The Real Reason Behind This Wedding Delay

bride waiting[Mouth To Ears] She’s head over heels, but he’s just trying to get ahead.

This R&B singer almost gave up on love, then she met him. Now they’re engaged, but he’s not faithful and of course she’s clueless.

She had her own show as a teenager while maintaining a singing career too. She recently jumped back into the acting game and is in concert as well.

He’s a music executive, but his last credit was in 2007. He’s trying to ride her coattails to get some attention in the industry.

He has her fooled that they’re going to be happily married, but he just can’t say no to temptations.

We’re still waiting on an official wedding date from them. She claims she’s too busy to set a date, but he’s not rushing towards the altar.



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  1. guessingbg says

    This sounds like it could be the story of Zerrie (though I know they are much too young for this).

    • nzac19 says

      “This R&B singer”
      “She had her own show as a teenager”
      “She recently jumped back into the acting game”
      “He’s a music executive, but his last credit was in 2007. He’s trying to ride her coattails to get some attention in the industry.”
      Other than the fact that it is a guy, a girl, an engagement, and related to the music industry, how does this sound like Zerrie?

    • whyamihere says

      There’s absolutely no way it can be Zerrie. The article says that the singer had her own show and acts. Perrie has never been an actress, and she’s definitely never had her own show. Plus, it’s definitely written in a way that makes it seem like she’s a solo artist, not part of a group.

  2. Pinky310 says


    He: Ryan Press (music exec)

    They have been engaged since December last year (12/2012) BTW I’m a first time poster. Yayyy!!!!

  3. lurking4life says

    Not surprised in the least. Everything about her and her famewhore little brother seems contrived.

  4. winona says

    Brandy, of course, with Ryan Press. They’ve been engaged nearly a year with no movement forward.

  5. UnbotheredB says

    She: Brandy
    He: Ryan Press

    Brandy had a show when she was younger “Moesha”. That’s the first person I thought of

  6. mugofmead111 says

    She: Brandy Norwood (better known as just “Brandy”. Her show was Moesha.)

    He: Ryan Press

  7. UnbotheredB says

    Clue : “clueless” there was a crossover episode between these two shows “Moesha” and “Clueless”

  8. memetimes says

    First time post:

    R&B Singer : Brandy Norwood
    R&B Singer Show as Teenager : Moesha
    Music Executive Fiancee : Ryan Press

  9. kcphilly says

    She: Brandy

    He: Ryan Press

    Got engaged last winter. She had one faux husband when she got pregnant, broken engagement after to an NBA player. Hmm she doesn’t have the best taste in guys.

  10. Nic81 says

    Brandy and Ryan Press

    She told People magazine that she was head over heels in love. Also, they have been engaged for over a year and the wedding keeps getting postponed

  11. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    This is Brandy and her dude Ryan Press. Thats unfortunate because she appears to be a nice person.

  12. Diva Jones says

    Hi Ace! First time poster but reading and loving your blog for two years now.

    My guess is:

    She: Brandy Norwood

    He: Ryan Press

  13. Elesdee says

    So with Google as our friend…

    She: Brandy
    He: Ryan Press

    She had the kiddie sitcoms and has since returned to acting according to Wikipedia. Also, I found articles which quote her as saying she “almost gave up on love”.

    Plus, he produced his last album in 2007.

    (Yes, I am that bored. Yes, I have to study. :/)

  14. nlx says

    Had a feeling this was about Brandy before I even opened it.
    I thought of her and this engagement last week.
    I doubt they that they’ll get married.