Phony Baloney Weight Control

weight loss 7[Blind Gossip] This talented girl is the star of an ensemble television show.

She has lost a fairly dramatic amount of weight since the first season of the show. She says it was only ten pounds, but it was actually closer to twenty pounds.

She attributes the maintenance of that dramatic weight loss to a lot of exercise at work, a healthy diet, and vitamin shots.


We know her real secret to weight control: c*caine! The girl has gone from wholesome ingenue to c*ke fiend in just the last couple of years.

Will she go to r*hab? Actually, we don’t see that happening anytime soon. This girl is very ambitious and very image conscious. Her image is such a package of lies that we find it hard to believe that she would publicly admit to anything that would make her look like she wasn’t in total control of her life. No, we think that she is more likely to dance around the issue for the duration of the series.

Do her costars know about her problem? Absolutely! And they are particularly concerned about her habits given that a former costar also battled a dr*g problem… and lost.


TV Show:

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    • TVespy says

      It would be interesting if this was a bait and switch and you really meant Naya who looks like a stick figure with boobs, but to many clues for Lea. Costar was Cory, wholesome ingenue/young ingenue on the show, she’s the lead, package of lies the PR romance.

    • mamacita3 says

      Just saw where Nene Leakes admitted to losing 20 lbs for her wedding but not sure what co-star of that show lost…

    • luvprue1 says

      Amber Riley. She lost a lot of weight,and the blind use the term “she is more likely to “dance” around the issue. Amber is on dancing with the stars

      • ToadKisser says

        Interesting guess since she’s currently recording an album, shooting Glee and doing DWTS. Not the kind of schedule most people could keep up very long without “help.”

      • annasophie says

        i disagree with the amber riley guess. her weight loss would be more dramatic if she were on cocaine. moreover, she doesn’t strike me as a cocaine addict. if not lea michele, then naya rivera.

  1. cupcakes says

    Want to say Lea Michele because she’s really thin lately. But Naya Rivera lost a lot of weight as well and has been showing it off lately. Either way the show is Glee

  2. wyzt says

    Lea Michele from Glee.

    So glad finally someone is calling her out on this shit. She needs an urgent wake up call. Come on Ace, solve the one about Monchele being PR!!

    I’m loving all these blinds on Glee, that show is crazy warped. They’re all sleeping with each other or doing drugs from what I can tell.

    • newsjunkie says

      good guess! I still think it’s someone from DWTS, but I’m usually wrong with my guesses!

  3. chickennuggets says

    actress: lea michele?
    tv show: glee, with cory monteith being the costar who also battled a drug problem?

  4. BritishPound says

    Actress: LM

    TV Show: Glee

    I want to have ringside tickets when all of her appalling lies come out.

    • Christyd says

      Changing to
      Actress: Amber Riley
      TV Show: Glee

      The last line refers to Cory and “dance around”, Amber is currently a contestant on DWTS.

      • samsayssix says

        Except Amber Riley hasn’t lost weight and she’s the only cast member who is never seen out partying

      • cupcakes says

        To everyone guessing Amber: the blind starts with saying the item is the star of the show. Amber has (sadly) never been the star of the show. She currently isn’t even a regular anymore. Furthermore, she has not been losing weight since season 1, only very recently

    • jkms says

      What??!! I mean I love Christina Hendricks but it says (has lost a signifiant amount of weight from last season…”!!

  5. BDA says

    Actress: Lea Michele
    TV Show: Glee

    I feel sorry for her. Whether her relationship with Cory was real or not, she’s obviously going through a hard time, and she does look TINY at the moment. I hope she gets this under control before it’s too late.

    • CoCoJoe says

      I don’t think her problem is grief, I think it’s insecurity. It’s like she doesn’t own herself; she’s just trying to fit into some empty Hollywood ideal: weight, boyfriend, character, image, etc.

      It’s a waste of talent and a testament to her will that she’s become so successful despite her insecurities (maybe BECAUSE of them?)

  6. ravenglass says

    This has to be that sweet, squeaky clean, Lea Michelle. I can’t wait for all these lies to blow up in her face.
    I hope Chris Colfer is taking notes & one day writes a tell all about his lying, phony co-stars.
    Of course the show is Glee.

  7. HermioneG says

    Lea, obviously. I like that BG is calling her out on this. Girl needs help asap. Talent is worthless if you’re dead. What are her people waiting for?

  8. demoiselle says

    Lea Michele, Glee. Naya Rivera has also had shocking weight loss, but Lea is the one who claims she gets vitamin shots.

    • slimfast10 says

      oh I just read the headline title Ace, Phony Baloney, I think I might have called her that in the , apt description don’t you think?

  9. rabyam94 says

    This one’s been posted before. Everyone’s probably going to assume Lea Michele because of Cory Monteith and that mess of a PR romance. I think it’s Naya Rivera, she’s lost a significant amount of weight recently.

  10. firewire says

    Amber Riley, Glee? She’s lost a lot of weight since season 1 and “dance” links her to Dancing with the Stars…

  11. TulipInBloom says

    Lea Michele on Glee. I just can’t stand her. I wish her well but wish she’d go away!

  12. spikelb says

    Lea Michele

    No brainer, she’s a total hypocrite, crying all those crocodile tears for Cory M.

    • Friday Wonder says

      Yep, that’s what I thought of as well, this young woman needs help fast, or she’ll end up like Cory.

  13. funkyhomosapien says

    I read the first sentence and I knew this was Lea Michele from Glee.

    The package of lies, and former costar that lost the battle : Cory Monteith.

    Among others I found this DailyMail post that mentions the “Glee Workout” : Lea says it consists of high-octane dance routines, a vegan diet, and vitamin injections.

  14. katiewho says

    Actress: Lea Michele
    TV Show: Glee

    this is such a shame, the amount of celebrities that does drugs keeps shocking me..
    but please do tell us if any of the one direction lads are doing drugs as well, I’d love to know! in fact, if you have anything to spill about 1D then I’m begging you to tell! x