Ho Ho No

santa claus 3[Pop Bitch] Which posh English actor is in the bad books of a homeless charity after he pulled out last minute from filming their Christmas campaign video?

He didn’t want to wear a Christmas hat or beard or “anything that would make him look silly.” Despite signing up to play Father Christmas.



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73 comments to Ho Ho No

  • Dizzy

    I’m going to guess Hugh Grant as he is posh

  • daisy12

    Eww probably Benedict Cumberbatch. He called himself posh, right? And he seems like he has a stick up his a** and would refuse to look silly, even for charity.

  • IzzieBee

    Hugh Grant
    Not wanting to look silly as a clue – he reportedly performed the dance montage for ‘Love, Actually’ on the last day because he was dreading it, wanted to be seen as a more magisterial prime minister rather than goofy.

    • Syd Wishes

      Also “books” is clue that points to Hugh. He was a bookstore owner in Notting Hill, no?

    • gaelgirl

      Definitely Grant, I think. He’s not only a bit stuck-up personally, he’s got a rather posh background. Oxford-educated, descended from earls and lords or whatever.

  • shelaur22

    I’m going with Alan Rickman. He was in Harry Potter (“bad books”) and at the very least sounds posh. Not sure if he actually is, though. He’s also old enough to be Santa.

  • bananas

    Jeremy Irons?

  • luv the beach

    “Posh” – Victoria Beckham. Wait, Davids not an actor. Is he?

    • Booboo1068

      I don’t think commercials and or print ads count. I think posh means British and upper crust (if that makes sense).

  • melissaelle

    Hugh Bonneville?

    • suzq

      that was my thought as well!

    • Jennifer

      I doubt it. He was happy to play a pirate (in full pirate garb) on Doctor Who, and came back to play the same character in that year’s season finale. I can’t imagine him having a problem dressing up as Santa for charity after that.

      • jasper

        Hugh came back for the MID-season finale, which was likely taped at the same time he first appeared. Only he and the boy were in a quick scene with no one else, so this is most likely, knowing they have all 13-14 scripts done before shooting even starts for the year(s).

  • jsk710

    Hugh Grant?

  • Iktor23

    Actor: Michael McIntyre.
    Charity: SHELTER

  • Booboo1068

    I’m not sure but shame on him! Get over yourself. Even Princes William and Harry are willing to have fun for a good cause.

  • fishfish123

    I’m going to guess David Beckham because of the word “posh” and because he’s English.

  • stolidog

    Lord Grantham.

  • raslebol

    benedict “cumcumber”

  • ostrich

    david beckham

  • NolaNy

    Patrick Stewart?

    • Jennifer

      He’s in NYC with Ian McKellan on Broadway this holiday season. Don’t know how he’d have time to pop over to England to play Santa.

    • jeeves

      Patrick Stewart has no problems with being silly, he posts silly pictures of himself regularly. What about Colin Firth?

  • Veralynn

    Guess this is a British concern…..BUT perhaps

    Actor – Hugh Grant (hugely fastidious)
    Charity – Centre Point (Homeless charity)

    Both Hugh Grant and David Tennant have supported this in the past.

  • BangTidy

    Sounds like Hugh Bonneville to me

    No idea on the Charity

  • vixsta33

    Hugh Grant. ‘Ho’, reference. Not that it’s a term that I use to describe ladies of the night. But yes, I’ll say him and I can imagine him being an absolute t***er and doing this. Takes himself far too seriously.

  • hyork

    Thinking of Hugh Bonneville from Downton Abbey or Hugh Grant (Briget Jones’s Diary books).

  • carriebradshaw

    Jeremy Irons, for no particular reason.

  • moonraker

    Benedict Cumberbatch

  • CanaryCry

    Benedict Cumberbatch?
    Jude Law?
    Hugh Grant?
    Michael Caine?
    Sir Ian McKellen?

    • Booboo1068

      I like the Michael Caine guess.

    • PandoraWolf

      I could see Ian McKellen dig this gig to the point on figuring out how to fly in on sled of reindeer on harnesses. He also has enough of a sense of humor to change clothes on stage and show his Gandalf “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” undies. Not likely him.

    • Heilige Bimbam

      Michael Caine comes from a working class background, and speaks with a thick cockney accent. He is the very opposite of posh.

  • Fergus

    Hugh Grant due to the Ho reference.

  • augustmom

    Definitely Hugh Grant. Not sure about the charity.

  • creeping_thistle

    But Hugh Grant looked infinitely stupid in that movie that nobody watched, CLOUD ATLAS. Google him in that film, in the “future” sequences….
    For some reasons I’m thinking of Hugh Bonneville (Lord “Rabbit” Grantham): first, if he “signed up to be Santa”, he has the physique for it. Also, he’s a bit up himself; a few years ago he went to a huge lot of trouble with a super-injunction – remember those? – that had to keep absolutely secret the fact that he’d had some adulterous relation or something; when the name of the “major star who’s asked for a super-injunction” came out, the nation, who was expecting a REAL big name, went “Hugh who??!!!” (this was before Downton Abbey, so he wasn’t particularly famous).
    Bonneville for me.

  • grrrsuperlauren

    Benedict Cumberbatch
    Charity: The Princes Trust

  • whowassheilahgraham

    Hugh Grant or Cumberbatch (even though ai really like him as Sherlock). Hugh Bonneville, Jeremy Irons, and Alan Rickman have had no problem being silly in some of their past TV and movie roles.

  • NailPolishJunky

    Hugh Grant. The silly line is a quote from Bridget Jones, which he was in or maybe it was Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock, as well as the other clues and references already mentioned (books = notting hill)

  • theginganinja

    Actor: Colin Firth

    Charity: Centerpointe

    He and his wife were at a Kensington Palace charity dinner last evening.

  • lizzie

    My first thought was Hugh Grant too.
    Def NOT Colin Firth – he has no problem dressing up and doing silly things LOL. Just because he went to a charity event at Kensington Palace doesn’t make him this person.

  • YoGo8c

    I thought at first this could be Colin Firth as he is ‘posh’ and the Christmas dressing up theme sort of fits the jumper he wore in the Bridget Jones film. The only other ‘posh’ actor I can think of is Hugh Grant.

    Begs the question why actually get involved if you know you’re going to be asked to do this, and then back out? Unless it was all handled by his management and he wasn’t involved until the last minute.

  • keller

    Rupert Everett!

  • BritishPound

    Colin Firth


    Patrick Stewart

  • kermit1969

    Colin Firth

  • db8ng1

    Actor: R. Patz
    Charity: Go

    Clues: “Posh English” – He was born in London
    “Bad Books” (Have you read those god-awful ‘Twilight’ things?)

    • pinki

      I really don’t see Robert Pattinson as “posh”…

    • SRzwg

      Rob Pattinson’s manager was on the Go gala committee. They might have signed Rob up for a commercial but his manager pulled him from it when they saw it would involve him dressing as Santa. I don’t blame the guy for not wanting to be the target of ridicule after all he’s been through. Rob attended the gala and brought attention to the charity without embarrassing himself. His fans donated thousands of dollars to fund a children’s orchestra in Paraguay.

  • Lefemmenikita

    My guess is Hugh Grant (just seems like the type)…..though the idea of him not wanting “anything that would make him look silly” is laughable:
    This is the same guy caught with a hooker! (+ he was in the widely panned ‘Nine Months’) The dude has looked “silly” plenty of times

  • RockstarLovechild

    It could be Hugh Grant but he is not ‘properly’ posh though, he is try-hard middle class like Liz Hurley. Benedict Cumberbatch is posh however.

  • CoCoJoe

    I have trouble believing it is actually a truly great actor. Great actors have to be able to take risks and not place their ego ahead of the task at hand.

  • Mai81

    David Walliams? He is a “posh” actor and writes children books.