She Lied About The Phone Photos

couple bed 12[Lainey Gossip] We can gossip uninterrupted. We can definitely talk about the star who took sex shots with her co-star/lover on her phone.

When her boyfriend saw them, she lied and claimed they were rehearsing a love scene.

But what if there’s no love scene in the script?




Actress’ Boyfriend (may or may not be famous):

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36 comments to She Lied About The Phone Photos

  • heatherdawn

    So many vague blinds this week!! IDKKKK

  • raslebol

    There are always a love scene in every movie(except maybe in action movies)
    i don’t remember what famous actor said it

    • mugofmead111

      What about cartoons?

    • kspeedian

      yeah i agree, they make them so parents can bring there kids and enjoy it too… but there’s no love scene lol (a shrek sex scene hahaha.. imagine! lol)…

      but i dont get this comment, are you being serious (that there’s a love scene in every movie?) or are you saying an actor said that meaning even if there’s not a love scene, there are a lot of affairs going on behind the scenes (like in this blind)? I’m confused lol

  • wfreshie

    naughty, naughty!!! info not specific enough, so no guess at this time!

  • jocar

    When I was on my honeymoon (a hundred years ago) I took some nude photos of us and was horrified at how I looked in the buff! Tore those suckers up immediately. LOL

  • dontpanik

    Actress:Scarlett Johanssen

    Actor:Chris Evans

    Film:The Avenger’s

    Actress’ Boyfriend (may or may not be famous):Romain Dauriac

  • LeahLynn28

    Too vague…i can’t even guess.

  • huskies

    Will Smith..duh

  • amykl

    phone shots = Boobs Legsly aka Blake Lively.
    If its an old blind, maybe Affleck as the Actor?

  • raslebol

    see THE TOWN:they have a sexy sex scene

  • natalie870

    Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
    Actor: Josh Hutcherson
    Film: Catching Fire
    Boyfriend: Nicholus Hault

  • CookieRaider

    too vague for me to even hazard a guess…

  • wickidsparkle

    “Uninterrupted” makes me think of Girl Interrupted. I’m guessing Wynnona Ryder with James Franco. Her boyfriend is Scott Mackinlay Hahn.

    • wickidsparkle

      He movie is Homefront.

    • ravenglass

      I like this answer. I guess she was just “doing research for a role” like that time she got caught shoplifting.

    • DownWithIcarus

      Ohhhh, I remember when Girl Interrupted got caught shopliting, and yes, said she was doing it for a role. Niiiiice catch!

      Franco would be all over getting his ass on camera. He can’t help himself.

  • guessingbg

    Actress: Winona Ryder (only because the ‘gossip uninterrupted’ reminds me of ‘Girl, Interrupted’ which she was in)

    Actor: James Franco

    Film: Homefront

    Actress’ Boyfriend (may or may not be famous):Scott Hahn

  • Penny

    Angelina Jolie (Girl, Interrupted)?

    Can’t think of what the movie may be though.

    • luvprue1

      I like that answer. Angelina is working on two movies. Maleficent and Kung Fu Panda 3 . Neither would /nor should have a love scene in it. Which would fit with the blind question: But what if there’s no love scene in the script?

  • kilimanjaro

    Winona Ryder
    Jason Statham
    Scott Makinlay Hahn

    Gossip uninterrupted, Girl Interrupted.

  • MrsTomHardy

    Someone who was in Girl, Interrupted?

    Just because the blind starts with “we can gossip uniterrupted”. It;s the only film I can think of that has a title even close, and it feels like a weird sentence to open a blind with.

  • WhoDatGirl

    Well, the first sentence of the blind says they can gossip “uninterrupted”. Could that be a reference to “Girl, Interrupted”, the movie that starred Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder? Since Winona Ryder doesn’t really work a lot these days, I am going to go with Angelina Jolie, and the only co-star I could find that was a possibility was Sharlto Copley who plays King Stefan in her upcoming film, “Maleficent”, and their characters would definitely not have a love scene in that script.

    • littleOP

      Agreed it has got to be…
      Actress – Angie Jolie
      Actor – Sharlto Copley
      Film – Maleficent
      Boyfriend – Brad Pitt

  • Gossip_is_not_Truth

    This is so vague I don’t even care.

  • voopine

    Wouldn’t this be Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake in Friends with Benefits movie? Bf: Ashton K.

  • arow444

    This is going to be completely out of the blue but only because these two are the only ones I know of filming romantic like movie…

    Bradley Cooper

    Rachel McAdams…….does she even have a boyfriend right now?

    No clue

  • Annnnd the award for the vaguest Blind goes to…

  • ce99ca

    Uninterrupted as in Girl Interrupted? Could it be Angelina Jolie?