Band Hotel Drama Part 1



[Blind Gossip] This band-in-a-hotel story happened a few months ago.

The story started to leak out, but the band’s management and PR team made a series of calls and successfully stuffed it back into the closet so it wouldn’t hurt their reputation.

But we’re going to tell you all about it now!

This very popular band was staying at a nice hotel in a foreign country. As usual, there were a large number of fans waiting outside the hotel to try and meet them after the show.

However, the band members wanted to blow off a little steam first, so they didn’t go back to the hotel. Instead they went out to a club, drank heavily and sn*rted a ton of c*caine.

Yes, despite their lovely image, they do dr*gs. Lots of dr*gs.

They were so dr*nk and high and out of control that that their management didn’t want them interacting with any fans at all when they returned. So they sneaked them all in through the back entrance of the hotel and escorted them up to their rooms.

Yes, there were hundreds of disappointed fans outside. But those fans had no idea what was going down inside the hotel after the band returned that night.

Total drama and chaos!

More later today.


one direction 4SOLVED!

It’s One Direction! Source:

The event we described in this blind item took place during One Direction’s Take Me Home tour last year.

One Direction was performing in Cardiff, Wales in March 2013. After their show, the band members went to a nightclub located in central Cardiff called Oceana. The patrons are mostly local college students.

The boys partied hard at the club. They got dr*nk, they got high, and they brought c*ke back to the hotel with them. In fact, they were so dr*nk and high when they returned to the hotel, they were in no condition to greet the hundreds of fans who had been waiting outside in the cold for several hours. Instead, their team had to sneak them in through a back door.

zayn potNow let’s talk about a more recent dr*g incident.

A video just surfaced of two of the members of the band One Direction smoking mar*juana. The band was traveling from Peru to Chile at the time. The Daily Mail posted the video of Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik sharing a joint in the back of a chauffered car, with various members of their team present.

In the video, Louis and Zayn talk about “Mary J,” which is slang for marijuana. They also talk a lot about “chicken” and “getting “chicken” in Chile.

Now we know that there are some 1D fans out there (who declare themselves to be the only “true fans”) who genuinely believe that their boys don’t do dr*gs and that they get genuinely excited about poultry dinners.

But then there’s this little fact: Did you know that “chicken” is slang for c*caine? More specifically, it’s slang for a kilo of c*caine. If a dealer talks about a “quarter chicken,” he means a quarter kilo of c*caine.

A kilogram (1000 grams) of c*caine will set you back $25,000 -30,000 in Los Angeles or New York City. But no matter where you buy it and how much you spend on it, a kilo of c*caine is a huge amount of hard dr*gs. That’s DEA territory. That’s Tony Montana territory.

Someone in the One Direction car says, “We have a full chicken ahead!” We believe that means that they had a kilo of c*caine waiting for them in Chile. Later, the man in the passenger seat looks at his cell phone and excitedly announces, “Bro! Just got an update! We’ve got chicken in Chile!” The boys celebrate by singing, “Chicken in Chile!”

Isn’t it great to know that the very people hired to take care of this group of 20-year-old kids for the past four years are so excited about helping them score hard dr*gs on the road? Thanks, Simon Cowell! Thanks, Modest Management!

Congratulations to Kittypryde777 for being first with the correct answer on this one!

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108 comments to Band Hotel Drama Part 1

  • kittypryde777

    One Direction

  • arlp96

    BAND: One Direction

    This is so obvious that I can’t call it a blind item….lol

  • Jester

    One Direction?

  • AreYouKiddingMePeople

    One Direction

    They went clubbing in Spain

  • francis

    Band: One Direction obviously

  • audreyhepburn

    One Direction?! :(

  • RuHa

    Of course it’s One DUHrection. Makes me sad and angry that their personal stuff has been leaking all over the place lately, especially the Louis/Harry situation. It’s too bad that the price of fame includes losing your privacy and having to bend to management pressure. That’s what happens when you shoot to fame literally over night. They are still relatively young to handle all their fame, fans, money and all the crap that goes along with it. They’ve been on such an intense schedule for 3 straight years so I’m sure they do blow off steam on the reg. Hope they get past all this before the next tour starts.

    • YoGo8c

      You’re not in the least concerned that whoever this turns out to be, they’re ‘blowing off steam’ – by actually doing large amounts of dangerous addictive powder?

    • august

      Sounds like something Simon would say , can’t stand him.
      Managers give artists drugs, back in the day that’s what killed REAL artist’s Hendricks
      and Joplin.
      Hope they get help is what you should have said, but you didn’t.

  • guessingbg

    I’m going to assume this is going with your theme of One Direction.
    However, Ace, I’m a little confused about where all this stuff is coming from, as it is quite the opposite of what you have released in the past, so I don’t even know.

  • JobrosCupcake

    Band: Jonas Brothers!
    And it was in Rio de Janeiro Brazil! They even said hello to the fans! I was there! Joe was too drunk on stage (03/12/2013)and after the concert the band went to a Club in Ipanema and drank all night long! Their violinist was so drunk that she couldn’t walk by herself! We got very disappointed, we spent hours at the hotel and in the airport and nothing :(

  • larry_stylinson

    I think it’s probably about The Wanted..

  • turnme-up

    This has got to be One Direction. They’ve been in Australia and New Zealand the last few weeks and some pictures of them partying have been floating around. Hilarious.

    • YoGo8c

      It’s never ‘hilarious’ when young people are wasted on coke.

      One Direction, they have a ‘deadly day’ of each (?) month where they supposedly do mad things, I can’t remember if it was with or without supervision from minders/handlers. Other options are The Wanted, Jonases or any of the rocker bands that are a good bit older. I’m sure there must be more too.

      It’s yet another reason to despair about the lies that get told to gullible, expectant fans who assume their heroes are all the same as their ‘lovely’ PR image. Very sad.

  • bgred

    I take that back…it’s 1D

  • ragnhildsc

    One Direction

  • sugarspice

    Can only be One Direction. I am shocked but not at the same time. I know that so many directioners are going to say this is not them, it’s all lies. Reality is though these are young boys who must be under incredible pressure on a daily basis, they have access to money and no doubt contacts who can easily arrange these things. I have an awful feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better…wonder what their Mum’s would say..if I was them I’d be avoiding phone calls from them for now!

  • thelasthigh

    I’ll guess One Direction and more specifically Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, who have both had sudden weight loss this year. Could also explain why Harry Styles doesn’t spend time with them outside of work. He doesn’t seem to do more than occasional partying.

  • sabrina325

    One Direction?

  • Christyd

    One Direction

  • Yuolala

    Ace, star magazine has an article on Joe jonas secret drug addiction and they are spinning it exactly like you said they would ..can you pls update..because you were right and your site needs to be praised for it

    BG posted before anyone else on Joe Jonas’ drug addiction
    His Girlfriend Is Ruining The Tour

    Now Star is claiming Exclusive Joe Jonas secret drug addiction

  • confident-ial

    DUH 1D

  • drugs

    one direction????????/

  • suziq24

    one direction

  • stolidog

    I’m gonna take a wild guess and say……One Direction!

  • royal eduardo

    One Direction

  • up-in-the-air

    Band: Jonas Brothers

  • audreyyy

    I really dont think this is about the boys… maybe the jonas brothers?

  • kitteekat

    Is this a REAL band or a manufactured boy band?

  • Nyx

    Oh Ace… You’re the best!

    I don’t wanna say One Direction, but…

  • jhp

    There ain’t no click bait like 1D. Well, you’ve got me. Waiting for the next one!

  • mrsjaymack

    one direction

  • MJ

    Band: Jonas Brothers

    There is no way this is 1D, every other blind about them has said “boyband” and honestly, not everything is about 1D.

  • LittleDirection16

    This about the Jonas Brothers? I mean, you said ‘hundreds’ of fans. Can’t be One Direction (right?). Wherever they go, there’s like, thousands of girls mauling them. Plus, you already mentioned something about Joe being an addict..

  • mostlylurker

    testify, Yuolala!

  • yismeli

    please dont tell me is one direction!

  • Isthatvintage

    Band: One direction while in Australia.

  • GeeGee

    Jonas Brothers.

  • amyliz730

    I hate to think about it, but One Direction? Being in a hotel in a foreign country a few months back would make perfect sense, as they were still on tour in Europe. I hope I’m wrong! :/

  • Sizlejenn

    The Jonas Brothers, of course.

  • stylinsuckcock

    I’m praying I’m wrong…. One Direction?

  • haley1020

    One direction or Jonas brothers?

  • 2xu

    Jonas brothers obviously

  • nobodycares

    It can’t be 1D because Ace usually refers them as boy band not popular band.
    My guess it’s JoBro.

  • MarieJCN

    Jonas Brothers

  • JeanneMillais

    Some would say it’s about One Direction … I personally don’t think it’s about them. They seem pretty down to earth guys to me and we never saw them acting as if they were high … I can’t see them doing cocaine. And when you release a blind about them you usually describe them as “boy banders” not “band members”. Plus, I’ve heard they usually sleep more in their tour bus when they are on tour than in hotel.
    So I don’t know, I’m thinking maybe The Wanted ? That would make a bit more sense to me. But I don’t even know

  • jmmm16

    This isn’t about one direction blind gossip always refers to them as a boyband not a band and I’m a fan of theirs and they never go meet fans after shows I’m pretty sure this some rock band not 1d

  • I don’t think it’s 1d, they are a BOYBAND not a BAND

  • sdenzel

    My first thought was The Wanted because of “the band members wanted to blow off a little steam first”. But are they really popular at the moment? I don’t know.
    It could easily be Jonas Brothers. And I agree with some, it is probably not about 1D! Because articles about 1D always are called BOYbands instead of just Band! So chill =) I do believe some of the bandmembers smoke/do some weed, but I don’t think they are on c*ke!

  • mandyk9

    I really hope this isn’t about One I’m gonna say the Jonas Brothers.

  • nosecrets

    i’m thinking Jonas Brothers, since it doesn’t say ‘boyband’ which it does in all other blinds about one direction.

  • raffka

    it says band not BOY band. so there’s no way this is One Direction.

  • hellelena

    Is this a continuation of the yesterday’s blind about 1D?

  • josefaibanez

    (sometimes bg ives hints throw pictures) sothe picture belongs to an hotel in buenos aires, argentina, and jonas brothers where there in march, 7 months ago, so its probably them, not one direction.

  • Warrior1461

    This is starting to explain why Taylor and harry did not last. She is not the type of person who is in to this sort of stuff.

  • heylos

    okay but i read that the jonas brothers were going through some financial difficulties because their last tour didnt sell well and im pretty sure its only joe thats a heavy drug user. its jsut so obvious its one direction. and then this part “stuffed it back into the closet so it wouldn’t hurt their reputation.” is hinting at larry imo

  • kittenchow

    Jonas Bro. Whenever Ace does a blind about 1D it’s BOYband, not just BAND. Wake up people. Use your brains, find the clues, put them together, be consistent.

    I’m not saying 1D hasn’t dabbled and they are known to toke, but they aren’t the only band on the planet that’s popular.

  • LarryAndTheBeard

    Can’t be 1D.
    -There are thousands of fans waiting for them outside, not a large amount.
    -Ace refers to 1D as boybanders. This is just “a band”
    -1D aren’t just very popular, they are the biggest boyband in the world, very popular does not do it justice.
    -1D usually DON’T meet fans outside (because it is too dangerous) so directioners usually expect not to meet them. Management generally doesn’t let them meet anyways, while the team in this blind suggests that they usually go out to interact, but didn’t this time.

  • newsjunkie

    Wow, my guess stinks in part 2! Good work everyone!

  • Cecilia

    One Direction. Zayn and Louis look so skinny these days. Its obvious something is going on with them

  • LeahLynn28

    Oh,”lovely” image?One Direction and their fame of being “good” boys in public.Looks like they are at the same level as Justin Bieber,but at least they have a better management team to save them from public scandals and control them when necessary.Bieber’s team already gave up years ago…he’s a lost cause anyway.I’m a little surprised,but given their PR Stunts,fake relationships and secret relationships,not so much,to be honest.

  • JaneDawson

    One Direction aren’t a band, they’re a vocal group.

    Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas in South America

  • britbrat86

    Whats The Wanted’s ‘Lovely Image’ ??? LOL this is so obviously One Direction! It’s not a secret Zayn’s been doing coke, rumor has it thats how Niall got so skinny and Liam’s in on it too.

    • LarryAndTheBeard

      Niall has always been skinny. He was never overweight or even slightly chubby/meaty. He’s always naturally been the thinnest of 1D.

  • sabresgrl

    I personally don’t think it’s about One Direction. They do actually take pictures with fans every day, just check twitter or tumblr, you will see new pictures of them updated constantly. I think if they were high on c*ke someone would have noticed by now.

  • BoredPerson123

    Band: One Direction
    Many of their fans go to their hotel hoping to meet them, and as seen in This Is Us, the number of people waiting expectantly outside their hotel can reach hundreds. Creepy.
    “stuffed it back into the closet”: A few members have been rumoured to be gay/bi. (in the closet)
    “foreign country”: 1D were on the Europe leg of their tour.
    “lovely image”: I’m sure 1D has that. 😉

  • Not That Kinda Girl

    Band: One Direction

  • chibeacher

    I’m guessing the Jonas Brothers. It hasn’t been a secret for quite awhile that Joe does a wide variety of drugs, and the other brothers are nothing at all like their manicured image.

  • lulumalfoy

    Now, Why 1D? They are a Boyband, No a band. duuuuh!

  • mrose

    Again, One Direction is not the only band touring and they are not the only popular band in the world smh

  • MsBloodyMystery

    It’s either The Wanted or the Jonas Brothers but I’m going with the latter one

  • WhoDatGirl

    My gut is saying it’s One Direction, but my heart wants it to be someone else like the Jonas Brothers or The Wanted. Let’s hope my gut is wrong!

  • ohgeez

    okay, like, sue me for coming from left field – but what about Mumford????
    they’re very popular, they have a squeaky clean image, and I feel like BG always refers to boybands as boybands (i.e. the Wanted, 1D, JoBros, etc)….

    and they were on tour in foreign countries for much of this past year
    also this is my first post after ages of just reading hayyyy

  • san129

    They said “band” so I go for Jonas.

  • bljhgjivhuv

    Jonas brothers

  • Pepper1992

    It’s not One Direction! It’s maybe Mumford and sons, the wanted, JoBros, etc.!

  • stephiib

    maybe its Midnight Red ?

  • dramallama

    DEFINITELY One Direction

  • whatsuup2537

    It’s definitely Jonas Brother. One Direction is called as a boyband and not just as a band. also one direction wouldn’t do things like this!

  • JeanneMillais

    Not One D. I bet it’s The Wanted.

  • helllooo

    i love when everythings a boyband people automatically think it’s one direction. I think it’s The Wanted, or Jonas Brothers.

  • HwoodHypocrite

    1D has been known in the industry to be hard partiers. That was only a slightly better kept secret than the fact they’re screwing each other. So what? Their young and beautiful and rich. Let them have their fun so long as they’re not hurting anybody. Everybody from JT and JB to Miley and Gaga all enjoy their nose candy from time to time so it’s not like 1D should be the industry’s poster boys for this behavior.

    • YoGo8c

      Isn’t the more salient point that we should give a shit what performers fans pay to see, expecting them to be at their best, not wrecks, are putting in their bodies that could long term damage them? Be it for relaxation or to keep going, the managers of this group have a lot to answer for if this is legit. And what are these guys families doing if they are constantly high and coked up? Do we just turn a blind eye to the dangers because, oh, everyone does it. Everyone doesn’t. And we shouldn’t think it’s acceptable for One D to either. Are you seriously saying its okay to be a cokehead at 20? Please.

  • PinkPetals

    Wooaahhhh! I knew what chicken meant in the video but the amount? I’m seriously shocked. This is very sad. Both Louis and Zayn look appalling and it is quite obvious that they are not well but this is out of control. As a Mum I was really hoping for a happy ending for Louis and Harry and hoping they all got out at the end of the contract unscathed and with money in the bank. Their Mothers need to step in and get them into rehab – pronto! I’m shaking my head.

  • Holly

    Not surprising.

  • Bamadex

    I’m not too horribly shocked by the white powder. Sustaining energy on tout, night after night, is draining.

    But I’m hoping there’s some misunderstanding about the amount. I don’t see five boys–and that’s presuming they’re all hoovering it up–going through a kilo. Yikes! Maybe they give a lot away to crew, bodyguards, roadies, etc.

  • Bamadex

    Lol, my post should have read “on tour.” Although, in this case, “on toot” would work…

  • Elfe_345

    Oh my god I don’t know what is so wrong about 20 year olds smoking weed? And okay they recorded it, wow what an unbelievable move. People, don’t you dare tell me your friends don’t record themselves when they get high?? And obviously that video was planned to be shown? Like, really. I love One Direction, and sincerely I am not disappointed in them. They’re young. Modest! gave them this whole clean image but we all know they are not clean, and it’s okay. I mean they didn’t sign a contract to raise your kids and give the right example, seriously. They are not the first ones to smoke, they surely won’t be the last ones either. Build a bridge and get over it. Bye.

    • wendy hood

      Presenting artifice to impressionable children is not ideal. This is one of those situations. These kids sell other kids dreams of lollipops and gumballs and happy fame when in reality they are dreams full of sex (wanted and unwanted, Im sure), eightballs and drunken slobbery. Id blame parents more, but they are all busy working trying to keep a roof over everyones head and food on their tables – parents are very, very limited in the scope of influence when it comes to their own children now. Hours of TV and internet added to the agenda-laden education system we have now means parents have little to no control over their kids mental spaces unless they are able to devote massive amounts of time to reversing the damage being done 24/7. You cant build a bridge to get over that.

  • rudy

    “Isn’t it great to know that the very people hired to take care of this group of 20-year-old kids for the past four years are so excited about helping them score hard dr*gs on the road? Thanks, Simon Cowell! Thanks, Modest Management!”

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

    Why is ACE the only one talking about this issue?

    • wendy hood

      This issue has been around as long as there have been managers, agents and publicists.

  • rayodeplata

    Great, they came to my country to get “chicken”…

  • Revisionist

    I seriously don’t get the “gossip”. 20 year old kids smoke some pot and do some coke. I mean so? That’s more or less what most 20 year olds do every weekend. Is this just because their fanbase are 13 year olds?

  • InsomniaMama

    Geez man. I mean youd be extremely naive to think that a group of 20/21 year olds who where pretty much tossed into the industry at 16 years old and exploded didnt do these things. But the magnitude is scary, regardless of who they are

  • absolutezero

    Where did Band Hotel Drama Part 2 go? I found part 3, but I can’t find part 2 anywhere.