Boy Bander Likes Kissing Boys

men kissing 12[Mouth To Ears] He used to sing with boys, now he likes kissing them.

One member of an old 90s R&B singing group, is batting for the other team now. Spending so much time with other guys, it was bound to happen.

The group started in South-Central Los Angeles with just four members. This particular member later joined the group before their second album. They took a brief hiatus and then returned in 2006 with a whole new name.

This member now has a new life and new occupation. You can catch this guy working at a gay bar on Santa Monica Blvd.

Hey, there’s nothing like being around your people.



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  1. 12Medbe says

    I was thinking of Chris Trousdale of Dream Street. But they broke up in 2002 and hasn’t come back since!

    • picklepops says

      Dream Street only ever took members from, and started in, New York City (and surrounding suburbs). Read the blind better! They also never made a second album. There’s nothing here to suggest Chris.

  2. ravenglass says

    A boy bander who is gay? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Take your pick. If the guy wasn’t in The New Kids then I have no clue.
    But good for him for being honest & living his life openly & hopefully proudly.

  3. PiscesTwice says

    I am thinking it’s…

    Singer: Khiry Abdulsamad

    Group: The Boys

    A couple of clues here…

    1. Khiry wrote a song for another R&B Group that appeared on the soundtrack to the movie ‘South Central’. Plus they grew up in Carson, CA which is in LA.

    2. The group changed their name to Suns of Light in the 2000’s.

    3. Khiry did join the group after they’d already been performing for a while according to Wikipedia…

    But for some reason I am not convinced so… I’ll keep looking.

    • ONIT says

      The Boys are/were brothers: Khiry, Hakim, Tajh and Bilal Abdulsamad. They started to perform with all four brothers. Before 2000 they moved to Africa where they changed their name to Suns of Light. Last time I checked only one of the brothers is back in the US but in Atlanta.

  4. Ana says

    “3rd Storee formed in 1997 in South-Central Los Angeles, California and had four members….expanded to five, as they added long-time friend, J’Son, and Gavin. Following the release of their sophomore effort, the group went on a brief hiatus. They returned in 2006 under the new name, Chapter 4.”

    Singer: J’Son
    Group: 3rd Storee, or now Chapter 4.

    • bangthegong says

      I agree. This seems most logical and fits the timeline. 3rd Storee/Chapter 4. And my guess is it’s J’Son.

  5. littlemissdramaqueen says

    Singer: Either J’Son or Gavin
    Group: 3rd Storee
    Dang I had no idea they were from my area!!!! :O I remember they guest starred on “The Proud Family” lol that episode was funny

    • bangthegong says

      Immature/IMx and B2K were two separate groups. Immature/IMx had 3 members and one member change in the early 90s when they were still children. (Half Pint left, LDB joined). B2K debuted in 2001 with four members, and was already disbanded by 2003. They never reunited nor added a different member nor reappeared in 2006 (or ever), and never changed names. And Omarion was always in B2K, never in Immature/IMx.

  6. PandoraWolf says

    The Boys —-> Suns of Light.

    No idea which brother, though; I had to google to even get the name of the band.

    • ravenglass says

      NO WAY!!! He’s “happily” “married” to a beautiful “woman”.
      Yeah, before I read the whole clue, I thought of him.

  7. Aiko says

    I wish I can guess this one, but I listen to too much metal for this one.XD

    Anyways, hope the man can find the inner strength to someday come out and be comfortable.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Three members from New Edition did form a new R&B band in the 90s but Johnny Gill wasn’t part of Bell Biv DeVoe. Plus I thought all of them were from the East Coast.

  8. Buttery says

    “Spending so much time with other guys, it was bound to happen.” LOL, if this was true, everybody in the military would be gay by now. Happy Veteran’s Day!

  9. TheFineOne says

    Singer: Mark Middleton

    Group: Blackstreet. They lost their name through a legal situation with Hannibal, who owns the name. Their new name is BS2.

  10. Aiko says

    It can’t be NKOTB because The group formed in the 80’s and Jonathan Knight is confirmed to be the gay member.

    Joey, if I am not mistaken, is married with a one child… or maybe he has since had more. Not sure.

    This one boy band I know started in the early 90’s is Immature. However, when they started there was three member, the original third replaced. Marcus Houston is the sole member who has the most gay rumors surrounding him. Interesting enough, the rumors, the innuendo, and the “evidence” of his homosexuality still persists today. For further reading, in the latter part of the 80’s the group changed its name to IMX to signify growth and maturity. Interestingly, it’s not Marcus because Immature has always been a three-member group, and I am little embarrassed that I am sharing this info because I was firmly a teeny bopper listening to the group and N’SYNC.XD

  11. ONIT says

    This is very hard! It can’t be any of the internationally successful groups, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, NKOTB, plus those 3 groups are still working as a group, so no cahnge of occupation here. It has to be a boy group with probably only US success, and there were sooooo many.