Barneys up on Madison Ave., pricing a white T-shirt with leather epaulets — $995. Black jeans — $365. En Noir leather shorts — $2,590. An En Noir hoodie — $3,100.”

    + the reference to Dame (Dame Dash-his partner for Rocawear)

    +Beanie Siegal was Jay Z’s protege

    • ClosetOrganizer says

      Or Cathy White (who died of a brain aneurysm in 2011) for the “Last Mistress” if we’re going by non-famous mistresses. [Not Blu Cantrell since he dated her right before he dated Beyonce. And probably not Rita Ora, who’s probably the “other woman” Jay enjoys voyeuristically watching Beyonce with.] But hopefully Rihanna takes the hint and puts some distance between her and Jay Z.