The Worst Boyfriend – Part 1

couple in bed 16[Blind Gossip] Poppy has had her share of triumphs and trip ups in the past couple of years. While she tries to appear strong on the outside, she still struggles with a lot of issues.

Her friends and family believe that much of that inability to resolve her issues stems from her inexplicable and completely toxic relationship with one of Hollywood’s biggest jerks.

Slimy the Actor is one of the most emotionally abusive guys in Hollywood. Nice on the outside… and nasty and evil on the inside. Any time it seems like Poppy is righting herself, Slimy is there to trip her up again.

The first thing that we despise about Slimy is that he cheats on Poppy constantly. We’ve told you before that he keeps a closet full of sixty or seventy c*m-stained costumes for his conquests. He prides himself on never washing them so the girls can see the stains of how many other women he’s been with. Classy, right?

Poppy’s friends tell her all the time about his cheating, but she is in pretty serious denial. She does occasionally muster up the courage to confront him, but even then he has a way of turning the conversation around and making it seem like it is her fault that he does it!

It’s her fault that he f*cks every girl that comes on to him! It’s her fault that naked photos of her were stolen from his phone by one of his wh*res! If she paid more attention to him, he wouldn’t need to go looking for sex elsewhere! Of course these arguments are nonsensical. But she is convinced that if she just tries harder that he wouldn’t do these things.

Her “trying” isn’t working so well. Slimy just f*cked an extra on the set of a movie he’s filming.



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