Band Hotel Drama Part 2


[Blind Gossip] So the band sneaked back into the hotel through the back entrance – leaving hundreds of disappointed fans outside – and were brought up to their rooms.

Although it is a large hotel, the band had reserved an entire floor for privacy. In addition to the band members, there were crew members, management, and a couple of female significant others along. Most people shared rooms. Pretty typical for a concert tour.

The “sleeping arrangements” were rather interesting. Each of the girls was assigned their own room, and the guys were assigned to single rooms or no rooms at all. Presumably, those without room assignments were going to be staying in the  rooms with the women.

But everyone didn’t exactly stay in the room to which they were assigned!

Some of the boys continued to party when they got back to the hotel. Yes, they had brought c*caine back with them. They were high out of their minds, running through the halls, banging on doors, and yelling, “Everybody up! Wake the fuck up!” wanting more company for their c*caine fest.

But the real drama came in the wee hours of the morning, when one of the women emerged from her room, crying. Her boyfriend had been doing c*ke for hours at that point, and wasn’t slowing down. She told the hotel staff that her boyfriend was high and wouldn’t let her go to sleep because he kept wanting to have sex. She had some kind of engagement to go to the next morning for her own career, and needed to be up early.

The hotel booked another room for her, her tears stopped, and she wound up sleeping solo in a room on a separate floor.



Crying Girlfriend:

zayn malik perrie edwardsSOLVED!

Band: One Direction

Boyfriend: Zayn Malik

Crying Girlfriend: Perrie Edwards

You already know from the first part of this story (Band Hotel Drama Part 1 ) that this is about One Direction in Cardiff, Wales in March of 2013.

Let’s talk about the room arrangements first. It is a hotel requirement that each room is booked under a specific name or names. However, that does not mean that everyone stayed in the room for which they were booked!

When they got to the hotel, the band had an entire floor to themselves. Included in this group were the five boys, their staff, Perrie Edwards from the band Little Mix (who was dating Zayn Malik), and Danielle Peazer (who was dating Liam Payne).

Liam had one room booked to himself in the hotel system. Niall had one room booked to himself. Louis and Zayn had one room booked together. Harry did not have a room booked at all. Perrie had one booked to herself. Danielle had one room booked to herself. Again, bookings do not reflect the actual sleeping arrangements.

So, where did everyone sleep? Well, Perrie might have stayed with Zayn. Danielle might have stayed with Liam. But where did Harry sleep? Poor guy. Didn’t even have a room booked for himself. Perhaps one of the other guys generously allowed Harry to stay in their room…

Let’s get back to the partying. As described above, the boys were completely out of control with their c*caine consumption that night. This leads us to the second part of this blind item: The Crying Girlfriend!

After several hours of this craziness, Perrie Edwards simply could not take any more of Zayn’s behavior. She cried to a staff member that he was coked out of his mind, demanding sex, and not allowing her to sleep (could you even imagine telling this to a complete stranger?). So the hotel arranged for her to have her own room on a separate floor, away from the Zayn, and away from the rest of the group so that she could catch a few winks.

Zayn and Perrie got engaged in August 2013, and Zayn still uses dr*gs, so perhaps Perrie has learned to adapt to the situation. We do not know if their stalling on the actual wedding for another year (“We’re just too busy to get married”) has anything to do with Zayn’s dr*g use.

Congratulations to Cupcakes for being first with the correct answer!

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156 comments to Band Hotel Drama Part 2

  • AreYouKiddingMePeople

    Not One Direction

  • cupcakes

    One Direction
    Zayn Malik
    Perrie Edwards

    • YoGo8c

      Seems it is about One Direction as per internet tattle.

      The strange thing is that if this is ‘on tour’ then their minders chaperone them to clubs so how/where have they gotten hold of loads of coke (allegedly) by slipping the minders? Unless it was a deadly day or whatever it is.

      This does, however, tie in with Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend Eleanor Calder leaving their hotel in a hurry in the US a few months ago (July/August?). Coincidence?

      Nothing bothers me as much as young people doing dangerous drugs. And unfortunetly this lifestyle promotes it. Their families need to intervene here if this is true. But we must also be aware these things can spring from rumours and gossip from the internet with no major foundation.

      • gludream

        Their minders are the ones getting drugs for them, they don’t go out and walk the street to score. Even when the band isnt into drugs the tour crew can have a lot of partiers, it’s the lifestyle that lends is self to drugs

    • dramallama

      ding ding ding we have a winner!

  • firewire

    Band: One Direction
    Boyfriend: Zayn Malik
    Crying girlfriend: Perrie Edwards

  • cadaver11

    Band: One Direction

    Boyfriend: Zayn Malik

    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie Edwards

  • francis

    Band: One Direction

    Boyfriend: Zayn Malik

    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie Edwards

  • cadaver11

    Band: The Wanted

    Boyfriend: Tom Parker

    Crying Girlfriend: Kelsey

  • nosecrets

    i hope this is just a rumour tbh, but:
    Band: One Direction
    Boyfriend: Zayn Malik
    Crying girlfriend: Perrie Edwards

    i hope they’re being careful with the drugs :s

  • clara

    One Direction
    Zayn Malik
    Perrie Edwards

  • sugarspice

    I’m not sure but I am guessing as below

    Band One Direction

    Boyfriend Zayn Malik/?Liam Payne

    Crying girlfriend Perrie Edwards/Danielle Peazer (would explain break up mid tour)

  • cadaver11

    Band: 5SOS

    Boyfriend: Ashton Irwin

    Crying Girlfriend: Don’t remember her name

  • Vixeth

    Band: One Direction

    Boyfriend: Zayn

    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie from Little Mix

  • josefaibanez

    not one direction.

  • autumning

    As much as I dont want it to be true…

    Band: One Direction
    Boyfriend: Zayn Malik
    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie Edwards

    I think that the boyfriend is Zayn Malik from One Direction because the article says that the girlfriend “had some kind of engagement to go to the next morning for her own career, and needed to be up early.” Perrie Edwards (Zayns Girlfriend) is in the girl band Little Mix.

  • theeboywiththecurls

    Band: One Direction
    Boyfriend: Zayn Malik
    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie Edwards

  • AreYouKiddingMePeople

    My mistake it def Is 1D and it was in Cardiff

    Band: One Direction

    Boyfriend: Zayn Malik

    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie Edwards

    Who is leaking all of this to you, a disgruntled employee?

  • Nyx

    Ok, now you got me confused …. I can only think that can be The Wanted. (Or Jonas Brothers)

  • crystalbluee

    Band: imma go with 1D

    Boyfriend: zayn malik

    Crying Girlfriend: perrie edwards

    pretty dissapointed to hear they are/were doing coke..

  • Band: One Direction

    Boyfriend: Zayn Malik

    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie Edwards


    Band:One Direction

    Boyfriend:Zayn Malik

    Crying Girlfriend:Perrie Edwards


  • heylos

    band: one direction
    bf: zayn
    gf: perrie

  • Angie.x

    Band: Jonas Brothers.

    Boyfriend: Joe Jonas.

    Crying Girlfriend: Blanda.

  • stolidog

    Wait. One of the One Directions guys is straight? hard ot believe.

  • letztenbrief

    Band: 1D

    Boyfriend: Zayn Malik

    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie Edwards


    • iPanderr

      It’s PR…Zayn kissed her on the cheek at the premiere, walked away and a PR member brought him back to kiss her again because it wasn’t lovey enough.

    • monica

      xoxostelabaltic: “And I highly doubt Zayn would actually listen to managment and get engaged to her if he didn’t want to.”

      Well…doesn’t that already say enough about how much YOU know when it comes to the entertainment industry’s dirty business? Sorry to break it to you, but there /is/ legitimate proof that does indeed represent Zerrie as a PR relationship. I’ve always believed the main reason people let it fly past them is because it’s an embedded mindset in the fandom – once you’re brainwashed it’s extremely difficult to step out of the fandom belief system and accept other highly probable possibilities, or more so open your eyes to what’s constantly been there. For me, the highly probable possibility is Zerrie for PR. Too many inconsistencies say what I don’t need to.

  • thelasthigh

    Band: One Direction in Spain

    Boyfriend: Zayn
    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie Edwards (the clue here is “some kind of engagment” – the couple is now engaged)

  • gossip babe

    Band:one direction

    Boyfriend:zayn malik

    Crying Girlfriend:perrie edwerds

  • carol15

    one direction

    zayn malik

    perrie edwards – little mix

  • LarryAndTheBeard

    It can’t be One Direction, Ace usually refers to the boys as boybanders. These are referred to as “a band”
    Also, we have been told that all of the 1D girlfriends are fakes. This blind says a few SO girls. Eleanor is Louis&Harry’s beard, Perrie is a PR stunt for Little Mix and Liam/Danielle are over(she has a dance career) while Sophia (his current(?) girlfriend doesn’t have a job in the media so she wouldn’t care about having to be up early)
    One Direction usually never meet fans outside hotels because it is too dangerous for everyone around. The first blind(part 1) said that they usually meet fans, 1D don’t.
    Ace also said that there were hundreds of fans outside. With 1D, it’s usually thousands. They said that some info began leaking (i think in part 1) but none of the information about 1D has leaked or began leaking so far, so it can’t be them really.

    Another thing about the GFs- Louis wouldn’t want to sleep with Eleanor (she is his beard) so he wouldn’t have been in the same room as her. Zayn and Perrie are not really together so he wouldn’t have wanted to have sex with her(and if he did, it would have been like a one night stand kind of thing, not a “my boyfriend is demanding sex.” since he is not her boyfriend. Perrie is also not on tour with 1D.

    It is no secret that the JoBros have a cocaine addiction. Nick is dating Olivia Cuplo (or I think he is anyways) and she does photoshoots, so maybe that’s why she needed to be up early.

    • anya

      Eleanor is the only fake girlfriend

      • LarryAndTheBeard

        Regardless, Perrie hasn’t been on tour with the boys in a while. Last I checked, she was doing LM promos

      • iPanderr

        Zerrie screams PR. The only way all three girlfriends would be there at the same time is the premiere which would explain why “engagement” is in there because…Zerrie is PR. I don’t think the boys are stupid enough to do coke for hours at this point.

        I agree with OP that it’s the JoBros. Nick is “dating” Ms. Universe, so she has to do things to hold her title like photoshoots, interviews, and humanitarian efforts. Since she’s Ms Universe, she has to get up early to look the part as well.

      • srw27

        Nope. All of them are beards

      • xoxostelabaltic

        I still think (and hope) Zerrie is real.

    • newsjunkie

      Larry, I like your detailed guess. I don’t think it’s 1D…….

    • CaptainVor

      I completely agree with you on this. This does not sound like 1D to me at all. I’m also thinking it sounds like the JoBros.

    • ohgeez

      okay but I feel like wanted and Jonas are also boybands – and I feel like the “wee hours” comment could also be a hint towards Mumford? They’re also British, they’re super popular, they have a squeaky clean image, and they were touring abroad a few months ago….

    • hahawhat

      lmao girl please stop with your delusions.

    • YoGo8c

      “Ace usually refers to the boys as boybanders”.

      In the Winter Blind items (which most thought were either Larry or Ziam) the boys were referred to as being in a ‘band’ several times either in the text or in the clues.

      Don’t you think if this blind was written ‘boyband’ there wouldn’t be any point in making it a blind? There’d only be one answer. He has to allow some room for alternative guesses! Whether it’s true, false or somewhere inbetween is another story!

  • darcy14

    One Direction
    Zayn Malik
    Perrie Edwards (Little Mix)

  • newsjunkie

    Maroon 5
    Adam Levine
    Nina Agdal

  • Weazle

    Gotta be some One Direction crap. Takes a lot of $$$ to rent an entire hotel floor

  • howzi421

    Band:One Direction

    Boyfriend:Louis Tomlinson

    Crying Girlfriend: Eleanor Calder

    i think so if it’s true i will jump off a clif cause that is less pain then knowing they do cocaine !!! Gaaaaaaaa don’t let fame do this to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christyd

    Band: One Direction
    Boyfriend: Louis Tomlinson
    Crying Girlfriend: Eleanor Calder

  • Wera_Poland

    Band: 1D

    Boyfriend: Zayn

    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie

  • kaysterhipster

    Band: One Direction

    Boyfriend: Zayn Malik

    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie Edwards

  • Cecilia

    Zayn Malik for the guy, he was so good looking before but he looks terrible now probably because of the drugs. He is a douche IMO, always cheating on his girlfriend and he doesnt even hide it, but she doesnt break up with him because he is the only reason why she is relevant

  • mrsjaymack

    band: one direction
    boyfriend: zayn malik
    girlfriend: perrie edwards

  • itstania

    Band: One Direction
    Boyfriend: Zayn Malik
    Girlfriend: Perrie

  • coco29

    Band: Jonas Brothers

    Boyfriend: Nick Jonas (?)

    Crying Girlfriend: Olivia Culpo (?)

  • lovesin

    One Direction

    Zayn Malik

    Perrie Edwards

  • popart1010

    “wee hours of the morning”

    Whilst i’m pretty sure Niall doesn’t have a girlfriend, i can’t help but think that this has to be some indication that it’s actually HIM… Who else in the band would say “Wee” – a common Scottish or Irish term?! Does he have a “secret” girlfriend? He was “supposedly” dating some model recently…

    It’s obviously about 1D though.

  • anonymouse_

    On second thought, I think it might be the Jonas Brothers.

  • BlackAndBlueSky

    One Direction

  • knguyen_

    Band: The Wanted

    Boyfriend: Tom Parker

    Crying Girlfriend: Kelsey

    I am probably wrong…but it is definitely NOT about 1D. It might be the Jonas Brothers?…

  • LeahLynn28

    One Direction.
    Zayn,apparently the only 1D’s straight member.
    Perrie,the idiot.
    I’m a little disappointed at them,but that’s the celebrities world:one life in public(for the cameras) and another life between four walls,in private.I’m not surprised anymore,now i’m only disappointed at them.

  • britbrat86

    to all the Directioners trying to say this is about The Wanted LOL please stop thinking your no account talent is ‘perfect’.

  • britbrat86

    to all the Directioners trying to say this is about The Wanted LOL please stop thinking your no account talentless boys are ‘perfect’.

  • hoby

    Band: The Wanted

    Boyfriend: Max

    Crying Girlfriend: Lindsay Lohan.

    The Wanted are English and were staying at the Mondrian in LA – a “foreign country” to their native UK. This story in the Daily Wail confirms that all the band and Lindsay were up all night, making so much noise that other hotel guests complained, and that Lindsay left with her sister at 7am because she had recently left rehab and had a therapy appointment to attend.

    Another reason to think the girl is Lindsay are all the references to “drama” – she is/was an actress and starred in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

    Reasons to think it’s The Wanted: “High out of their minds” – they have a song called Lose My Mind, “he kept wanting to have sex” – The Wanted, (and they all look like they nail the cocaine nightly).

  • Lule23

    It’s definitely not 1D, the blind says “band”… but could it be little mix? idk if any of them have a boyfriend (apart from perrie) or if they are on tour, but they usually meet fans and they are “popular” now.. sorry my english

  • Abbey Or Not To Be

    Boyz in motion?

  • Abbey Or Not To Be

    Band: One Direction
    Boyfriend: Louis Tomlinson
    Crying Girlfriend: Harry Styles

  • nobodycares

    Ace come back to us from the dark side!

  • MarieJCN

    I really should get some sleep but I’m just waiting for part 3! Come on! :)

  • narz

    My take on this being 1D over Jonas is the amount of money you need to rent out whole floors. JoBros are broke. As for the who? At the time, three had girlfriends, two actually have careers but only one boy looks like he has been doing heavy drugs with weight loss, reclusive behavior etc.

  • bjd44


  • bangthegong

    I don’t think this is One Direction. Usually, Ace calls them “boybanders”, and blindgossip is pretty positive that at least two of the members are gay, and one of the gay members is one with a “girlfriend”. This suggests a band that doesn’t have “gay” members. I’m going to guess The Wanted. They have also been seen with known addict Lindsay Lohan. If not the Wanted, then it’s the Jonas Brothers.

    It could be 1D, but this just sounds so opposite from some of the other probably 1D blinds…

  • BoredPerson123

    Band: One Direction
    Boyfriend: Zayn Malik
    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie Edwards
    “engagement”: Perrie & Zayn are engaged.
    This is pretty damn obvious, Ace.

  • anonymouse_

    will you be updating again today?

  • pearshaped

    Anyone else think Perrie Edwards who is a celeb herself would not get up and tell the hotel staff Zayn was high on drugs and wanted to have sex when she didn’t so she needed to be moved? It says management were in the hotel surely Perrie would go to them and ask them to sort her a new room rather than go and risk gossip about the state of her relationships hitting the papers?

  • jlp12

    Band: The Wanted or The Jonas Brothers
    Boyfriend: Tom Parker or Joe Jonas
    Crying Girlfriend: Kelsey or Blanda

    Zayn doesn’t strike me as the type to do these kind of things even if he did, wouldn’t make sense because surely you would hear at least one article about the ruckus they made!

  • srw27

    The Wanted-they are total prats so I can see them doing this

  • kittenchow

    Well, except that this is supposed to be 1D when they were in Cardiff, right? IN MARCH, mind you, (a bit late Ace, no?) and Cardiff isn’t a foreign country for them.

    The Jonas Bro were in Brazil this year, which would be a foreign country for them. And there were quite a few fans outside their hotel.

    Think outside the box people

  • Not That Kinda Girl

    Band: One Direction
    Boyfriend: Zayn Malik
    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie Edwards

    I’m guessing them because of the sentence, “She had some kind of engagement to go to the next morning for her own career, and needed to be up early.” which made me think of their engagement and she’s the only 1D girlfriend that has a career. I really hope I’m wrong though.

  • kaysterhipster

    Where’s part 3?

  • oopstyles

    Band: Jonas Brothers

    Boyfriend: Joe Jonas

    Crying Girlfriend: idk his girlfriend’s name so yeah

    this is not about One Direction, Harry and Louis are guy which means Eleanor is a beard so there’s no point on Louis “demanding” sex, Perrie is on tour with Little Mix so it can’t be Zayn either, Liam is dating Sophia and she’s not on tour with them and she’s not famous and Niall is probably single but if he’s not he’s doing a pretty good job hiding it but then again there was girlS which makes no scene since 2 of them are gay the other two are dating and the other one is either dating or single so …

  • lalaworld

    The Wanted is my guess

  • thezaynwhisperer

    totally the jonas brothers

  • hardhittinghomos

    I actually think its the jonas brothers?

  • mrose

    I have to applaud One Directions PR, every single piece of gossip in the world that mentions ” a band” everyone assumes its One Direction. People there are other bands in the world you know lol. People are mentioning their names when its not even plausible. ” A member of a band was making out with a chair” and all of you are going to say Harry Styles or someone from One Direction !! Ridiculous

  • xoxostelabaltic

    One Direction
    Zayn Malik
    Perrie Edwards
    But I reallyyy hope I’m wrong. I would hate to see them go on a downward spiral. They should be more careful.

  • rednik

    Wow wow wow, 1D are coke fiends?! I always thought Zayn was more of a pothead. Looking forward to part 2

  • Sherlock_Deduce

    not One Direction
    it totally contradicts the Winter break blind and everything said before
    Not zayn malik – the winter break blind suggests he is with band mate Liam Payne and that his girlfriend is PR ,this says he wanted to have sex with her
    Not perrie Edwards -Really, management would let her-well know for girl group little mix/”dating” zayn – go down and tell the hotel her boy friend wouldn’t let her sleep because he wanted sex? Really? no. Bad press for both if anyone leaked/over heard.
    besides she wasn’t even in the same country as 1D when they went clubbing ,she was in London with her band mates getting her hair dyed hot pink.

  • whatnow

    i’m reading that the Jonas brother’s have deleted their twitter account. I don’t know that seems a bit odd to me.

  • allyruz

    Honestly dont think this is about one direction because, i could be wrong, but i dont recall more than 1 of their ‘girlfriends’ staying with them at the same time during the tour

  • monica

    Oh yes, and I’d say this is either the Jonas Brothers (no cocaine secret there) or The Wanted.

  • Masse

    Jonas Brothers.

    No way in HELL is this 1D..cmon ppl. 😀

    • mugofmead111

      If this IS the Jonas Brothers then…
      Boyfriend: Nick Jonas

      Crying Girlfriend: Miss Universe Olivia Culpo

      Too bad the description “boyfriend/girlfriend” would exclude Kevin and Danielle.

  • Iva

    “She had some kind of engagement to go to the next morning for her own career, and needed to be up early.”
    That sentence solves the whole blind!

    1)”engagement” – Perrie and Zayn are “engaged” (publicity)
    2)she has a career – Perrie is in Little Mix

    Plus, Perrie was with them on their European tour.

  • GASP

    Band: one direction
    Boyfriend: zayn
    Crying GF: Perrie
    This is super disappointing, but some girl a while back said something like this. I get that they do stuff behind the scenes that we don’t know about, but that is some seriously dangerous stuff to be getting into.

  • 95zoey95

    I have to disagree with the 1D guesses. My guess is the Jonas Brothers. I would say The Wanted, but they don’t really have a clean image and are kind of already known even in the mainstream press for partying and drugs. JB aren’t however, they have a very clean image and it’s more of a behind the scenes type of thing.

    1. Jonas Brothers
    2. Joe Jonas
    3. His Girlfriend

    I also don’t believe Perrie has gone on tour with them in god knows how long? She has been on her own tours and making LM’s sophomore album. Plus, it said this band do a LOT of drugs, and although I don’t doubt One Direction do do drugs (pretty sure there is photographic evidence of 4/5 of them doing weed), I don’t see them doing a lot, at least compared to The Wanted or Jonas Brothers.

    Not to mention, One Direction are a boyband and usually referred to as that way in hint articles. This entire thing has been straight up “BAND” and “BAND MEMBERS.”

  • MsBloodyMystery

    Band: The Wanted
    Boyfriend: Nathan Sykes
    Crying Girlfriend: Ariana Grande

    It’s either him or really Zayn and I do NOT hope it’s 1D.

    • MsBloodyMystery

      Okay, it’s definitely 1D.
      I’m gonna put my head above the parapet and say that both “one more story to tell” and “sleeping solo” are hints -> Their next single is “Story of my life” and “sleeping solo” might refer to “Over again”.

      Geez, no.
      I wish it wasn’t true …

  • ale_lecter

    But are you people serious? Zayn doesn’t do coke, how could you even think this is about them? Come on! Not everything is about One Direction!!!! Are you insane??!

  • kuki1701

    ok… i know everyone thinks is one direction, but no way. i mean 1d fandom knows every step of the guys, they’re phyco when it come to know everything obout them, and i know their PR and mgmt suck, but i really don’t think the boys are using cocaine… it’d show.

    It’s Jonas Brothers

  • Angel

    It’s not 1D. If you look, he said girlfriend. Eleanor (Louis’ girl) and Perrie (Little Mix member and Zayn’s girl) merely play the roles their given to keep fans tempers and gay rumors at bay. They pose for paps on the street and at tag along for events; they wouldn’t be sharing rooms with the boys because there would be no point as nobody would even see them.

  • Angel

    I’d say the band is The Wanted.
    The guy is Tom Parker and his crying GF is Kelsey Hardwick.

  • Lisa

    Band: One Direction

    Boyfriend: Zayn

    Crying Girlfriend: Perrie from Little Mix

  • Myrto

    I don’t think this is about 1D, I don’t think any of their ‘girlfriends’ stayed with them while they were in a foreign country. I think this is about the Jonas Brothers or The Wanted.

  • Elfe_345

    I have absolutely not idea but I’m 100% sure it is not One Direction because none of the hints make me think it’s them..? And certainly not Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. So yeah, another boys band. But then I don’t care.

  • hellelena

    ugh, post the 3rd part already

  • MJ

    jonas brothers
    joe jonas
    the egg girl can’t remember her name

  • ajcr

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    Okay, I really dont know, but BG has been amazing as of late, I feel like I need BG Rehab.

    Anyway, something I noticed about this post, last night it had another guess option thing…which is now gone…but would make it fit 1D more and more if it was still there…

    Something like:

    1)Band: One Direction
    2)Boyfriend: Zayn (would of still been a Boyfriend a few months back…not a fiance)
    3)Crying Girl Friend: That Perrie one from Little Mix

    And now the one the removed: (it may not be quote for quote)

    4)Two male band members who shared a room?: HMMMM I wonder??

    I dont know if 1d really have the spines to do coke, but then again I wouldnt of though Jonas Brother would either so you never know!

  • sheiselectric

    I’m sorry for all those who don’t want to believe it but this is definitely about One Direction. This story actually surfaced a while ago when a fan explained someone from the hotel in Cardiff that was a family member (or stg like that, I don’t remember) saw the guys doing cocaine and that then at night Perrie came out of her room crying.
    So yeah, the blind is definitely about 1D. Now there are two possibilites, 1.the story is true or 2.Ace has heard now about the rumour that that girl said a while ago.
    Anyways, can’t wait to get part 3! I don’t really care if they do drugs or not (every celeb does…) I want to know about Louis and Harry! Come on!

  • YouKnowIt-Preach

    Band-The Wanted
    Boyfriend- Siva
    girlfriend- Nareesha

  • heatherdawn

    Maroon 5
    Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo!

    If not, maybe The wanted, OR jonas brothers!

  • Ziam_Larry01

    not every blind gossip article who is about a boyband is about one direction 😛

  • AreYouKiddingMePeople

    If you are a fan of One Direction, you would know that during their time in Cardiff, there was a post on tumblr about this night that pretty much confirms this. This blind is definitely about 1D.

  • bljhgjivhuv

    Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas, blanda.

  • michellem

    Band: The wanted

    Boyfriend: Siva

    Crying Girlfriend: Nareesha

  • whatsuup2537

    How can you really think that this is someone of One Direction? they are too lovely for doing such shit. and they don’t seem drunk or high any time any time. and you’ve never heard about such things of one direction! that you really think it’s One Direction is really really really sad!

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