Jay Z and The Boyz Club Music Mogul

jay z 2[Hollywood Street King] “He’s really abusive and rude … with males and females.”

This Music Mogul’s lifestyle, reported to be dedicated to Satanic worship [involving ritualistic sex], is the reason why one of his former artists left the music business for good to turn to Christianity.

That’s after Kelis reportedly had “many ab*rtions” of our blind item subject’s unborn kids. Long before she got with Nas, and before Jay Z made Bey his bride … Mr. Carter would join our Star Trekkin’ mystery man to tag team females. Just ask Lauren London.

He recently became a newlywed — but this star trekker’s marriage is reported to be nothing more than a cover-up. Know why? Because he’s really down with the Boyz Club. Don’t believe me.. Ask Helen Lasichanh.

Here’s what a source exclusively tells HSK:

“He would often ride around Miami in his Phantom, driven by a chauffeur, to pick up random guys for hook-ups. After, he kicks them out the car — getting off on telling his hook-ups ‘Don’t call me, I’ll call you.”

He likes to chase the dragon, and is currently at odds with another ‘iam’ from his satanic cult. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

Music Mogul:

His new wife:

His former artist who left the music business:

The other “iam”:

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