The Shooter at Kanye’s Party Is Spilling Other Secrets

kim kardashian kanye west 3[Hollywood Street King] The notorious New Yorker may be serving a 25-year prison sentence, but he escaped lethal injection. Know how? Sources say he snitched on just about everybody he could think of. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Slim the Mobster.

“He cooperated with the FBI to dodge the de*th penalty.”

Sources say as the FEDS continue their sweep, many of our mystery man’s former associates are hiding out. Just ask Darrius ‘D Mac’ Rogers.

When it comes to Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ Combs, our blind item subject has the real Bad Boy deal … which he’s said to have revealed to the FEDS.

Here’s what our blind item subject reportedly told federal investigators:

“Puffy has sex with young boys. He keeps hidden cameras on deck so he can extort friends or foes. Puff’s got sex tapes of him and Usher.”

Back in 2005, he shot Suge Knight at a Miami party hosted by Kanye. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


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  1. ravenglass says

    The shooter is Jimmy Henchman.
    Puff does not have “sex tapes” of him & Usher; he has sexual abuse images of him & Usher. This is not sex it is rape.
    Puff is not a homosexual; he is a pedophile. I hope the Feds take action against this sicko.
    I have much respect & admiration for Corey Feldman for exposing child sex abuse in Hollywood. Now I hope this also happens in the music industry. Enough is enough.

      • ravenglass says

        What do you call “sex” with young boys? If you’re a grown ass adult having any kind of sexual contact with a minor,in my books, you’re a pedophile. The Feds wouldn’t be interested in Diddy if he was having sex with consenting adults.

      • Karolina Amor says

        I think Usher was a young teenager that lived with Puff when he was “grooming” him to become an RnB Star. :/ For his Mother to leave him to live with Puff is disgusting.

      • wendy hood says

        Back when Oprah was still relevant and Usher was still breaking/coming up, he told stories about how Puff had brought him to parties that basically sounded like orgies. I cant recall exactly but I found it very strange and figured Usher would have been underage at the time.

    • YoGo8c says

      Yes but it’s a blind item/allegation. There might be truth in it but it could also be rival gangs and whatnot throwing out all kinds to discredit.

      If there is truth to this, why not go to the cops EARLIER when it was happening? Get these pedos busted before they become a menace! We can’t save the kids, only the law can.

  2. stolidog says

    Ah, the circle of life…Puffy pegs Usher, Usher pegs The Beibs, who’s in store for the Beibs I wonder?

  3. wendy718 says

    Jimmy Henchman…The REAL question is…how is Puffy getting away with this?!There have been rumors going on for years about his sick and twisted ways and nothing has been done.

    • Cranny says

      Because, nobody wants to rock the boat or afraid to cooperate with the authorities because retaliations if they admit to anything. Nobody wants to be the first to say anything.

  4. CindyB says

    I don’t really know much about the players in this blind, so I might be missing something; but, I think it’s wrong to “out” a guy when he’s spilling beans to the FBI. Because of this, what if there is violent retaliation to the subject of this blind? I wouldn’t want that hanging over my head.

    • GossipProblem says

      The subject of this blind is protected by the Feds (that comes in conjunction with cooperating). Plus, once the accusations are pursued the subject of the accusations will KNOW for a fact who ratted them out. I think the point of this blind is to expose the fact that P. Diddy is a pedophile.

  5. Aiko says

    The only person I can think of, and according to most people who seem to be in the know, it’s Jimmy the Henchman.

    For the longest time I have read about Puffy and his alleged perversions on Hollywood Street King, and you gotta love and respect that website.

  6. NeedNoStinkinBadges says

    I don’t know who it is, but I would find his claims about Kanye to be suspect. Unless he has some evidence to back up the claims, he could just be making up stories to try to reduce his sentence.

  7. sugarbread says

    can’t believe i’m saying this but, jlo lucky to have moved on from puffy and gotten w/ m Anthony.. could you imagine having kids w/ him???

    • mugofmead111 says

      If nothing else, Diddy’s kids don’t want for anything. Don’t believe me? Ask Kim Porter. :)

  8. pammont says

    Jimmy Henchman
    Usher did state when he was 12, Puffy would have sex party with alcohol. He didn’t state that Puffy was molesting him but I’m sure he was after all he fed him alcohol which in itself is illegal. If he a pedophile he should be arrested but I’m sure the statute of limitation has expired on usher. But if there were more little boys than he no different than Jimmy Sandusky. Unlike Jerry, Puffy will have the AA community behind him which is sad when we should be supporting our youth instead of sex offenders. Just like R Kelly, somehow they rally behind these vultures of innocence and it enrages me. Stop protecting criminal and maybe we as a community could do better. The only time some step up is when an opposite race is involved but we need to step all the time, especially when it’s black/black crime which is way more prevalent. I not saying he guilty but if the evidence says so, we definitely shouldn’t have his back. Plus, get rid of the Stop Snitching Campaign, it’s ignorant.

  9. cavechickbaby says

    It seems as if everyone is in agreement that this is Puffy. Since I do not follow what is going on in the music industry, at all, I am quite surprised by this. Aside from the dude getting off death row, is there other evidence of this? Until this post I have not read anything about this. Very sad if this is true. Was just laughing at his new commercials.