Why Nobody Comes To Her House

front door[Evil Beet Gossip] This star needs some friends.

She’s known for having a lot of everything, but her neighbors say she doesn’t even have friends over. Like, ever.

And apparently, this isn’t really a secret. Everyone knows that this party girl couldn’t get enough people invited to a party to save her life. And you’ll notice the qualities of parties she used to host have dropped waaaay down.

It didn’t always use to be this way. Either she’s blind or she’s pretending she doesn’t notice, but all of her friends are gone.


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    • Soulfire says

      Changing my mind to Paris Hilton. The clue being her blindness: a twist on her pop song “Stars Are Blind”.

      • PinkSlip says

        This. And also, “a lot of everything.” HIlton family. Lohan doesn’t and never did have “a lot of everything.”

        Also, “Like, ever.” Paris is the one famous for saying “Like,….”

    • Kerzep says

      Exactly. So, being born with a silver spoon in your mouth and never ever doing anything with your life but dress up, that makes a person a “star” now?

      Not in my world.

    • NYCMEL says

      No no…Taylor was just honored by the Academy of Country Music and is at the peak of popularity. This is Paris, the quintessential party host.

    • marykatez says

      I live across the street from NYC block of a mansion. You can’t see a damn thing and no one pays attention to her anyway.

  1. Mia444 says

    Dunno, but why are her neighbors so dang nosy anyway? Who cares if she has people over? Maybe she outgrew the phase…

  2. brobdingnagian says

    Star: Paris Hilton

    Clue: Paris recorded a song called “stars are blind” on her debut “CD”

  3. LeahLynn28 says

    Paris Hilton?I don’t think she’s a star(she never was),since her 15 minutes expired years ago,but she doesn’t seem to have friends.
    I also thought of Britney Spears,she has no friends either,but i doubt her handlers would allow her to party or to host one because of her mental illness and c-ship.She’s always seen with bodyguards,babbysitters and her fake boyfriend,but never with friends.But i still don’t think she’s the subject of this blind…yet.She still has 2 minutes of fame left.
    Or Nicole Richie,who knows.She’s always seen alone everywhere she goes,not even her cheater husband goes out with her,or parties with her anymore.And her 15 minutes already expired too…
    Maybe Lindsay Lohan(not a star either,but the media posts things about her sometimes),or Miley Cyrus too…but could be any star or “star”.

  4. PandoraWolf says

    My first thought was Paris Hilton, but for some reason the RED DOOR struck me. I tried to find out which celebs have done advertising for it…is Catherine Zeta Jones considered a “party girl”?

  5. hyork says

    Jennifer Aniston and the recent b-day party she had for Justin at their new Bel Air home? Rumor is she had the contractors build a deck and then she tore it down after the party, citing their ineptitude or some other excuse.

  6. hr20 says

    I’m gonna go for the most obvious and guess Paris Hilton. “Either she’s blind” could be a possible clue related to her song ‘Stars are blind’

  7. GrannyGoose says

    I’m guessing Courtney Cox. Clue being “Friends” Since she let go of David Arquette, she’s gone from quirky to boring. This cannot please her!

  8. Pinks says

    LiLo? She’s said to have given up some nasty habits following her most recent stint in rehab. That would explain her loss of “friends.”

  9. stellab says

    I don’t consider her a party girl, but the red door in the picture and the “like, ever” at the end of that sentence scream Taylor Swift.

  10. Malibubumm says

    This is my first time posting.. be easy on me :)

    Star: Paris Hilton.
    Clues.. “her house” (She starred in House of Wax) .. “Like, ever” – sounds like Paris.
    She spins as a DJ now.. that’s very different party scene…

  11. halo says

    Paris Hilton?

    Clues are party girl and “blind” could be a reference to her song”the stars are blind”??????

  12. stolidog says

    Paris Hilton, of course. Everybody is afraid of catching a deadly disease or seeing the ghosts of her miserable, abandonded little dogs.

    The clue is “either she’s blind” which is a throw to her NUMBER ONE all time hit “stars are blind”

    Maybe she shouldn’t be so dreadful.

  13. NOTellebee says

    Paris Hilton. Clues: references to “Star” and “blind.” Paris had the inimitable hit “Stars are Blind” back in her Simple Life heyday.

  14. What Had Happened Was ... says

    On second thought, this sounds like it could be either Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. I’ve never seen Brit with friends, and Paris seems to be the type to go through “friends” like she goes through men.

  15. libertyharlow says

    Paris Hilton? Thinking the references to ‘star’ and ‘blind’ – (her song ‘stars are blind’) being the connection?

  16. lobsterbabe says

    This screams Taylor Swift to me, the like ever part is from her song “We are never getting back together” and the red door reminds me of her “Red” album but I don’t think of her as a party girl. In fact she goes out of her way to make sure her image is the exact opposite of that, but I’m thinking this could be different kinds of parties, not the scandalous club parties that we usually hear about and more low key at home. She is often though of as boring or a prude so I could see how that would make people not want to be her friend if she is considered boring by Hollywood standards by not drinking or doing drugs to protect her image. Kudos to her though for being able to be classy and a great role model to young girls out there who look up to her!

    • CanaryCry says

      She ain’t no Britney Spears, thankfully. But those who hate on her act like she’s a tramp for dating so many men at such a young age instead of going through a “starter” marriage. Or they just hate her because it’s the hip thing to do. Or because she didn’t have a baby like Saint Adele did – remember the Golden Globes, especially when Amy & Tina also acted like the cruel popular (or just jealous) girls? Maybe since AP dumped her hubby Will to get her postpartum freak on, she feels threatened by possible competition.

  17. ladyk707 says

    Taylor swift?

    RED door in pic.
    “Like ever.” referencing her song we are never getting back together.
    “Known for having lots of everything,” referencing her numerous boyfriends.

    Although I don’t remember her throwing any quality parties before or being known as a party girl but there are too many hints that point to her!

    • Legendary Brolly says

      You have to remember that this item didnt come from Blind Gossip. The site that has the item might not have clues like BG would. The picture probably means nothing. The clues in the item may not even be clues at all. I get so annoyed when everyone starts looking for clues because I depend on the comments to help me find the answer. But none of the comments help me lol

  18. caramcniven says

    Paris Hilton

    ‘Like, ever.’ – used ‘like’ a lot in Simple Life stc
    ‘She’s blind’ and Star: – Her first single was ‘Stars are blind’

    And it’s not real secret her star power had been fading.