Popular Celebrity Mom Is Having An Affair

mom kids[Media Take Out] MediaTakeOut.com just got a CRAZZZZZY tip from a celebrity insider. According to our insider a very popular celebrity MOM has a bit of a scandal on her hands.

You see, word is that she’s begun having an AFFAIR with a much younger rapper whom she has a business relationship with. You see the mom is trying to help the LIGHT SKINNED rapper and his family get into the world of REALITY TV.

The two got close, and the mom wanted some YOUNG D*CK – and they ended up having a couple of FREAK SESSIONS. Now the two of them are SNEAKING OFF behind everyone’s back and having a FULL ON AFFAIR. From what we hear, the two might even be falling in love, despite the HUGE AGE DIFFERENCE.

Dang this is going to be CRAZY when the REST OF THE GOSSIP WORLD figures it out what’s going on. Don’t worry, we’ll update soon . . . we’ll be KEEPING UP WITH THIS STORY!!!

Celebrity Mom:

Younger Rapper:

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