Housewife Says Bye Bye To Car

mercedes red coupe[StraightfromtheA] There’s one ex ‘housewife’ who has been having a bit of financial difficulty lately and has had to utilize a few high-interest loans for quick cash to pay his bills. Sad thing is… when you do ‘title loans’ and miss a payment, your car suffers the consequences!

This ‘housewife’ was a fan favorite during the first few seasons of the popular reality show, but soon discovered that there was more to life than yelling and screaming on camera.

This ex ‘housewife’ was arrested a few years back for driving a friend’s Chevy Tahoe on a suspended license.

This ex ‘housewife’ has returned to managing his salon and has also been trying his hand at celebrity styling.

This ex ‘housewife’ also still hits red carpets on occasion, but unfortunately being a ‘celeb’ doesn’t pay the bills.

That being said, the ex ‘housewife’ was embarrassed recently when a tow truck showed up to the salon and promptly drove away with his red Mercedes.

The moral of this story? Times are hard… reality shows are rampant… but ‘real life’ is still real.

Male ex-Housewife:

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