BG12345: Wednesday

chris christieGood Morning, Hump Day Blinders!

Your week may be half over, but we’re just getting started with the gossip! We have a BG12345 for you today. That’s five blind items, one per hour, starting at 1:00 pm EST.

Instead of a camel, today we are bringing you Chris Christie, who was just re-elected Governor of New Jersey. By easily winning the election, Christie clears a major hump and sets himself up nicely for a Presidential run in 2016.

Two questions for you: Is Christie humpable? Can he defeat Hillary?

Love, Ace

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    • BRUSHFIRE97 says

      First of all the better question is will the hardcore conservative base even allow Christie to be elected as the republican nominee. He is extremely moderate in comparison to what the tea party and hard core christian conservatives would like. Forget if he could beat Hillary the real question is will he be able to beat the crazy neo-con republicanthug they run against him?!?!? And that answer is probably a no so again republicans will be forced to deal with some loser candidate who can not be elected by the majority.

  1. minx says

    I don’t care how many lap band surgeries he has, Christie will NEVER be humpable. He’s like a bad-tempered screaming middle manager you had to endure on your first job. And he’ll never be the nominee because teabaggers hate him–but if he were, Hillary would spank that big boy.

  2. hurlygurly says

    Hey Ace! Spill some beens about the sparkly fauxmance couple. The laughing stock in HW…

  3. august says

    He did the RIGHT thing by his state but that’s just Jersey , not running the world and all other country sicknesses around us.

  4. LeahLynn28 says

    No and No.And i don’t even live in the USA…yet.
    What sparkly fauxmance couple,hurlygurly?

  5. mommagoosed says

    Not humpable if he was the last man alive and possibly beat Hillary, but winning one’s state doesn’t equal winning the country. 😉

  6. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Voted for him yesterday but will never vote for him for prez if it’s him against Hillary. Hillary in 2016!

  7. Sumi says

    No, gross

    Hillary can beat him without campaigning. He is a bigot, a liar, a bully, is against equal rights, anti-abortion and has an awful environmental record. Do not let the National Media fool you! He single handily screwed the lower and middle class of NJ by increasing taxes and taking away benefits. If he does not agree with you, look for a finger in your face and a yell in your ear.

    • Nic81 says

      True. My family in Jersey are getting killed with taxes right now. What my dad pays in taxes a family in FL (where I live) can support a family of 4!

      • SouthJerseyGirl says

        Unfortunately property taxes are mostly at a local level, not state. NJ has the highest property taxes in the country I think. My parents in Florida have a home that’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars more than my little row house yet I pay about $7,000+ in property taxes a year and they pay about $3,000.

  8. rudy says

    Cannot stand Christie. Embarrassed for my state. The only hope is that he leaves office and runs for president.

    No, he cannot beat Hillary. He has major anger issues, very little regard for low income families, demolished the educational budget in NJ, against same sex marriage. Die hard republican in sheeps clothing.

  9. PghDude says

    Can someone please answer something for me? My question is what accomplishments does Hillary Clinton have? I can name only two, 1.) staying in a bad marriage for political benefits and 2.) allowing an Ambassador to get murdered on her watch.

    Please educate me.

    • stolidog says

      how boorish.

      let’s see. Harvard Graduate, Rhodes Scholar, Senator, Secretary of State…

      What have you done Dude?

    • newsjunkie says

      50 Ambassadors were killed while Bush #2 was in office. Where was your outrage then?
      And if you voted for McCain, do you honestly think Palin has the education to be the V.P and step in the W.H. had something happened to McCain?

  10. davidarochelle says

    LOL at whomever thought that the far right money men of the Repub Party would ever even remotely accept Christie as their Repub nominee. However I always come to BG to be entertained. Thanks.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Seriously. A number of Republicans portrayed Chris Christie as a Benedict Arnold for welcoming President Obama to New Jersey when the POTUS surveyed the damage (which was extensive in some places) done by Sandy. As the governor of NJ, would it have been realistic or helpful to 1) not ask for federal aid to rebuild and/or 2) turn down offers in federal aid to help rebuild? If so, then Christie would have not been doing his job for the NJ residents…you know, his main constituents. That made no sense.

    • newsjunkie says

      I agree,Ann Coultier loves him and she has a lot of clout. But I didn’t get when the GOP turned on him when Obama went to visit after Sandy.

  11. amykl says

    I will forever love Chris Christie for (1) his busting of the NJ mafia whilst a federal prosecutor in Newark, and (2) his plain spoken chiding of the Jersey shore town dingbats prior to Hurricane Sandy. WHAT ARE YA, STUPID? GET OFF THE BEACH.

  12. mizzavrid says

    Christie is a travesty. Can you imagine him as Secretary of State? Poor New Jersey. Hilary thank you…. and love to you Ace.

  13. TheBinch says

    Chrusties is humpable to every person who would jump over that “hurdle” in order to get ahead. He can, and may well, beat Hilary, but the question will be: in which party? He’s about as Republican as is Hilary, and switching sides just might give him the out-of-nowhere advantage in the demorat party that Barry enjoyed in ’08. I’m not entirely convince Hil will run again, due to her Liberace-sized closet full of nasty skeletons. I will bet money that she will play the lesbian/bisexual card if she does.

  14. Fergus says

    I’m a conservative, and I would vote for Hillary before I voted for him. At least Hillary has cute girlfriends.

  15. PghDude says

    Uh, Stolidog, I’m sure I’ve done more than you.

    And, this is not about me, but about another “celebrity” about to be given a position they don’t deserve.

    And…sorry, Hillary was NOT a Rhodes Scholar, her husband Bill was. And, as far as what you point out as accomplishments, winning elections….anyone can win an election. It is what you do once you are elected that counts. And, I’m pretty sure she did not sponsor any meaningful legislation.

    Lastly, to the other poster that said “50 ambassadors were killed under Bush #2″…never happened. Get your facts straight.