Band Hotel Drama Part 1



[Blind Gossip] This band-in-a-hotel story happened a few months ago.

The story started to leak out, but the band’s management and PR team made a series of calls and successfully stuffed it back into the closet so it wouldn’t hurt their reputation.

But we’re going to tell you all about it now!

This very popular band was staying at a nice hotel in a foreign country. As usual, there were a large number of fans waiting outside the hotel to try and meet them after the show.

However, the band members wanted to blow off a little steam first, so they didn’t go back to the hotel. Instead they went out to a club, drank heavily and sn*rted a ton of c*caine.

Yes, despite their lovely image, they do dr*gs. Lots of dr*gs.

They were so dr*nk and high and out of control that that their management didn’t want them interacting with any fans at all when they returned. So they sneaked them all in through the back entrance of the hotel and escorted them up to their rooms.

Yes, there were hundreds of disappointed fans outside. But those fans had no idea what was going down inside the hotel after the band returned that night.

Total drama and chaos!

More later today.


one direction 4SOLVED!

It’s One Direction! Source:

The event we described in this blind item took place during One Direction’s Take Me Home tour last year.

One Direction was performing in Cardiff, Wales in March 2013. After their show, the band members went to a nightclub located in central Cardiff called Oceana. The patrons are mostly local college students.

The boys partied hard at the club. They got dr*nk, they got high, and they brought c*ke back to the hotel with them. In fact, they were so dr*nk and high when they returned to the hotel, they were in no condition to greet the hundreds of fans who had been waiting outside in the cold for several hours. Instead, their team had to sneak them in through a back door.

zayn potNow let’s talk about a more recent dr*g incident.

A video just surfaced of two of the members of the band One Direction smoking mar*juana. The band was traveling from Peru to Chile at the time. The Daily Mail posted the video of Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik sharing a joint in the back of a chauffered car, with various members of their team present.

In the video, Louis and Zayn talk about “Mary J,” which is slang for marijuana. They also talk a lot about “chicken” and “getting “chicken” in Chile.

Now we know that there are some 1D fans out there (who declare themselves to be the only “true fans”) who genuinely believe that their boys don’t do dr*gs and that they get genuinely excited about poultry dinners.

But then there’s this little fact: Did you know that “chicken” is slang for c*caine? More specifically, it’s slang for a kilo of c*caine. If a dealer talks about a “quarter chicken,” he means a quarter kilo of c*caine.

A kilogram (1000 grams) of c*caine will set you back $25,000 -30,000 in Los Angeles or New York City. But no matter where you buy it and how much you spend on it, a kilo of c*caine is a huge amount of hard dr*gs. That’s DEA territory. That’s Tony Montana territory.

Someone in the One Direction car says, “We have a full chicken ahead!” We believe that means that they had a kilo of c*caine waiting for them in Chile. Later, the man in the passenger seat looks at his cell phone and excitedly announces, “Bro! Just got an update! We’ve got chicken in Chile!” The boys celebrate by singing, “Chicken in Chile!”

Isn’t it great to know that the very people hired to take care of this group of 20-year-old kids for the past four years are so excited about helping them score hard dr*gs on the road? Thanks, Simon Cowell! Thanks, Modest Management!

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