Top Actress Used Secret Sex Parties To Land Roles

woman whip[Fox News] In Hollywood, when the cameras stop rolling, some stars go home to their husbands, wives and children.

Others take a detour to invite-only parties where anything goes, including group sex, S&M, drugs, hookers, and every kind of debauchery.

Welcome to the secret sex societies of the entertainment industry.

E! News explores the underground phenomenon in a new series of two-hour specials, “Secret Societies of Hollywood,” premiering on Thursday. “Within these exclusive members-only organizations, the search for excess can be found everywhere,” the network claims. “From notorious Hollywood madams like Heidi Fleiss, who was believed to have supplied prostitutes for many big name stars, to an underground society of people who celebrate their love of bondage and other bizarre sexual tastes at parties that rotate from clubs and mansions to all over the city.”

FOX411 talked to one of the Hollywood insiders interviewed on “Secret Societies,” who said the modern proliferation of paparazzi and tabloid journalism has forced more and more stars — gay and straight, young and old — to pursue their sordid interests behind closed, very high, very thick, doors.

“Law enforcement stays away as they have no right to do anything regarding a house party, and there is usual careful discretion with these types of parties to make sure that there is nothing that could warrant unwanted attention,” said alternative sentencing expert Wendy Feldman.

Sources tell FOX411 that code words are used to gain entrance to the ultra-secret soirees, sometimes called “NH” parties, for “Never Happened.” One well-placed entertainment insider told us that one of the biggest A-list actresses in the entertainment industry today was notorious for frequenting S&M clubs when trying to get bigger and better roles in the not-too-distant past.

“She was famous for her escapades, it was right up her street,” the insider said of the star.


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  1. lobsterbabe says

    This sounds like Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox. Although with Angelina’s dad beng Jon Voight I can’t imagine her struggling to make it and Megan Fox isn’t considered A-list I don’t think. My money’s on Anglelina

    • thelasthigh says

      I would’ve totally agreed except that Angelina’s been A-List since her Oscar win in 1999, so that doesn’t fit the “not too distant past”.

      I’ll guess Mara Rooney!

    • U2Me3 says

      This isn’t Jolie. In the past she was very open about going to S&M clubs in NYC. She talked about liking S&M in a number of interviews and it’s the only reason anyone knows about it. She’s never tried to hide it and obviously didn’t care that people knew. She also never traded on her father’s name to get roles so why would she go to secret sex clubs to get them? She purposefully dropped Voight from her last name to avoid having to deal with cronism. People can accuse Jolie of all kinds of crap but she’s never had to sleep with anyone to get a role. She once threw a fit at an audition because a director asked her if she was Voight’s daughter and then proceeded to ask her about her father instead of letting her audition so she yelled at him and stormed out. Her manager had to placate the director and get her a second audition. For the record she got the part and won an Emmy for it. It was a George Wallace biopic in 1997.

  2. kins says

    Now the outfit in this picture sways me towards Hallie Berry, but I’m actually more inclined to say Angelina Jolie cos this just sounds like her thing.

    • terry123 says

      Yes it does just sound like her kind of thing, something she would do for kicks but would she do it just to further her career, that is the only part that does not sound like her – would she do it when trying “to get bigger and better roles in the not-too-distant past”. I wonder….

  3. AliekaZola says

    I’m guessing Angelina Jolie, that outfit in the picture is almost like the one from Mr & Mrs Smith… and word on the street is that she’s a ‘freak-a-leek’

    • terry123 says

      That is a good guess.
      While Angelina is supposed to be freaky – Sharon Stone is freaky AND super ambitious. I could see her doing anything/everything to get ahead. AJ was born into show business, she didn’t really have to claw her way to the top – her clawing was prob just for fun and games.

      • PinkSlip says

        No you missed the “not to distant past” line…Sharon Stone is way beyond that point…no go.

    • stanton says

      Its “Halle”. Remember her “Hit & run”? Remember who helped her out of the mess? Freaky Warren Beatty who “Halle” Thanked when she won the Academy Award..

  4. GrannyGoose says

    My guess is former Desperate Housewife, Eva Longoria. It has been long rumoured that she is sexually “adventurous” and that she and Tony Parker were swingers. Clue is “right up her street”

    • PandoraWolf says

      I just saw an article in the Daily Mail this morning where I guess she is talking about some movie where she almost “killed herself” doing a stunt. The photo next to the article has her in a black latex catsuit. Not sure if she’s an A lister though.

    • GayleStorm says

      I agree that “up her street” is a clue, being that it stands out as awkward. The common idiom would be, “up her alley”.

      I’m going for a run, so I will give it some thought. Wait, wait….no, I run to wash this sort of thing out of my brain! lol Unicorns, butterflies, and rainbows…lalalalala.

    • happybee says

      She is the first one I thought of too because I think it suggests a newer star… however I don’t think it’s actually her.

    • MsAlamode says

      I think so too. The timeline fits, and she made a movie called “House at the End of the Street” that fits in with the clue

  5. bananas says

    Anne Hathaway? From when she was trying to be cast as Cat Woman, perhaps…Getting a Cat Woman vibe off of the pic, too. The mention of not-too-distant past makes me think its someone on this year’s A-List that’s a bit younger.

  6. Zander24 says

    Angelina Jolie. I believe there have has been at least one tape of her talking about S & M in a small group setting.

  7. lily is my puppy says

    Meryl Streep

    (joking, of course)

    actual first person who came to my mind: Nicole Kidman

  8. ccincanada says

    Gotta be Angelina Jolie.
    That whip is not only S&M-ish, it’s also a clue for her Tomb raider role. 😉

  9. moxiegumption says

    It’s that naughty minx Angelina Jolie. I’ve heard that her signature move was/is to bite someone lightly on the neck, declare they’re hot, and invite them to a ‘private party in the hills.’

    • PinkSlip says

      Too distant….the line says “not too distant past” …. these women are in their 50s….we’re looking at someone fresher…

    • mugofmead111 says

      Julia’s been A-list for decades. I doubt she would have to resort to such measures to secure plum roles in “the not-too-distant past”.

  10. I Am PunkA says

    Jolie comes to mind, obviously. She has no problem with kink and fetish.

    2nd choice would be Cameron Diaz. Over 40, still single,admits to being willing to travel for sex. And the fact she has the career she does, this could explain it.

  11. jakefrmstfarm says

    The costume reminds me of cat woman, so maybe Halle Berry or the “goody good” Anne Hathaway?

  12. mugofmead111 says

    Fox News is spotlighting this?

    Not surprised this sort of thing goes on; look at the story with Jeri Ryan and her politician ex Jack Ryan.

    Whoever this actress is probably haven’t been A-list for years (like Julia Roberts or even Angelina).

    This is a wild guess: Jennifer Lawrence? She starred in House at the End of the Street. I am assuming “She was famous for her escapades, it was right up her *street*” (instead of “right up her alley”) is a clue. Otherwise, I have no idea.

  13. jocar says

    “right up her street” could be a play on “block” as in Jenny from the Block, J-Lo. Never thought that she was a spectacular actress or singer so it makes sense to me.

    • mugofmead111 says

      I heard speculation of J. Lo and a casting couch when her career (music and acting) just started to get hot. I dunno whether she would still have to do that to get roles in “the not-too-distant-past”.

  14. Legendary Brolly says

    Im surprised no one has mentioned Kstew. Thats who I think it is. Remember that article came out about how her and rob where swingers, and sexually liberated. And she played that wild chick in on the road.

    • missmissy says

      This is a good one. except for the fact that she had films as a child. I think this was someone older starting out.

  15. Sequoia says

    We already knew this about the bizarre and kinky AngieJ… So… Could this be about the goody-two-shoe phoney-baloney Catwoman Anne Hatha-WAY (right up her street, like an alley cat?). Or — could it be the aforementioned “House at the End of the Street” reference to Jennifer Lawrence… Hmm.

    • Legendary Brolly says

      Bling Gossip didnt write this blind. Anytime a blind has been written by another site, I never look for clues because that site might not operate the way BG does.

  16. Best Man says

    It’s always the uptight looking ones that you wouldn’t expect. I’d say Reese Witherspoon or Gwyneth Paltrow.

    I saw that video tape of Reese in Altanta… Just sayin’ : )

  17. Cranny says

    I thought of Halle Berry or Michelle Pfeiffer, than I thought of Uma Thurman. But I decide to go with Carrie-Anne Moss. She was in Matrix Trilogies. and she was in Street Justice. Just a guess. :)

  18. sb17 says

    It says “trying to get bigger and better roles in the not-too-distant past.” so it has to be someone way more new on the A-list scene.

    maybe Mila Kunis or Jennifer Lawrence?

  19. KatarinaJ says

    I think Halle Berry is submissive in bed…. my guess.

    Sandra Bullock vibes totally asexual to me. Anne Hathaway has that bitchy air… elitist, a bit crazy.

    I was a professional dominatrix for a decade and this is my read on it. Angie all the way. I think she totes the freak out w Brad a lot!

    • shauxnough says

      Its been my experience that female victims abused by men in early years tend to be submissive in bed. I could be wrong, its just a recurring thing that Ive seen in my experience.

    • 2BEAUCOUP says

      Does that mean Ryan likes to be tied up and ravished.
      Now that movie would “PACK’M IN”in many more ways than one!!!!!!

  20. KittiePunk says

    Scarlett Johansson it seems to be someone who isn’t that old and she wore an outfit similar in the avengers if not her Emma Roberts?

  21. rudy says

    Has to be a young a list actress. In the ‘not too distant past’ she went to BDSM clubs.

    Kristen Stewart.

  22. stonn says

    Anne “Catwoman” Hathaway. I remember way back when she was dating that guy who went to prison for fraud, and it was mentioned that he had taken some bondage type photos of Hathaway clad in leather. Doesn’t anyone else remember this?

  23. stanton says

    Hollywood is not the only place in the world that has this type of behavior. Just google whatever your into and the city you live in (Or big city you live near by) and you will find freaks all over!

  24. DonnaStarla says

    I’m going to be different and say Catherine Zeta Jones. Her hubby starred in the “Wall Street” movies.

  25. jasper says

    “trying to get bigger and better roles in the not-too-distant past.”
    To me, this hints at one of the X-Women in “Days of Future Past”, which does include former whip-wielding Catwoman, Halle “Storm” Berry. I’m not ruling out a few of her X-men co-stars, though. January Jones, who plays the usually dominatrix clad White Queen, and is in 1960s era Mad Men, also comes to mind. Not necessarily either of them, but those are the first two that come to my mind.

    Hathaway is a good guess, too, as stonn mentions.

    Honestly? I have heard of these clubs/get togethers before, but it’s usually about the MEN getting their freak on.

  26. adorkablefatty85 says

    Gonna say Anne Hathaway. Looks like the catwoman suit n if it were Halle, I’d expect Caramel skin in the pic.

  27. Katmandu says

    Good Lord, is that picture above actually Emma WATSON? Ewwwwwwwwww, that besmirches her, Dan Rad, and the whole Harry Potter franchise, ewwwwwwwwwww. ……. my guess for the freak-o is, of course, Angelina, why not? Though how she finds time and energy for all this stuff……

  28. shauxnough says

    I think maybe Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman? Ooh Stonn. Anne Hathaway is a great guess. And the catwoman pic ties it all together.

  29. BoredPerson123 says

    I’m guessing Angelina Jolie. Like everyone else said, the outfit basically gives everything away.

  30. Heilige Bimbam says

    Although Jolie might be a sexually adventurous type, it says here someone ” needing bigger and better parts in the not so distant past “This can’t be Jolie who has been A-List for years and moved on to add directing to her achievements. She goes home after work to her fiance and six children. This is definitely NOT Jolie. Has to be a younger actress, still trying to remain relevant, and unlikely to have children.

  31. mugofmead111 says

    I don’t think it’s Angelina either.

    1. Angelina already has a reputation for being a freak…with men, women, and some suspected with her own brother! :) That guess would be too easy.

    2. The time line of the BI (‘not too distant past’) doesn’t fit either. A peek on IMDB shows that she didn’t have any acting credits in 2012 or 2013. Also re: “one of the biggest A-list actresses in the entertainment industry today ” – Angie has been A-list for a while.

    3. I don’t think she has to resort to such tricks (no pun intended) to get “bigger and better roles” at this point.

  32. KatarinaJ says

    Maybe I should change my guess to KStew. the girl has no talent and is non descript pretty at best. This kind of thing would go a long way in explaining how she ever made it big. Plus her cold bored air is one classic version of a Domme and she could trade on so called sexual favors without actually ever having to have sex…. if she knew what she was doing. Holding out, disinterest, coupled with denial, tease, all that allows a dominant female (in disguise as one or as a real one) to keep a distance and allure. I knew there had to be some cosmic reason Kristen Stewart was A list…. like she sold her soul to the devil… or this lol.

  33. LulaPatella says

    k. Stew. She was in the movie, ‘On the Road’, and that outfit looks like something she wore as Joan Jett in The Runaways.

  34. JHntr113 says

    Charlize Theron? I recall she did a BDSM-themed photo shoot with Michael Fassbender not too long ago, and she looked way comfortable in all those shots…

  35. Winky Vitalic says

    Without question, this is Jennifer Lawrence. Her sudden rise to A-list status is her own doing, and she will just as easily undo it in the not-so-distant future, mark my words. She’ll be doing infomercials before you know it. Watch and learn boys and girls.