Three and Three


[Blind Gossip] This pretty actress already has a couple of children by a couple of different celebrities.

She is almost done with having children. Almost. She has now decided that she wants to have a third child… but not with Daddy 1 or Daddy 2!

That’s right. She has already set her sights on Daddy 3! He is also famous. No big surprise there. They have been quietly seeing each other for a few months now. Daddy 2 (with whom she is in a committed relationship) has no idea.


Daddy 1:

Daddy 2:

Daddy 3:

kate hudson matthew bellamySOLVED!

Actress: Kate Hudson

Daddy 1: Chris Robinson

Daddy 2: Matthew Bellamy

Daddy 3: Chris Martin

This SOLVED Blind Gossip item will probably come as a shock to most of you. Well, pick up your jaw, and allow us to fill you in!

You would think that Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow would be friends. Both daughters of famous parents, both actresses, both splitting their time between Los Angeles and New York, both involved with British rock musicians.

Well, they were friendly. For a while. But not now. Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson HATE each other!

The two women had a big blow out in early 2013 and have been snarling at each other since. This should come as no surprise to our savvy readers. The rise and fall of Gwyneth Paltrow’s friendship with Madonna, Reese Witherspoon, and Beyonce have all been chronicled. There’s a pattern there.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s marriage has been in trouble for years. They have both had multiple affairs outside of their marriage, and just announced their separation yesterday.

Kate Hudson’s marriage with Chris Robinson ended in divorce and her relationship with fiancee Matthew Bellamy has been in trouble for the past year. There was just a story in the news yesterday that they are seeking help for their troubled relationship.

Do you wonder why the Paltrow-Martin kids and the Hudson-Bellamy kids would hang out together when the moms hate each other? It’s not just because Martin and Bellamy are both musicians. And do you wonder why the Paltrow-Martin marriage and the Hudson-Bellamy relationship are both falling apart at the same exact time? It’s not coincidental.

Kate Hudson’s now available choice for Baby Daddy #3: Chris Martin! Viva la vida, Kate and Chris!

Congratulations to ZeenoxGossess for being first with the correct answer! And kudos to all of you who picked up on the “almost” and “famous” clues! (Hudson starred in the film Almost Famous)

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