Young Money Beater

big butt 5[Bossip] Which YMCMB Rapper Allegedly Beat The Brakes Off Of His Big Booty Baby Mama?

A BOSSIP source close to the beaten baby mama’s camp claims that this tattooed rhyme-spitter got into a knock-down-drag-out brawl with the mother of his child after she caught wind of his dirty dog deeds with another woman.

Although this MC has experienced a modicum of success in the past years, he is a known wankster who likes to put on as if his money is a lot older than the name of his record label suggests.

He’s recently been seen parading around town with some of his A-List friends, thirsty for photo ops that will keep him relevant while his career is on serious slide. For the life of us we can’t figure out why these friends are hangin’ out with him, but that’s neither here, nor there.

Considering that this frail-bodied fraud is so skinny, we’re actually surprised that his baby mama didn’t whoop his azz once the fade commenced!

Any idea who he might be?


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    • Hennessey Williams says

      ^ This. Everytime I see his gf Blac Chyna, I think of the opening line to Baby Got Back “O.M.G. Becky, look at her butt. It is SO big! She looks like…one of those rap guys’ girlfriends.”

      Homegirl’s booty is HUGE.

    • ravenglass says

      Well, maybe I shouldn’t call them celebrities. I think her ass is more famous than both of them put together at this point.

  1. UnbotheredB says

    Rapper : Tyga
    Baby Mama : Black Chyna
    “Considering that this frail-bodied fraud is so skinny, we’re actually surprised that his baby mama didn’t whoop his azz once the fade commenced!” This line confirms it’s him and BC.

    • kspeedian says

      Yeah it says the person in question is signed to Young Money records though….. (“YMCMB”)… so it’s definitely not Diddy. And also, like I said in the post above, this seems to be someone who’s up and coming, or at least someone who hasn’t hit the big time yet and isn’t considered A-list (which puffy definitely is. as for others ive seen people guessing: lil wayne is super famous – not him… and wiz kalifa and T.I. are both married so their wives wouldn’t be referred to as “baby mamas” not to mention i don’t think either of them are young money)….

      Puff Daddy doesn’t need to be “thirsty for photo ops”… the person they’re talking about is someone who wouldn’t be getting photographed at all if he wasn’t out with A-Listers… That’s what the blind implies anyway… says he’s clinging to his super famous friends so that he can get his pic snapped…. so that rules out every single guess I’ve read, except for Tyga and Blac Chyna… I don’t know a single song by him or anything about him… he’s unknown outside of the hip hop community… & she’s unknown and unrecognizable aside from pictures of her ass. I literally don’t know anything about her, what she does or is famous for, aside from her ass… if just her face was showing, i wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a line up, but i could easily pick out her ass, which is weird and kind of sad for her LOL. I find her ass really gross to be honest. At least she’s thin though…. I can’t STAND when people brag about their big ass or big boobs & they only have these assets because they’re big and fat. Gross. You’re not fooling anyone lol.

      Anyway, she’s a lot bigger than him. He’s still a man and therefore stronger by nature, but she could easily knock him down. He shouldn’t be hitting any woman, let alone his child’s mother. Shame on him! She should hit him right back & more importantly call the police. I hope she is ok. What a jerk!

  2. hushhush says

    Tyga? Isn’t he the one rumored to be with Kris Jenner?
    Clues that made me think of him: his money being older than his record label suggests- Young Money Entertainment.
    Also, his gf/fiance is a “model” and definitely fits the “big booty” moniker lol

  3. jgirl828 says

    Tyga I’m pretty sure is signed to Good Music, and the only celeb he has been photographed with lately is Kanye. And Lil Wayne and his current g/f don’t have a child together.

  4. trixa25 says

    rapper tyga from young money
    babymomma blac chyna

    I really believe hes the young rapper sleeping with grandma Kris Jenner, now this confirms it eww eww

  5. trixa25 says

    chyna was a stripper known for he big booty (she can hold a bottle with it) lol I saw pictures.. this is my first post here