Cheating In The White House

white house 1[Politico] During her three years editing’s Washington-based media blog, FishbowlDC, Betsy Rothstein earned her fans and detractors and proved that, in a town of careful tip-toeing, there was plenty of attention to be had by not pulling any punches.

Rothstein’s snarky and, at times, controversial style found her in hot water on a few occasions, but also engendered her to many who found her blunt approach refreshing.

Q: Before we leave, give me a blind item that you always wanted to run but didn’t.

A: What White House Correspondent cheated on his wife with another White House Correspondent?

Married Male Correspondent:

Correspondent with whom he cheated:

You can read the entire interview on Politico.

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23 comments to Cheating In The White House

  • Charity

    Engendered her? Did you mean endeared? LOL Maybe you need a thesaurus?

  • What Had Happened Was ...

    Wow, this is juicy! Best guess:

    Jake Tapper
    Dana Bash

  • PapillonLover

    Wendell Goler
    Helen Thomas

  • DivaKarma

    John King (Divorced Dana Bash)
    No Clue???

  • exnetworkpro

    Hmm…since it doesn’t say if the married couple is still married or has since divorced, I will guess:

    Married male WH correpsondent: John King
    Correspondent with whom he cheated: Jessica Yellin

    KIng was married for a hot minute to Dana Bash in 2011 (another CNN WH correspondent) and then separated in March 2012. One wonders why they gave up so quickly after having a child. Maybe this is why?

  • lepidoteran

    Sam Donaldson
    Helen Thomas

  • reen57

    Not a whole lot of guesses here. I like the Sam and Helen guess. Just because it’s so unbelievable.

  • Vagabondage

    I’ll go with the John King guess as the male correspondent. He and Dana Bash split not too long after they had a child, which was surprising, since he had converted to Judaism to marry her. As to the third party, no clue.

  • Veralynn

    Mike Viqueira (Al Jazeera, formerly of NBC Network)
    and Dana Bash (CNN)

    She did have a short run with John King…

    Mike is a Wshington insider…good looking, and has been married a long time. It was time for an affair?!

  • whowassheilahgraham

    Brianna Keller from CNN and Ed Henry from Fox.

  • What Had Happened Was ...

    On second thought, I think the married male correspondent might be John King. He was actually my first choice, but I couldn’t work out who the other party could be.

    Also, wasn’t there a blind some time ago about a news anchor having an affair with either a coworker or a coworker of his wife? I vaguely recall something like that. I thought it was King then, too.