He Is Blackmailing Barneys

[Hollywood Street King] “He keeps them blue pills on deck to let the younger chicks have it.” – Anonymous

James Brown told our blind item subject to get his first perm. Know why? Because The Godfather of Soul recognized a real playa when he met our mystery man.

When LisaRaye crossed paths with the Reverend — whose 13-years her senior — it wasn’t long before he was paying her to hit that. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Roland Martin.

During the early 80′s he made the FBI’s hit list. That’s when the Feds tried settin’ the brother up — using an undercover posing as a South American drug kingpin — who offered up our blind item subject “thousands of dollars” for him to arrange a top c*caine connect. The operation went bust. Know why? Because this Brooklyn brother smelled a rat and walked away from the sting.

Today, he’s banking on Jay Z to persuade Barneys to cut him a check (straight pimp’in), promising Barneys’ New Slave he’ll make the boycott go away.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


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