Talk Show Host Bares Her Rack

[National Enquirer] Here’s an item that’ll strike you blind:

What famed female host of a major TV talk show – known to be a notorious attention ’ho – pulled a stunning shocker when she stood chatting with a group of lesbian crew members backstage – then abruptly lifted up her blouse, bared her perky pair and exclaimed to the gaping ladies:

“I have to admit that my one regret, before I got married, was that I’d never had a hot, sexy, lesbian relationship with a woman.”

Marveled my on-set spywitness: “Rather than being flattered, the ladies found the star’s raunchy crack appalling and off-the-wall!”

(Oh, lighten up, grrrls!)

Talk Show host:

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  1. TVespy says

    At first I thought Bethanny but I’m going to go with Kris Jenner, because Ellen doesn’t make sense here. Or… that I think about it perky breast may be a hint to Kelly Ripa.

    • jkms says

      Perky breasts? more like no breasts! which isin’t a bad thing, BUT it says she’s showing them off. You have to have breasts in the first place!

  2. MaryRead says

    I’m guessing…not Ellen. Sounds like Chelsea Handler.

    I don’t think this is a situation where you “lighten up.” That’s straight up sexual harassment by your boss. Imagine if a man had dropped trou and said the same thing. Of course, I think a lot of job contracts for these type of personalities must include something about tolerating that kind of behavior, or all of Hollywood would be sunk with lawsuits.

    • PandoraWolf says

      I don’t think it’d be a shock if Sharon had already been in a lesbian affair, though. Still, total sexual harassment. I’m not a prude, but come on!

    • chandler02 says

      I agree with Jenny McCarthy. She is always saying obnoxious things just to get a reaction, and she isn’t shy at all about nudity.

  3. 4sixx2 says

    Bethenny. She’s this Brash and wants EVERYONE to want her. Also, some of her staff was shipped over from Ellen. A Lesbian friendly employer.

  4. ravenglass says

    I really hope this is that Jesus loving Sherri Shepherd. If she wants hot lesbian action she should flash those puppies at Barbara Walters.

  5. travoltasbeard says

    Gretchen Carlson

    Another Republi-crat telling people how to live and doing something else “behind the scenes?” Shock and Horror.

    I told y’all to vote Nader. He would let you live your life instead of telling you how to live your life! But did you listen nooooo! I say we outsource some socialist leaders from Scandinavia to sort out this mess and raise our overall standard of living.

    Political Rant over. Sorry, but I am a Suppressive Person.

    • Naimit says

      Are Jenny’s breasts perky, or merely totally and completely rigid and inelastic?

      To (loosely) quote Giuliana Rancic from Fashion Police a week or two ago: “If you tried to motorboat Jenny McCarthy you’d bruise your face.”

  6. cuesgirl says

    Wendy Williams? Don’t watch her cause i can’t stand her catchphrase “How you dooooooin'”

  7. Angel says

    I’m gonna go with Kris Jenner, seeing as her and her whole family are pretty deluded and are willing to do pretty much anything for attention. Plus, it’s recently been confirmed that her and Bruce are officially split, though apparently they’ve been over and done for awhile now (not much of a surprise there).

    First time guesser, hi Ace!

  8. Californialove says

    I swear this is Kris Jenner.. The up in the Italics.. But her talk show isn’t major is it?

  9. qchisme says

    Maria Menounos; there’s been one about her already where she likes to be as naked as possible. She wore a bikini on Extra.

  10. ToadKisser says

    Kris Jenner, Wendy Williams, Bethany Frankel, Ricki Lake and even Katie Couric are not on even kinda sorta major shows. Kelly Ripa is annoying, but I don’t think she qualifies as a known attention ho off set. Jenny McCarthy definitely does qualify, but she’s not married (dating Donnie Walberg), and even if one could make the case that Barbara Walters or Whoopi has toddled over into ho-ville in their twilight years, neither of them are married. Sherri’s are not perky, outside of Sharon O. and Darlene from Rosanne (who is gay) no one can name anyone on The Talk or The Chew outside of their immediate families, and neither Joy or Hoda did this. So that leaves (maybe) Sharon O. and Kathie Lee. I think it’s pretty obvious that if Sharon wanted to bang a woman she’d have done so by now, many times over. So KLG, backstage, with a wineglass FTW!

    Dark horse guess: Julie Chen. Because that would be AWESOME on so many levels.

  11. smac25 says

    First time poster, I think it’s Wendy Williams for sure.

    clue: notorious attention ho (rumours she hooked up with Notorious B.I.G)

    and it seems like something she would do :)