Cat Q and A

cat 2[Blind Gossip] An anonymous assistant who worked for an executive producer of a major national news show told Fortune in 2009 about the bigwig’s strange requests.

He allegedly wanted the assistant to have conversations with each of his cats, which included pre-scripted chats and questions. The boss then supposedly asked his assistant to report back revealing how each cat “responded.”



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  1. mugofmead111 says

    I have no guesses, but the idea of a “Cat Q & A” sounds cute…unless the producer was a total jerk about it.

    • MaryRead says

      Based on my work experience, this is what I am guessing the situation is:

      The celeb probably made this ridiculous request to see if s/he could trust his or her assistant. Celebs often “leak” information to test whether or not they can trust people in their circles to keep quiet or if they are going to run to the tabs.

      The cat story is just wacky enough that the assistant could have made a few bucks off of it had s/he approached a tab with it. But: if that had leaked to the tabs at that time, it would have been easy enough for the celeb to brush off as crazy talk, and they would know to fire the assistant for being indiscreet. Given that it didn’t (at the time), that means the assistant probably passed a certain trust test for the celeb.

  2. sugarbread says

    matt lauer is known to like a lot of pussy
    I had no Idea he cared so much about their feelings!!!
    you big softy matt!!!

    jk!!! I’m guessing lorne micheals for reelz though. he seems totes kooky!!

  3. jocar says

    A quick search shows that some 90’s rappers who are trying for a comeback are JaRule, Methodman and Redman. Hope it isn’t Ja. I am rooting for him since his release from prison. Don’t wish being a crackhead on anyone though. Here’s hoping they can stop before it’s too late.

  4. timesink says

    As a cat lover, I don’t find this strange at all. This assistant should be happy (and not rat out her/his boss) to be paid to talk to cats. This is at worst harmless. Imagine what other Hollywood bosses ask of their assistants. I certainly am not paid to have convos with my cats (which I often do). This ungrateful employee should count their blessings. That said, I guess John Tomlin co executive producer of the Animal Planet show “must Love Cats”.

    • queenlaura says

      agree 100% !!! at first place being a PA by default equals “paid slave to various cuckoos”. this is a bit crazy but also kind of sweet. not like buying drugs for your client,or pimping,or flushing the toilet after them,or God knows what freaking else

  5. Mrs Boaz says

    Well now..This Producer & his Assistant have successfully given “Batshyt Crazy” a whole new meaning! Crazy arse cretins! LOL! LOL! LOL!

  6. LeahLynn28 says

    Strange?That’s completely weird.Chats and questions for cats?How would they respond?This producer is nuts…

  7. ravenglass says

    Some of my best conversations have been with my cat.
    That cat in the picture could give Grumpy Cat a run for his money. He looks seriously pissed off.

  8. alisons says

    It’s actually fun to have a conversation with a cat! No matter what you say, they give you a look like “You are a total a-hole.” Kind of like talking to your ex! But fluffier! 😉

  9. rorythedragon says

    I can dig talking to any animal. What’s weird to me is that this is scripted. Why? Let the convo flow!