1. redstilettos says

    Going to guess the singer/guitarist for Green Day (can’t remember his name) since they had an album called “Dookie.” But is he married to a socialite?

  2. iyamrocky says

    Oh, why do I want so much for this to be Paul McCartney?
    Married to socialite Nancy Shevell.
    No idea who friend would be.
    (Says New York based – could be right now, doesn’t mean that’s where they went to school. Also “shat” is British term.)
    Probably not. But what a kick if it was…

  3. WaitLemmeGuess says

    I don’t know who it is, but I know who it isn’t. Not from New York:

    Green Day (Berkeley, CA)
    Chris Martin/Coldplay (England)
    Good Charlotte/Madden brothers (Maryland)
    Bon Jovi/Richie Sambora (New Jersey)
    Mick Jones (England)

    • iyamrocky says

      It could be read that the friend from school is currently in New York. If so, then the school could have been anywhere.

  4. hbrown says

    Laughing hard at some of theses ideas, especially at the idea of anybody of Paul McCartney’s age from Liverpool being in anyone’s pool. We had the municipal (council run, public) swimming pools and that was it. Just post-war northern England? Houses with swimming pools? hahahhah hahhahaha hahahhah hahahaha.

    I am assuming guitarist was also from NY, but maybe not. I will eat all of my hats if this is Macca though.

  5. scumby says

    I misread it. Apparently the friend is female. Then I will say
    Nick Valensi- The Strokes
    Amanda deCadenet,
    Claire Danes