His Fiancee Caught Him In Bed With A Guy

drake 4[Hollywood Street King] This rapper wasn’t lying when he dubbed his partner in rhyme the ‘Chosen One’.

Don’t believe me… Just ask Monica, who we’re told caught them in bed together!!!

“He’s lucky Monica didn’t use her strap when she showed up at his loft at Atlantic Station!”

You may recall Monica was set to be married to our mystery man. But HER Future went on to include being a bonafide basketball wife to hubby Shannon Brown. Know why? Sources say though she has no problem with female jump-offs … the buck stops at the boyz!!!

“Monica caught him cheating on her with str*ppers so many times.”

Our blind item subject could face soon be forced to face his cheating karma. Know why? Because his bromance buddy is set to join Drake on tour! But, that’s all a part of what landed them in the Epic Records boyzzz club. Don’t believe me… Just ask L.A. Reid.


Guy with whom he was caught:

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  1. auntmidgee says

    Rapper: Rocko
    Guy: Future

    I’m so happy Monica is in a better place with a better dude. Having her boyfriend commit suicide before Rocko came into the picture had to be really, really hard for her.

    • What Had Happened Was ... says

      I know, right? And remember she was also engaged to C-Murder, Master P’s brother, who’s now in prison for life, I think. So she definitely deserves happiness. I still have her debut CD released when she was 14, I think. So cute.

  2. Lizzard1012 says

    Rapper: Rocko used to be engaged to Monica and they have children together

    Guy with whom he was caught: Future. He is going on tour with Drake and is featured on Rocko’s more recent single.

    This is all based on my Google searches since I don’t listen to rap and honestly have no idea!

  3. ravenglass says

    Lover(Let’s call him what he is):Future
    I’m sick & tired of these rappers hiding & pretending to be big ladies men,even sometimes bashing gay people in their lyrics. Be Loud & Proud boys!

  4. babygirl says

    Rapper: Rocko – Rodney (Ramone Hill, Jr.)

    Guy with whom he was caught: Future (Nayvadius D. Wilburn)

  5. dween2000 says

    Rapper- Rocko (Rodney Ramone Hill, Jr)
    Guy with whom he was caught – future (Nayvadius Cash)
    First time poster, LONG time lurker
    I know nothing about these people but a quick google search came up with these two guys

  6. Warrior1461 says

    Is everyone in the R&B Hip hop industry into MAN *? We need to make a list of who is not into MAN *. That is the real scandal

  7. BoredPerson123 says

    Rapper: Rocko
    Guy with whom he was caught: Future

    The whole article basically screams Rocko.
    “HER Future”: Capital ‘F’ on purpose.
    Touring with Drake: Future.

  8. Ati2d9 says

    And they obviously are trying to put L A Reid. Seriously, so many rumours about gay hip hop artists… should just come out already.

  9. smallbite says

    Rapper: Rocco
    Guy: stands to reason that it might be either Future or TI. Was TI a free man during this time frame? We figure that it is a dude from the dirty South – the ATL. Tiny and Monica are very close friends.

  10. ClosetOrganizer says

    Rapper: Rodney “Rocko” Hill (ex-fiancee of Monica)

    Guy with whom he was caught: Future (currently engaged to R&B singer Ciara)