Popular Celebrity Mom Is Having An Affair

mom kids[Media Take Out] MediaTakeOut.com just got a CRAZZZZZY tip from a celebrity insider. According to our insider a very popular celebrity MOM has a bit of a scandal on her hands.

You see, word is that she’s begun having an AFFAIR with a much younger rapper whom she has a business relationship with. You see the mom is trying to help the LIGHT SKINNED rapper and his family get into the world of REALITY TV.

The two got close, and the mom wanted some YOUNG D*CK – and they ended up having a couple of FREAK SESSIONS. Now the two of them are SNEAKING OFF behind everyone’s back and having a FULL ON AFFAIR. From what we hear, the two might even be falling in love, despite the HUGE AGE DIFFERENCE.

Dang this is going to be CRAZY when the REST OF THE GOSSIP WORLD figures it out what’s going on. Don’t worry, we’ll update soon . . . we’ll be KEEPING UP WITH THIS STORY!!!

Celebrity Mom:

Younger Rapper:

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    • Friday Wonder says

      If she is indeed involved in this scandal, and she is, shouldn’t she, at least, be doing the dirty with someone closer to her own age,regardless of the color of their skin, like a washed up actor or billionaire, yes, but a rapper??

  1. bobbi says

    Either Kris Jenner or Kourtney Kardashion. They are both celebrity moms. “KEEPING UP WITH THIS STORY” reminds me of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

    • everythingthatshines says

      the young clue makes me think it’s him not drake, but with reports that he was dating kendall i refuse to believe she would sleep with one of her teenage daughters boyfriends. though, i shouldn’t be so surprised if she really would be that low.

      • sparklingdust says

        Actually it reminds me of a blind item a few days back about a young stud having threesome with mother and daughter. And also they keep denying that Kendall is dating him.

      • everythingthatshines says

        I’m trying to remove that blind from my memory haha so sick! Well then I think it’s him over Drake since I don’t see Drake doing reality tv or needing much help to get a reality show.

  2. tweety77 says

    Clues ‘young rapper’ = young money, Drake’s label, ‘keeping up with this story’ = Keeping up with the Kardashians, ‘light skinned’ = Drake is half African American and half Jewish, so has ‘light’ skin, ‘freak sessions’ = alife sessions. Plus, if you google Drake and Kris Jenner, you’ll see he’s supposedly asked her to marry him! Still in a bit of shock about this!!

    • mugofmead111 says

      Again, that makes me think of the BI about the threesome with the mother and the daughter…gross.

      If that’s true, Will Smith and Jada need to step in!

    • Booboo1068 says

      I doubt Kris is stupid enough to mess with either of Jada Smith’s kids! Jada would go after her in every way possible.

  3. britbrat86 says

    Celeb Mom: Mariah Carey
    Young Rapper: Miguel

    Mariah is 43 Mig is 28 that’s a pretty massive age difference. . . and while Mig isn’t fully light skinned he’s not as dark as Nick.

    • Shawny2222 says

      But Mariah isn’t involved with anything to do with reality tv. So why she would try to get someone else and their family involved…Doesn’t make sense.

  4. kittypryde777 says

    Celebrity Mom: Kris Jenner
    Younger Rapper: Drake or Young Jinsu (both light-skinned & way younger than PMK)

  5. Pinky310 says

    Celebrity Mom: Kris Kardashian

    Younger Rapper: Drake

    Okay obviously Drake is known for hanging with Yeezy and Weezy. Plus he’s the only light skinned rapper in the game and mama Kris is know for handing out reality shows!!!! Get it girl!!!!!

  6. ravenglass says

    Kris Jenner & Drake seem to spending a lot of time together. I never understood the connection until now. I don’t know if this is funny, great, or just gross.
    I hope the update is a story about Bruce & Rhianna hooking up.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Eminem already had his fill of dealing with crazy (white) women (his ex Kim for example). Why would he want to go down that road?

      On the other hand, the resulting diss track could be epic. :)

    • Lisha says

      LOL in what world is Big Sean light skinned? Celebrity mom is definitely Kris Jenner. Rapper is either Drake, Young Jinsu or Tyga.

  7. chai says

    Omg! Is there no one Kris Jenner won’t sleep with? I’m so disgusted! No idea who the young rapper is.

  8. wryter says

    Celebrity Mom: totally Kris Jenner “KUWTK” keeping up reference,age difference, reality tv clue etc.
    Younger Rapper: no idea. Drake? maybe Young Jinsu? I’m inclined to say YJ because of the “Younger” clue

  9. gb5539 says

    I’d definitely say this is Kris Jenner (from the ‘keeping up’ thing at the end). And maybe the young rapper could be Drake? She’s also been posting a lot of pictures on instagram of her and P Diddy and seems to have some sort of working relationship with him.

  10. JohnCarson says

    CRAZZZZZY MOM – Kris Jenner
    Young Rapper: Scott Disick (Kourtney’s baby daddy) – D*CK = Disick
    Scott is white and reportedly producing a rap album. He is much younger than Kris, his baby-mama’s Mom.