Behind The Superheroes

comic books 3[Bleeding Cool] Here are six blind items from Bleeding Cool about stuff going on behind the scenes of your favorite comic books!

1. Which comic book executive with a heavy Human Resources file recently came out of the closet as a gay man? With his previous… shall we call them “excesses” being spun away as overcompensation on his part in trying to maintain a heterosexual identity?

2. Which comic book artist speaking out against editorial interferences, may have had further issues – evidenced by dismissing his female editor’s concerns as “don’t worry your pretty little head about it” or words to that effect?

3. Which publisher, in a meeting with a prominent comics journalist, mistakenly flipped open their presentation to a page revealing a planned comic tie in to a popular reality TV show – for which a comic book adaptation wouldn’t necessary seem possible or logical, before asking them to please, please not mention it?

4. And which publisher, who took a lunch meeting with me, may have gotten in the bad books with a prominent writer/artist, simply for them being associated with me?

5. Which publisher, announcing a major talent on one of their books, was a little annoyed to discover that the talent in question was at the show unannounced, but didn’t want to speak to any of them, let alone go on the stage to talk about the book?

6. And which publisher was happy to point out DC’s lack of booth or signing space, and compared that with the time DC mocked them for not having a proper booth at a show – with one exec taking photos of uneaten cookies from a sponsor at another show to pass round to retailers?







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    • Okayeah says

      At least with HSK, you can google some relevant phrases and come up with the answer. This? This is just…whatEVER. Only an extreme comic book nerd who’s also into gossip would even begin to know how to respond.

  1. GrannyGoose says

    Gosh, I can’t think of who any of these people are. But, Ace, anyone who would make trouble for someone simply because of that person’s association with you is NOT Captain America!

    • ToadKisser says

      Ace didn’t write the blind. A publisher took a lunch meeting with Bleeding Cool’s writer, and apparently it got them in trouble with a prominent writer/artist.

  2. jasper says

    Holy crap. I’m pretty much out of comics, but I don’t know where to begin.
    I do know there were two cons this past weekend: Comikaze (with Stan Lee) and Rhode Island ComicCon, and had contacts at both. Not much news out of either, I don’t think?

    1. Out exec – no clue, but I want to say Marvel’s Joe Quesada? DC’s Dan Didio is married, as well, but having the guy who destroyed the Spider-marriage come out is almost as good as the guy who destroyed DC. I also want to say Bob Harras, formerly of Marvel, now at DC since the new 52 era. Runners up: Jim Lee (no relation to Stan) and Geoff Johns, former assistant to Richard Donner. DiDio, Lee, and Johns basically run DC now, with Harras as one of the main editors. Sorry, I don’t keep up with current Image, Dark Horse, IDW, or even Archie publishers.

    2. This sounds like someone at DC. Tumultuous describes a slow day at DC the last two years. Musical chairs was never this complex with the constant shifting of writers and artists at the drop of a hat. Some books were already turned in to be printed, only to be shelved and replaced by another writer and/or artist at the last minute (JL3000).

    3. reality show – Heroes of Cosplay?
    There have been rumblings and more than a few blogs against this show upsetting locals cosplayers when the “Hollywood team” rolls into town with no notice and “win” ALL the contests for the cameras. One blogger even noted the “stars” threw a hissy fit when her crew “won” all but Best Group and they had spent thousands to make it to this otherwise ‘small’ show. Some friends at RICC were just discussing their own treatment, getting all the fan attention on the floor, then shut out by “cute girls” with store bought costumes and some kid who couldn’t even move around in his at their costume contest. (Theirs were hand built from scratch and took weeks to complete.)

    4. This could be anybody. Drama runs rampant in any artistic endeavor, and egos are worse since Hollywood took notice of the “funny books”.

    5. Someone at Comikaze. No clue who, but probably DC.

    6. Marvel.

  3. bigrob says

    Talk about pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Wild guesses.

    1. Quesada
    2 Jim Lee (or Liefield)
    3. Top Cow
    4. DC
    5. Marvel
    6. Image