Naked Airplane

airplane 5[MidDay] Now, who doesn’t like to get cosy on a cold flight with a good book to catch up on? But this senior Bollywood actor decided to go a step ahead on his recent trip back from Kolkata to Mumbai.

Apparently the actor, who is set to make his Bollywood comeback soon, was part of a group of stars invited to the City of Joy to participate in the recently concluded Durga Puja proceedings.

The actor, who was incidentally accompanied by his wife on the flight, asked the cabin crew for some in-flight magazines.

Says an onlooker, “While his wife was catching up on some sleep, the actor seemed to have a gala time pouring through pictures of semi-nude models in the magazine. Those around him turned red in embarrassment. He would tear out the pictures, neatly fold them and stuff them in his pockets.”

As bizarre as it sounds, the actor’s wife apparently realised what her husband was up to but decided to stay mum in front of everyone else.

Perhaps, she wanted to have a private conversation with her husband, once they were within the confines of their home?


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  1. Katmandu says

    Hahahahaha!!!!! No idea, but I must say it sounds positively quaint – a married man tearing out pictures of ‘semi-nude’ models out of a magazine! It doesn’t take much to fire up the men of India, does it? No wonder the population there has exploded.

  2. captworth says

    You say senior. Amitabh Bachchan is older, is noted to be a devout Hindu is married and has been semi-retired for awhile.

    Salman Khan is also a senior and has had some notable troubles and makes few films due to his problems.
    Are we talking men in their 50s or older?

  3. snowwhite says

    It can’t be Ajay Devgan..his wife celebrated Durga Puja in mumbai. This is neither Amitabh or Salman both are too busy to indulge in cheap thrills, anyhow Salman is single. Can’t make out who this man is…