He Is Blackmailing Barneys

[Hollywood Street King] “He keeps them blue pills on deck to let the younger chicks have it.” – Anonymous

James Brown told our blind item subject to get his first perm. Know why? Because The Godfather of Soul recognized a real playa when he met our mystery man.

When LisaRaye crossed paths with the Reverend — whose 13-years her senior — it wasn’t long before he was paying her to hit that. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Roland Martin.

During the early 80′s he made the FBI’s hit list. That’s when the Feds tried settin’ the brother up — using an undercover posing as a South American drug kingpin — who offered up our blind item subject “thousands of dollars” for him to arrange a top c*caine connect. The operation went bust. Know why? Because this Brooklyn brother smelled a rat and walked away from the sting.

Today, he’s banking on Jay Z to persuade Barneys to cut him a check (straight pimp’in), promising Barneys’ New Slave he’ll make the boycott go away.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


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    • jocar says

      I recently saw Rev Run with his son Diggy in the A&P in NJ near where he lives. It was cute b/c he was at the self check-out and he finally turned to the attendant and said “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

  1. mugofmead111 says

    Blackmailer: Rev Al Sharpton

    There have been at least two incidents in the news of alleged racial profiling of African-Americans who had legitimately purchased items at Barneys in NYC. The boycott is in relation to this.

  2. jocar says

    Someone should tell blackmailer wannabe Al Sharpton that James Brown said that ish 50+ years ago and he should cut it all off his head now! What a despicable human being.

  3. VexTheVixen says

    Al Sharpton – he is 13 years older than LisaRaye and uses the stipulation of Reverend and is always looking for ways to stir up controversy to make a buck (honest or otherwise; i.e. blackmail) and was born in Brooklyn.

  4. Aiko says

    The answer is the Rev. Al Sharpton.

    Al Sharpton had long-time ties to James Brown. Not surprised read any of this.

  5. KathyP says

    This is none other than the Rev. Al Sharpton. Disgraced race hustler a/l/a Tawana Brawley, Crown Heights riot and numerous other despicable scandals.

  6. Best Man says

    One of the best In Living Color skits was about a fasting protest led by Rec Al Sharpton. Everyone is fasting and he has food lined in his trench coat. and He keeps sneaking bites when no one is looking. The best was the chicken rotisserie he was basting in a newspaper stand. LOL Miss that show.

    I saw him once in NYC. It was before he lost weight. He was a short wall!

  7. lily is my puppy says

    Al Sharpton, who, by the way, at one point owed months of back rent to a former landlord.

  8. stonn says

    I never liked Al Sharpton, ever!! I always knew he was nothing but a slickster and a con man, he doesn’t care about helping black folks, he’s just all about himself!

  9. aspecialsonia says

    Blackmailer: Al Sharpton

    From Brooklyn, James Brown told him to get a perm, and, “Reverend”. In the current Barney’s racial scandal that Jay-Z is currently being criticized for about his deal with Barney’s as a result, Al Sharpton has been said as “backing him up.” Another clue, “boycott” and “slave” hint to how he was involved he was with the whole Martin Luther King Jr. situation.

    • Christian says

      Uh… Sharpton had nothing to do with Martin Luther King Jr., and I’m not sure what “slave” is supposed to be a hint pointing at MLK either.

  10. truthgal says

    If this is Rev. Sharpton…and I think it is…this is a disgusting way to make money for HIM….and sadly, typical of what a once noble cause has denigraded to.

  11. Fergus says

    Barney’s need to put George Zimmerman on the front door, and give him a pic of Al in case he comes sniffing around.

  12. jackballjonez says

    when they use the progress they have made in the name of Martin Luther King and those who have fought for equality.. they deserve to regress back 100 years or more, DISGUSTING.

  13. shauxnough says

    Mission accomplished: Barney’s employees are saying the police did the racial profiling, not the employees. Heard it on the news this morning. And of course Al Sharpton is involved and issued some BS statement.

  14. Orayne says

    This is the standard Rev Jackson shake down. Read the book about him, he has done this to major corporations around the country. It is the only way he could get any real money.

  15. ClosetOrganizer says

    Rev. Al Sharpton. Really hope this isn’t the case. It’s the last thing the black community needs right now is another scandal involving (self-appointed) civil rights leaders.