Three and Three


[Blind Gossip] This pretty actress already has a couple of children by a couple of different celebrities.

She is almost done with having children. Almost. She has now decided that she wants to have a third child… but not with Daddy 1 or Daddy 2!

That’s right. She has already set her sights on Daddy 3! He is also famous. No big surprise there. They have been quietly seeing each other for a few months now. Daddy 2 (with whom she is in a committed relationship) has no idea.


Daddy 1:

Daddy 2:

Daddy 3:

kate hudson matthew bellamySOLVED!

Actress: Kate Hudson

Daddy 1: Chris Robinson

Daddy 2: Matthew Bellamy

Daddy 3: Chris Martin

This SOLVED Blind Gossip item will probably come as a shock to most of you. Well, pick up your jaw, and allow us to fill you in!

You would think that Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow would be friends. Both daughters of famous parents, both actresses, both splitting their time between Los Angeles and New York, both involved with British rock musicians.

Well, they were friendly. For a while. But not now. Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson HATE each other!

The two women had a big blow out in early 2013 and have been snarling at each other since. This should come as no surprise to our savvy readers. The rise and fall of Gwyneth Paltrow’s friendship with Madonna, Reese Witherspoon, and Beyonce have all been chronicled. There’s a pattern there.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s marriage has been in trouble for years. They have both had multiple affairs outside of their marriage, and just announced their separation yesterday.

Kate Hudson’s marriage with Chris Robinson ended in divorce and her relationship with fiancee Matthew Bellamy has been in trouble for the past year. There was just a story in the news yesterday that they are seeking help for their troubled relationship.

Do you wonder why the Paltrow-Martin kids and the Hudson-Bellamy kids would hang out together when the moms hate each other? It’s not just because Martin and Bellamy are both musicians. And do you wonder why the Paltrow-Martin marriage and the Hudson-Bellamy relationship are both falling apart at the same exact time? It’s not coincidental.

Kate Hudson’s now available choice for Baby Daddy #3: Chris Martin! Viva la vida, Kate and Chris!

Congratulations to ZeenoxGossess for being first with the correct answer! And kudos to all of you who picked up on the “almost” and “famous” clues! (Hudson starred in the film Almost Famous)

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  1. tennispeach says

    Halle Berry

    Daddy 1: Gabrielle
    Daddy 2: That French Guy
    Daddy 3: I have no idea, but he is probably white

  2. nellyboo says

    Actress: Halle Berry?

    Daddy 1: Gabriel Aubry

    Daddy 2: Oliver Martinez

    Daddy 3: No clue

    This is long shot but my only guess.

  3. gmaven says

    Kate Hudson? The references to “Almost” and “Famous” made me think of her. Plus she has two children by two different celebrities.

  4. PiscesTwice says

    Actress: Halle Berry

    Daddy 1: Gabriel Aubrey

    Daddy 2: Oliver Martinez

    Daddy 3: ??? NO idea.

    Clue being… pretty actress: I think she’s been named one of the Most Beautiful Women in the World.

  5. mcmmom says

    Kate Hudson. Clue is “Almost,” as in “Almost Famous,” the movie that made her, well, famous.

    Daddy 1: Chris Robinson, Black Crowes
    Daddy 2: Matthew Bellamy, Muse singer (to whom I thought she was engaged)
    Daddy 3: no idea.

  6. LeahLynn28 says

    Kate Hudson?She already has two boys with different fathers…i’m not surprised,she always cheated on the men she dated.Looks like Kate will dump Matt soon…he gave her a kid,now she probably will get rid of him.Now i don’t know why she got engaged in first place…or he’s an idiot,or she used him as a sperm donor and forgot to tell him.I feel for these kids…

    • LeahLynn28 says

      Kate Hudson.
      Chris Robinson.
      Matt Bellamy.
      Too bad she’ll do it…no mom wants to have three different baby-daddies.Date a man,then dumps him only to have a third kid with another man on purpose.She’s selfish.And this blind implies that she probably won’t marry him.She can’t have a baby with another male celebrity while married to another man.She’s stupid…if she doesn’t like him,why the hell did she got engaged to Matt?

    • Mia444 says

      With previous baby daddies being the lead singer of the Black Crows and the lead singer of Muse. So… Daddy #3 will be some other homely lead singer.

      • Mia444 says

        Yup, I called it. :-)

        Chris Martin is slightly better looking than the other 2 baby daddies, but seems dull. And really, any guy who would MARRY Gwyneth Paltrow has got to have some problems…

  7. WaitLemmeGuess says

    Kate Hudson? (The words “almost” and “famous” popped out at me.)
    Dad 1: Chris Robinson of the Black Crows
    Dad 2: Matt Bellamy of Muse (they’re currently engaged)
    Dad 3: No clue.

  8. augustmom says

    It does depend on the age of this tip, but Kate Winslet was my first thought, now married and pregnant with #3.

  9. TeacherKat says

    Kate Hudson? Almost is used a few times – a nod to Almost Famous. She has two kids with two different men, and us engagrd to Matt Bellamy (baby no. 2’s dad). Not sure who the third guy is. And if this is true, that’s horrible.

  10. kcphilly says

    Actress: Kate Hudson

    Daddy 1: Chris Robinson

    Daddy 2: Matt Bellamy

    Daddy 3: ??

    Clue: Using the word “Almost” twice – her first big breakout movie Almost Famous.

  11. MrsGosling says

    Actress: Kate Hudson (note the clues: ‘Almost.’ and ‘He is also famous.’ Kate starred in ‘Almost Famous’.)

    Daddy 1: Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes – father of son Ryder (ex husband)

    Daddy 2: Matthew Bellamy of Muse – father of son Bingham (current finance)

    Daddy 3: ??? NO IDEA

  12. sugarbread says

    all I can think of is Jennifer connely. she has 1 w/ older actor and 1 w/ paul bettany
    maybe looking at costar when hubby / director isn’t looking??

  13. kaseyrich says

    kate hudson!! “she is almost done with having kids. Almost” totally a hint about her biggest movie Almost Famous

    actress: kate hudson
    daddy 1: chris robinson
    daddy 2: matt bellamy
    daddy 3: idk

  14. GossipProblem says

    Kate Hudson
    Chris Robinson
    Matthew Bellamy
    I don’t know (James Franco, Ewan McGregor, Zach Braff?, Owen Wilson!!?)

    Clues: Almost used twice and famous mentioned once. She was in “Almost Famous”.

    • PandoraWolf says

      If it is Halle, I would expect that Olivier Martinez will be kicking the s*** out of her, considering his behavior with baby daddy #1 in front of baby #1. Not condoning it, of course, but I could TOTALLY see it. She seems to go beyond liking the ‘bad boy’ to the point of liking the abusive a**hole. She should have stayed with Gabriel, since I don’t think she ever alleged he was physically violent with her (?not that I recall at least.) And he’s smoooooooookin’ hot.

  15. kellbell26 says

    Actress: Kate Hudson
    Daddy 1: Chris Robinson
    Daddy 2: Matt Bellamy
    Daddy 3: hmm – I will go with James Franco

  16. kerriedub says

    Actress: Kate Hudson
    Daddy #1 – Chris Robinson – Black Crowes
    Daddy #2 – Matt Bellamy – Muse
    Daddy #3 – ???

  17. catty84 says

    Actress: Kate Hudson (Almost. Almost referencing Almost Famous, as well as the daddy three being “also famous”)
    Daddy 1: Chris Robinson
    Daddy 2: Matt Bellamy
    Daddy 3: Not sure… about this one. Lets go with Ewan McGregor who she is filming a movie with…

  18. Mardy Bum says

    Kate Hudson (Clue: Almost)
    Chris Robinson
    Matt Bellamy
    not sure about the 3rd guy. she’s currently filming with Ewan, maybe him. But I’m thinking she wants a REALLY sickeningly rich guy for Baby Daddy 3.

    • Mardy Bum says

      Kate Hudson (Clue: Almost)
      Chris Robinson
      Matt Bellamy
      not sure about the 3rd guy. she’s currently filming with Ewan, maybe him. But I’m thinking she wants a REALLY sickeningly rich guy for Baby Daddy 3.

      For guy 3 – i’m going to guess Jeffrey Soffer, the guy supposedly involved in Gwyneth affair. Kate’s been hanging around Glee people lately, this could be a cover. Plus he’s filthy stinking rich.

    • TeacherKat says

      Lainey just did a piece on how Chris was photographed with Ryder and his kids today….kind of makes you wonder…

    • VexTheVixen says

      zeenoxgoddess – I am aboard with this guess. There is a recent photo of Chris Martin with Apple and Kate’s son, Ryder. It would explain why Goopy has been even more cranky than usual as of late. LOL

  19. ToraTora says

    Sorry. This is the first possibility I could think of:

    Halle Berry
    Gabriel Aubrey
    Olivier Martinez
    (A cute castmate from The X Men)?

  20. KitKat73 says

    Actress: Kate Hudson

    Daddy 1: Chris Robinson

    Daddy 2: Matt Bellemey

    Daddy 3: I’m not sure who this one is…any ideas?

    Clues: the words Almost and Famous used. She and Bellemy are engaged, hense committed relationship

  21. Rebecca says

    Kate Hudson – Almost Famous clues.
    Her two baby daddies are musicians. Have no idea who 3rd guy is?

  22. HauteCoCo says

    Kate Hudson

    Daddy 1, Chris Robinson. Son Ryder

    Daddy 2, Matt Bellamy ,

    Daddy 3, not sure, but maybe James Franco?? He is the last actor I recall her last project with.

  23. BilltownBetty says

    Actress: Kimora Lee Simmons

    Hubby 1: Russell Simmons

    Hubby 2: Djimon Honsou

    Hubby 3: No Clue

  24. JoshuaTree says

    1. Kate Hudson
    2. Chris Robinson
    3. Matt Bellamy (current fiancé)
    4. Chris Martin

    She loves musicians and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind getting knocked up by Gwynnie’s husband. Chris was spotted babysitting her son Ryder while playing with Apple yesterday. Interesting timing. And maybe if she’s been sniffing around that, it could be more ammo for the Gwyneth Paltrow take down article (Gwynnie shares her hubby with good friend Kate).

    One can only hope she doesn’t want to get knocked up by Owen Wilson. He seems to willingly give his spunk out to anyone (see the current “friend” with no benefits carrying his latest child…and Ace has already hinted Owen has at least three other kids).

  25. lepidoteran says

    I’m surprised at how many are guessing Halle Berry. The woman just gave birth a month ago (so she’s been two-timing her new husband while 9 mos. pregnant and while giving birth???) and almost certainly, according to previous BIs, needed fertility help with to get pregnant with her son. Whether she and Olivier make it in the long run, her baby-making days are very likely over.

    Kate Hudson, on the other hand, had her most recent baby over 2 years ago, hasn’t married his dad yet and has been making movies, and thus likely away from her musician fiance.

  26. ClaudeFunston says

    Kate Hudson.

    Daddy #3: Owen Wilson.

    Those two always seemed like they should be together. They seem like after everything, they belong together.

  27. Tkdgypsy says

    Ugh i hope Kate doesn’t have delusions of having a baby with Derek Hough. she’s been having him teach her dancing lessons. hope that’s all she’s after.

  28. LeftField says

    Actress: Kate Hudson

    Daddy 1: Chris Robinson

    Daddy 2: Matt Bellamy

    Daddy 3: Lance Armstrong

  29. mugofmead111 says

    I wonder does potential Daddy #3 even know he’s being targeted to become the next baby daddy! If not, someone is going to be in for a big surprise!

  30. vodianova says

    How the heck is this Kate Winslet? She’s already carrying her third child. Her first husband wasn’t a celebrity, nor is her current husband. She’s quietly seeing her current husband Ned while her second husband Sam Mendes (Daddy 2) has no idea? How does that work? Sam obviously knows she has since moved on from him. It’s been 3 years since they separated and she got remarried last year. If this is an old blind, Winslet still wouldn’t fit. Ned is not a celebrity, and she met him a year after she and Sam separated.

    This blind very clearly points to someone who dating a potential Daddy 3 while still married to Daddy 2. I’m ruling Halle Berry out because…come on, she’s not that fast. She just gave birth and she’s been quietly seeing someone for a few months now? It doesn’t add up.

    Kate Hudson is the obvious answer for a good reason. She fits perfectly. There’s even a subtle nod to Almost Famous in the wording of the blind. If this blind really is true, what a strange woman. I can understand shit happening (in Kate Winslet’s case, girlfriend has bad luck with men and just wants to find the love of her life). But to purposely find someone new to have another child with is really, really strange. I’ve heard rumours that Hudson is a chronic cheater. I also don’t think her second pregnancy was planned.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Another scoop seems to be that Gwyneth can’t seem to keep any female friends? I wonder why.

      Just yesterday I was wondering whether Gwyneth and Kate Hudson were going to be competing (with each other) for men now that they are now able to get back on the market (sort of). Too bad Kate’s spot got blown up; it would have been hilarious if a legitimate Kate Hudson/Chris Martin (post-Gwyneth) paiting had gone public. At least Kate seems a little more down to earth than Gwyneth.

      Gwyneth could have just said, “You can have him, I’m done with him (just about).”

  31. LuseLips says

    Eww, isn’t she the one who has hookups in hotel lobby bathrooms with random strangers? Chris Martin can do MUCH better than that.

  32. patata says

    there i was just thinking ‘they really should have more solved blinds’ and then this.
    done and done.

  33. LeahLynn28 says

    Well,looks like Kate’s going to have another kid from another musician soon,which shows Kate and Matt’s “attempt” to save their relationship will fail,even before starting,now that Matt will know she’s having an affair with Chris Martin,her future ex 3rd baby-daddy.And she has a bad taste in men…none of them are cute or hot.Looks like she only wants anotherkid to use for airport’s photo ops.She’s lame…i really hope she’s desperate now,BlindGossip exposed her lies

  34. rodieb123 says

    Don’t forget about her rise and fall friendship with Winona Ryder back when they were dating Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Gwyneth is one of those girls who “only has guy friends.” Watch your backs, ladies!

    • jlynhope says

      Sounds like she has reason to distrust some women… Also is the pattern they are alluding to that previous friends got involved with Chris as well?

  35. KatarinaJ says

    No one is asking WTF is wrong with Chris Martin going from one diva-ish entitled bitch to another? Neither of these women ever fooled me. They are both ‘insider royalty’ who want to act like they’ve worked hard? And please there are blinds about Kate being a NO-TALENT who did one decent role in ALMOST FAMOUS and other actors wondering HOW she gets work? I sorta liked Matthew McConaughey as of late but who can forget he has chosen to work with Kate TWICE now? And Gwyneth just do an interview already where you OUT yourself and the pressures of having to keep up appearances or be a perfectionist? This would be so much more interesting than you taking up another entertainment hobby or pretending to be vegan when yes yet again more blinds hint she has an eating disorder or purges or whatever to stay thin.

  36. seattlegirl says

    No Chris Martin, no. What are you thinking?! Go find a normal girl and have a happy life. Enough with the drama with these unstable women.

    • Mystical says

      He may be more unstable than both of them for all we know! He does seem to be a cheater himself so he is hardly innocent. I just don’t understand why these celebs bother getting married when they don’t seem to be committed at all. So many of them seem emotionally low-functioning and they just get married, divorced, and have children almost as an afterthought. They are the ones who cheapen and make a mockery of marriage (as opposed to gay people). Sorry to get on a soapbox, guess I am really starting to get old!!