The Singer and The Dancer Cut A Shocking Deal

girl dancing 2SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] This popular male singer is completely reckless and out of control.

We believe that there are many reasons for this: Dr*gs. Alcohol. Bad friends. Too much fame too early in his life. Too much money. Not enough people willing to say “No” to him. Too many girls who are willing to have unprotected sex with him.

One of the women with whom he has been having sex is a pretty young dancer who used to work at a very popular L.A. hotspot. He caught her act several times and soon asked her to join his tour.

She wasn’t just a dancer on his payroll. She was also his sexual partner in between his trysts with other girls. Yes, there are always lot of girls. Our guy has a voracious sexual appetite.

Very recently (within the past few weeks), our dancer discovered that she was pregnant by the singer. Oops.

His management team told her exactly what they expected from her. Baby? No! She would get an ab*rtion, and in return, she would get a lump sum of cash and she would get to keep her  job.

She initially refused the offer. The management doubled their efforts. They told her that if she didn’t get an ab*rtion, that she would be fired from the tour and that they would make sure that she never worked professionally again (No, we don’t know exactly how they were going to ensure that happened).

This is a young girl with no money, no higher education, and no job skills except dancing. She was up against a rich and powerful celebrity and his rich and influential management team. She took the deal. She had the ab*rtion just a few weeks ago… and went right back out on tour with him as one of his dancers.



It’s Justin Bieber! Source:

InTouch ran a story yesterday about Justin Bieber getting three girls pregnant.

Justin Bieber—Two Secret Pregnancies EXPOSED!

justin bieber 5Justin Bieber has hidden several scandals for years, but the truth is now coming out!

As In Touch exclusively reported, he almost became a dad at 17 when girlfriend Selena Gomez got pregnant, but suffered a miscarriage two months later. Selena’s representatives denied the pregnancy.

Now, an insider exclusively reveals in the new issue an even bigger bombshell — the pop star has gotten two other women pregnant since he rose to fame in 2010 — but the news never became public, as Team Bieber rushed to cover up the pregnancies to protect the star and his image.

“He just expects his team to handle it,” a source exclusively tells In Touch.

“It’s horrible,” a source familiar with the situation tells the mag. The two other paternity claims were “dealt with,” another insider tells In Touch, adding that women who say Justin has gotten them pregnant are investigated and — if their claims have merit — are “taken care of financially” without ever coming into contact with Justin again.

Justin’s rep had no comment when asked about the pregnancies.

Our blind item from last year was indeed about one of the the two “other” girls.

None of these pregnancies are surprising. Bieber is constantly using alcohol or drugs; he has lots of willing partners; he never uses a condom; and he knows that his team will handle any pregnancies that do occur.

Although Bieber fans may blame the girls – or try to accuse them of trying to trap Bieber or blackmail him – we know that was definitely not the case with this girl! While we will not disclose her name, we will tell you that she was of legal age when this incident occurred; that she had slept with him before; that she did not plan to get pregnant; and that she was very upset when she found out that she was pregnant.

Bieber’s team had a very interesting approach for handling her. They started out acting in a supposedly kind (but manipulative) way. They told her that they were very concerned for her. They told her that it was a shame that the pregnancy would ruin her body and that all her hard work to become a dancer would go to waste.

Those arguments certainly hit home with her as she had spent years training to become a dancer. However, when she balked at getting an ab*rtion, their tactics changed from manipulative to threatening.

Bieber’s team told her that she would be fired from the tour. They told her that she would have no money, no job, and no support from anyone on the tour. They told her that the other dancers would ostracize her. They told her that Bieber would never speak to her again. They told her that they would make sure that she never worked professionally again.

It was the overwhelming fear of being blackballed by the industry that proved the motivating factor for her to acquiesce to their demands.

She did sign a confidentiality agreement, so she will not be doing any interviews about her personal relationship with Bieber, the pregnancy, the ab*rtion, or the terms of their agreement. However, we do know that she did keep her job as a dancer… and that the payoff was in the one-million-dollar range.

GadgetGal was first with the correct guess. Kudos to those of you who picked up on the “Baby? No!” clue.

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    • PandoraWolf says

      First, it pains me that Bieber is considered “popular”.

      Second, she should have kept the kid and f***ed Biebs HARD for support. I’m pretty sure that if she had real skills as a dancer, she would be able to find another gig working for someone else – there are FEMALE performers, too, that won’t impregnate you and force/bribe/blackmail you into an abortion for God’s sake!!!!!!! She should have just run her mouth and REFUSED to shut up.

      Or if you had a fat child support check every month, become a dance teacher and make a respectable living.

  1. gadgetgal says

    Let’s hope Justin Bieber implodes sooner rather than later before another person gets hurt.

    • buttercup says

      If it’s Biebs, wouldn’t that just be so Morrissettely ironic given his mom’s book about being a good Christian and not aborting him when she was a teenage mom?

    • pumpkin says

      His mother is extremely “pro life” and so, supposedly, is Justin.

      Asked about abstinence, Bieber responded, “I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them.” He said he does not “believe in abortion” and that it is “like killing a baby”.

      Maybe his mom should have worked harder at raising an respectful and honorable child.

      • la.dolce.vita says

        “Bieber responded, “I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them.””

        LOL I just had a good laugh. We all know he doesn’t practice what he preaches so I would not be surprised at all if this was him trying to blackmail a girl into abortion.

        This kid needs to fall from society’s grace and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around him after all.

  2. GrannyGoose says

    Sounds like Justin Bieber to me. He’s under 25, which explains his “voracious sexual appetite”

  3. nellyboo says

    Chris Brown

    This shit happens with basketball players and other pro-athletes all the time. Actually with celebrities in general. I’m not exactly sure why anyone would be shocked by this??

  4. LeahLynn28 says

    Justin Bieber?His management team would be evil enough to treat that poor girl…nobody there says no to him,and he is out of control already,doing drugs and consuming alcohol,even being underage.
    If i were her,i’d quit and raise the baby without his money.Even without higher education,she would still find a job…she’s still young.This blind is sad,that was her baby,and she should have said no to them and quit the job.The baby should be more important than this job.Sad.
    This management team is lame…disgusting.

  5. TeacherKat says

    Justin Bieber. Just because he fits the description and the use of “baby? no!” references his song. Such a sad, messed up situation….

  6. Nic81 says

    Justin Bieber is my guess for the out of control singer.
    No idea about the dancer, but that is one messed up story.

  7. angelpops says

    Please. This woman is not a victim. There are always choices in life, and she is just as culpable as he is. So he didn’t want a baby and a baby momma. Of course he didn’t. She could have still made the other choice if she had wanted to.

      • LooLoo says

        He and his team should never have acted that way in a million years, but yes, she could have made another choice. It’s true.

      • Booboo1068 says

        Yes, they may have a point BUT I’ve walked in those shoes and got pregnant very young. I was SCARED and CONFUSED and being judged by some. Thank god I had others who stood by me and offered compassion and support. Still any choice you make has life time repercussions. Trust me. She was facing a tough situation. and lesson that will stay with her a lifetime. We haven’t walked in her shoes. Cut her some slack. Hopefully if Justin makes it to his 30’s or even older, and sobers up, he will start to regret some of his behaviour but right now he doesn’t know better and those around him won’t call him out for his own good because he’s a cash cow just like so many before him. Sadly, his addictions may put him in the ‘died too young’ club.

    • CoCoJoe says

      Yeah, but she is working in an isolated setting: not around her friends and family, but on his travelling circus. She probably will regret it, but I put this on him. This is the definition of an imbalance of power. This is why bosses should not fool around with employees, ministers with their congregation and teachers with their students.

      • Booboo1068 says

        Well said. I think we’re in the minority though. I’m not trying to sound preachy but it is so easy to harshly judge and forget we don’t know what we don’t know.

  8. Ana-nj says

    I’m pretty sure this is Justin Bieber. He’s out of control, doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and a spoiled brat.

  9. LawLady says

    I’m guessing Justin Beiber but I don’t know the girl.

    My first guess was Chris Brown but he’s a rapper.

    Either way and it’s awful of them to do this to her and take advantage of her not knowing better. Had she known better, she would have known SHE would have ruled HIM by having his child. Probably would have never had to work again.

  10. katt388 says

    Justin Bieber. When are his 15 min of fame going to expire? Someone should give him Michael Jackson’s life story to read (that is if he can read) to see how he ended up, and MJ HAD REAL TALENT

    • travoltasbeard says

      Be careful what you wish for!

      Just remember, once his 15 minutes of fame are up, some other idiots will begin. I remember way back in my younger days people wanting that shallow, vapid, Hilton girl to disappear! She Has! and was replaced by…Kim K. and family!

      Stupid people need heroes too!!! (And always will)

    • Me Talk Pretty says

      The “too much fame too early in his life” part is what makes me think Beiber, I forgot to say.

  11. jacqueline says

    Justin Bieber – use of word ‘believe’ in second para, isn’t that the name of his tour?

  12. Fergus says

    Dr*gs. Alcohol. Bad friends. Too much fame too early in his life. Too much money. Not enough people willing to say “No” to him.

    Sounds like Biebs.