Warm Butter

butter 2[Blind Gossip] Lydia Whitlock worked as a Personal Assistant for five different parties in the movie industry. In her book, To My Assistant, she recounted one of the odd requests she had to fulfill during her time as a P.A.

“I had a boss who screamed at me once because the butter that came with his lunch was too warm. From then on, every day, I had to squeeze the packets of butter to make sure they were the right temperature.”


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14 comments to Warm Butter

  • robert3242

    I don’t see how this can make sense. Squeezing “packets of butter,” whatever those are, would warm them, not cool them.

    • wfreshie

      she had to feel the packets of butter (quickly) to make sure they were cold, but,not long enough to warm them in her habnds

    • la.dolce.vita

      When a packet of butter is cold, it is usually hard/firm. If it’s warm and has melted slightly it will be softer. So the assistant squeezes to test that it’s not soft and therefore not warm.

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    “Like butter” = Linda Richman who was played Mike Myers? Sorry, that’s all I got!

  • shelaur22

    No clue who this could be. That said?

    Well, yeah. Butter is supposed to be cold. Milk is supposed to be cold. Soup is supposed to hot, etc etc. I’m sure something was said to her, I mean, taking someone their lunch is actually part of her job. “Screamed at me” is most likely a huge exaggeration. Typical whiner who then turns around and tries to make a book out of not even being able to do menial tasks correctly and actually being told about it.

  • shhh123

    Boss: Mathew Fox.

    party of 5. It seems like something he would do.

  • whowassheilahgraham

    Screenwriter Jon Hurwitz who worked on the Harold and Kumar movies. Whitlock’s credited with assisting a co-producer, and he was a co-producer. He also looks like one of the 5 people in Hollywood who would eat butter.

  • MaryQuiteContrary

    This could literally be anyone.

  • sugarbread

    Michael bay overcompensating maybe??
    freud for the holidays??

  • dontpanik

    Nicole Brown

  • not_pennys_boat

    Mike Myers. A friend of a friend worked on a set with him a while back saying he was really strange and freaked out about his butter being too cold.